Kim Hyun Joong Returns With Third ‘Prism Time’ Show: Yellow

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Kim Hyun Joong is back this July with another epic show based on the next color of his series: Yellow. This third show of the seven planned for 2021 KIM HYUN JOONG Monthly Concert ‘Prism Time’ focuses on the bittersweet longing after experiencing the warmth of [Orange Hug]. The third show of the concert will be held on July 3rd 2021 at 7pm, with the theme of YELLOW.

From the first show, RED PLANET, to the second show, ORANGE HUG, that set the bar even higher for performances, Kim Hyun Joong has shown his consistency for strong vocals and emotional stages that keep fans on the edge of their seats.

With fun stages and memorable emotional moments shared with the band and fans together, the comments were flooded with hearts and love for the singer as global viewers shared the experience live. With each concert in the series showing a new side of Kim Hyun Joong, fans can expect even more amazing stages to come in the following shows.

Tickets for the third of seven concerts from KIM HYUN JOONG Monthly Concert ‘Prism Time’ are available on MyMusicTaste, where they can be purchased as a single showing with merchandise or just for the live show. The third concert, YELLOW, will be broadcasted live for ticket viewers to watch on July 3rd.

Further information regarding ticketing and the show itself can be found through or through MyMusicTaste’s other social media channels.

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