Find Out More About the Families & Characters in Hit K-drama “The Penthouse”

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The first season of hit Korean drama “The Penthouse” is coming to an end, but fret not – seasons 2 and 3 have been confirmed, with Season 2 slated to air on 19 February 2021. This drama is like a mix of “SKY Castle” and “The World of the Married”, but even more nerve-wrecking and intense throughout every single episode.

Me after every episode of “Penthouse”

With many new and familiar faces appearing in this drama, read on to find out more about the characters.

Main Families of Hera Palace

Shim Su Ryeon’s Family

Shim Su Ryeon – played by Lee Ji Ah
– Her fluent English lines is attributed to her studying in the States when she was younger
– Follow her on Instagram here: @e.jiah

Joo Dan Tae – played by Uhm Ki Joon
– He is famous for being a musical actor, who later made his debut on the small screens
– Follow him on Instagram here: @werther777

Joo Seok Hoon – played by Kim Young Dae
– People have often pointed out his resemblance to Kang Dong Won
– He is also acting in another hit drama that is currently airing, “Cheat On Me If You Can”
– Follow him on Instagram here: @youngdae0302

Joo Seok Kyung – played by Han Ji Hyun
– She’s the twin sister of popular Korean model Han Seung Soo
– Follow her on Instagram here: @hanjiji54


Cheon Seo Jin’s Family

Cheon Seo Jin – played by Kim So Yeon
– Married to actor Lee Sang Woo
– Was on “We Got Married” with Kwak Si Yang, and their onstage kiss during the 2015 MBC Entertainment Awards was a hot topic
– Follow her on Instagram here: @sysysy1102

Ha Yoon Cheol – played by Yoon Jong Hoon
– He has played many doctor roles in dramas over the years
– Follow him on Instagram here: @yoonjongactor_official

Ha Eun Byeol – played by Choi Ye Bin
– Unlike her drama character, Ye Bin is academically talented and attended the Korea National University of Arts, one of the top universities in Korea
– Follow her on Instagram here: @yebin__


Oh Yoon Hee’s Family

Oh Yoon Hee – played by Eugene
– Eugene is one of the members of SM Entertainment’s first generation girl group, S.E.S
– Married actor Ki Tae Young
– Grew up in Guam, hence her fluent English speaking lines in “Penthouse”
– Was H.O.T’s translator in Guam and ended up being personally scouted by Lee Soo Man
– Follow her on Instagram here: @eugene810303

Bae Ro Na – played by Kim Hyun Soo
– Acted as the young Jun Ji Hyun in “My Love From The Star”
– Follow her on Instagram here: @hyeon0_0soo


Kang Ma Ri’s Family

Kang Ma Ri – played by Shin Eun Kyung

Yoo Je Ni – played by Jin Ji Hee
– She’s a child actress who acted in dramas like “High Kick! 2” and “The Moon Embracing The Sun”
– Follow her on Instagram here: @2xj_hee


Lee Kyu Jin’s Family

Lee Kyu Jin – played by Bong Tae Gyu
– Was on “The Return of Superman” with his son Si Ha from 2018 to 2019
– Defies gender norms and wore a skirt for the press conference of “Penthouse”, and expressed support for his son’s interest in pink and princesses openly
– His manager is well known for his resemblance to BTS’ Jin and V
– Is good friends with Tablo and is featured in his track ‘Thank You For Breathing’
– Follow him on Instagram here: @taegyu_bong

Go Sang A – played by Yoon Joo Hee

Lee Min Hyeok – played by Lee Tae Vin
– Used to be in K-pop group MYTEEN as a rapper
– Follow him on Instagram here: @taevin.lee



Logan Lee / Gu Ho Dong

Logan Lee / Gu Ho Dong – played by Park Eun Seok
– Grew up in the States as well, hence Logan Lee’s fluent command of English
– The motorbike that Gu Ho Dong rides in the drama is Park Eun Seok’s actual one
– Follow him on Instagram here: @_____silverstone_____


Min Seol A

Min Seol A – played by Jo Soo Min
– Played the lead role in 2020 web drama “Ending Again”
– Follow her on Instagram here: @soominn_jo


Joo Hye In

Joo Hye In – played by Na So Ye
– “Penthouse” marks her acting debut
– Follow her on Instagram here: @na.soye

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