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If you are into Korean street fashion, you will have most probably heard of Alex Finch, also known by his online moniker IAMALEXFINCH. Alex is a photographer from the UK living in Seoul shooting street photographs around one of the trendiest areas of the city. He has been doing so for about a year and half now and has developed a pretty decent following (you can see from the impressive amount of followers on his Instagram and Facebook pages!). As a resident street photographer, Alex is familiar with most of the fashion people around and a lot of the models through photoshoots, fashion weeks and even some English tutoring.

KAvenyou got the opportunity to interview Alex and find out more about his exciting life of being a street photographer. Let’s put on our fancy shoes and walk in the footsteps of Alex Finch:

1) Why/how did you get started on street photography?

A: A friend of mine suggested that I do it as a way of building confidence and using the fact that I lived so close to the main fashion street in the city.

2) How do you choose your subjects to shoot?

A: It’s all about the vibe they give off. It might be a particular point, or it might be how everything they’re wearing comes together. I’m terribly ignorant of the staples of the fashion world, but I know what I like.

3) Which photo best describes your typical shooting style?

Seo Yura
Seo Yura

4) Are there any pet peeves regarding street photography?

A: When other photographers take too long, or when I ask part of a couple and the other says, “No”. The latter happens more often than I care to mention and it’s not only awkward for the member willing to let me take the photo, but for me and everyone in the surrounding area as they tell me in a loud voice not to haha.

5) Where are your favourite locations to shoot at?

A: I shoot almost exclusively at Garosugil in Shinsa-dong.

6) Are there any recommended places to hang out (at where you frequent to shoot)?

A: I really enjoy ‘allo papergarden’ which is a cafe down a backstreet with a huge window that I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee at and people watch.

7) Since you are exposed to the latest trends in street fashion, what is your favourite fashion trend?

A: Currently, I’m really enjoying prints, especially floral prints. I know it’s big internationally and the impact is good.

20140430- 5

Floral Prints 2

8) You’ve shot a lot of models, and who do you enjoy shooting/working with the most?

A: Model wise, I enjoy taking pictures of Joo Woo Jae and also Choi Sora. There are plenty of the ESTEEM model agency girls that I’m friendly with, so that’s always a lot of fun. Anyone who gives me energy through the photo is good fun.

Joo Woo Jae
Joo Woo Jae
Choi Sora
Choi Sora

9) Besides street photography, are there other types of photos that you like to take?

A: I really enjoy taking portraits in general and want to start a project. Aside from that, I would like to venture into square format photography with an old Hasselblad, but that requires money that I don’t have currently haha.

10) Any advice for aspiring street photographers?

A: Get a a camera and a prime lens (50mm or 85mm) and hit the streets. Also, get on the Internet and follow as many other photographers as you can. See what you like and what kind of direction you want to take.

Thank you Alex Finch for taking out his time for this interview with KAvenyou! We are continuing to look forward to you posting your amazing street snaps online.

Do not forget to check out Alex Finch’s portfolio: iamalexfinch.net, and also follow him here:
Facebook: Alex Finch
Twitter: @iamalexfinch

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou

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