K-Rock discovery : meet Genius, a group from Busan

GeniusWhen it comes to Korean music, there is all the groups most of you know… And others that are a bit less known, but still very cool. Genius, a rock band from Busan, is one of them. So maybe it is time for you to get to know them. This article is here to help you with this!

Busan is not only a city with nice beaches and a famous film festival… It also a good stage for the rock music. Has shown by group Genius, a local band that isn’t lacking recognition. For example, their G/V Kim Il Du has been named 2013’s Voice of the Year by GQ Korea. GENIUS was also named one of Korea’s best live acts in 2013 by Korea Gig Guide, and their 2014 release “Beaches” was named one of the year’s best albums by critics at Korean site Weiv. A feature that even surprised the band itself, as they consider this fact “shocking”.

On a previous interview with Korea Herald, the band explained where they are coming from.
The band’s name evocates the status of “genius” that is very hard – if not impossible – to reach. The also put into that name a reference to “The Simpsons” character Ralph Wiggum who claims he’s a genius at being an honest and good person. Honnesty that can be found in their music : with experience on the Hongdae stage, they love how musicians in Busan play the music they want to play without focusing too much on people’s opinion.

The three members are aiming to play loud and fast, and have done so with Japandroids, This Will Destroy You, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Ra Ra Riot, No Age, The King Khan & BBQ Show, French Horn Rebellion, Jeffrey Lewis, Carsick Cars, Xiu Xiu, Retros, etc. Their music finds its roots in influences such as Ralph Wiggum, pro wrestling, The Cramps, Punk  ’76, pulp comics, Pedro the Lion, schlock films, cold grapes, Al Bundy, dry socks, The Walkmen, Pavement, drunk ballads, and the young Chow Yun Fat.

As for their newest album from June, “Lucky Mistake”, released with Boonga Boonga Records, it definitely reflects those various influences. The single ’88 Years Old’ sounds, as the members themselves say, like “The Ramones pretending to be The Pixies covering Johnny Cash”.

If, like us, you’re wondering what such a combination is like, you can listen to it by clicking here.

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We’d like to thank Genius for taking the time to tell us more about themselves.


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