JOE HUA TANG MO World Premiere in Jakarta

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Jakarta, 11 July  2015.  Joa Hua Tang Mo a.k.a Joe the Watermelon Head rocked Indonesian movie lovers especially for the Thai film enthusiast. The film, titled JOE HUA TANG MO which directed by Liawsirikun Kittikorn picked Indonesia as the first country to held the world premiere. The arrival of the cast of the movie also cheer the event up which took place in two different places in Jakarta. The first session starts at 2 pm located in Cinemax F(x) and the second one at 7 pm in Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia.

Joe Hua Tang Mo movie emphasized the story of a teenager named Joe who creates an avatar named Hua Tang Mo in social networking site. He dedicate himself to help people who want to find the real identity of the account or display name in social media. He was looking for a way to track the nearest person in advance to track the IP address and who’s behind the social media account. “Hua Tang Mo is like James Bond of the internet” said Kao Jirayu on the press conference.

Liawsirikun Kittikorn said that Indonesia was chosen for the world premiere due to the appreciation from the M39 Entertainment to Indonesian Thai movie lover. The movie not even up in Thailand yet, but Indonesian fans got this great chance. Not only world premiere, the main actor, Kao Jirayu,also held his fanmeeting here in Jakarta. A lot of fans from all over Jakarta and the neighboring city came with huge excitement to meet their idol.

After the movie premiere, Kao was back on the stage with Porn Clash and Boo Slur to sing some songs with the fans. The movie theater was filled with joy and excitement. During the event, KAvenyou got an honor to meet Kao Jirayu and Boo Slur to have an interview before the fanmeeting begins. Here are our conversation.

Kao, How do feel about being a part of this movie?
Kao : This movie I think it’s my new challenge. I am pleased with the new challenge. This film and the director, both inspired me so much. The director, he’s is one of the best director in Thailand. And this is the first time I work with him. So I think this is a great chance for me.

This your first time to act in a movie, and you are actually a musician. How do you feel?
Boo : I think everything is new for me. I totally love my job as a musician, but as an actor I have to play a new character, but I think a character in the movie is so much like myself. So it was fun.
Kao: The character is actually him, a 100% him.

This movie about the social networking. How often do you guys use social media to learn or for this movie or just to talk with ur fans?
Kao : I think everyone knows how important the internet for us. Before you go to sleep, before you eat anything, you always use your gadget. Its like you can not live without it. We all have two characters in our live, in the real world and our alter avatar, and this movie shows us that.

Did you find any difficulties to act as joe in this movie?
Kao: I think this difficult, it’s hard to understand how the director really want. If you see the movie it’s like a complicated. You have to see the movie before you want to understand it. When I shoot the scenes, I know nothing about what this movie is going to be. He did not let me know much about this movie. He just told me to play the script and be natural. Be free. But for me it was hard to do something I don’t know what I was really doing.

How did you manage the difficulties?
Kao : Sometime that is good and sometimes that’s more expectation. Sometimes that’s bad. But this movie always do take one, take two, take three to choose a good outcome and I have no problem with that. I think it’s good.

How do you think about this movie?
Kao : I think its so interesting for anyone who always use the social network. I think is important because everyone use social network.

Whats your next plan or porject? Have a new series or there’s a new movie again?
Kao : I think next on my job is single for my band. And focus on my band.

So, stay tune and make sure you’ll watch the movie once it’s on the nearest theater. “The movie is good and full with excitement, so you should watch it”, said Kao and Director Liawsirikun on the press conference.

Article: Karina @ KAvenyou
Photo : Doll @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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