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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA— Director Nah Yung-suk, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-jun, Choi Woo-shik, and V of BTS gathered at a local press conference in Seoul to discuss their upcoming show Jinny’s Kitchen. The unscripted program involves the cast of stars opening and running a Korean street food restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico. Prime Video customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, US, UK, Canada and Australia can watch a new episode of Jinny’s Kitchen weekly, every Friday, starting February 24. The show will launch globally in other countries later this spring through Prime Video.

Jinny's Kitchen Casts
Park Seo-jun, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Seo-jin, V, Choi Woo-shik
Credits: tvN
1. What is the biggest challenge filming in Mexico?

Lee Seo-jin: There were a lot of difficult points. It was difficult when there weren’t enough customers, when we were too busy, and when the employees didn’t listen. I had a tough time because V kept asking for a vacation and Woo-shik kept disappearing… There were a lot of difficulties.

Park Seo-jun: What was difficult. It was tough when there were no customers. I felt down when there were no customers after working really hard to prepare well. So honestly, working busily with the place being crowded was way more enjoyable.

Choi Woo-shik: Being in a popular travel destination, it was really fun. There were all kinds of people from all over the world, some that I became friends with. A lot of them were there just for vacation. While advertising and passing out a lot of flyers, there wasn’t anything particularly difficult. As everyone was there for vacation, they were open to try new things, willing to meet new people, and rated our food very positively. So I think I felt encouraged by all of that.
2. What is your most memorable part of the filming?

Jung Yu-mi: Since it’s a project I filmed recently, It’s still fresh in my mind. The menu was different, from preparing the dishes to V being a new addition to the team, all created different dynamics which I think was good. I think we experienced the boss’s business instincts in a new way. I think that could count as something different? Compared to when he was an executive director.

Choi Woo-shik: The four of us have already spent a lot of time together, but since V is new, when we gave him a task he would put his best foot forward. I got to see a new side of him. I’ve always thought he was really young, just a dongsaeng. He exceeded my expectations. It was a sight to see.

Lee Seo-jin: The name itself is different. We ended up taking on different roles than what we were originally assigned, so that changed things up. Having new members on the team brought in fresh new perspectives that could have only been revealed with the new members.

Park Seo-jun: It’s hard to select one memorable moment. The fun experience was that I introduced a different kind of soul food instead of more refined Korean food. It was very different and new. To be honest, street food is something I hold close to my heart. But it seems a bit ambiguous to call street food snacks, and I actually consider it as a type of soul food different from traditional Korean food. So, I think introducing these types of food is very different and new. When we were filming, I wasn’t able to see who came and went because I was mostly in the kitchen, but I believe everyone enjoyed it. I hope to see people enjoying these types of food and being interested in them.

V: I’m not sure how much our viewers may know, the most memorable thing for me while working at the restaurant is having a drink after finishing for the day. Just wrapping up after a day of work. To be honest, I actually don’t really like alcohol. I hardly ever drink. But after working at the restaurant, having a drink became so natural that I thought to myself, this is why we have alcohol. Those were the moments that I enjoyed the most
3. What is your favorite food item from the menu and why?

V: I would choose a potato corn dog. It’s my favorite.

Choi Woo-shik: I would choose gimbap. Because you need a lot of diverse ingredients for gimbap, gimbap itself has a lot of appeal.

Lee Seo-jin: I choose chicken and rice. It’s the most popular and expensive dish on the menu.

Jung Yu-mi: For me it’s watermelon juice and pineapple juice. I didn’t know how tasty watermelons and pineapples could be until I was in Mexico.

Park Seo-jun: I think I’m also like a corn dog. One thing I always felt in this program is when we film our last day, it feels like everything comes to me naturally. Making the corn dog dough is a lot harder than it looks. Getting the right ratio (of water and flour). In the beginning the dough wouldn’t stick together. The oil would start seeping into the corn dog. Then on the last day, I found the golden ratio (of water and flour). So it feels like I was also imperfect but was being perfected.
4. Have you gotten the chance to sample local Mexican food during production? How do you like it?

Lee Seo-jin: Personally, I’ve always loved Mexican food, so whenever I had the chance, I ate it. I especially like tacos.

Park Seo-jun: For the employees’ well-being, Mr. Lee would go buy food and bring it back. That’s pretty much all the Mexican food we ate. Burritos were so tasty.

Everyone: Oh~ it was delicious, burritos were tasty.

Choi Woo-shik: (pointing at V) Yes, us too.
5. What is the next dream destination for the show?

V: Any restaurant anywhere is fine with me as long as there are good conditions. Please contact me. (laughs)

Hi Prime Video viewers, in Korea a cooking show like this is very fresh and original and the food isn’t just regular Korean food but Korean soul food, street food. We will greet you with street food in the future. I hope you look forward to watching our dream team in action. Prime Video. Jinny’s Kitchen. Stay tuned.

Park Seo-jun

Jinny’s Kitchen is not just a cooking show or a travel show or a business show. In Park Seo-jun’s own words, “I believe it consists of various genres.” You get to see a multi-faceted show that is funny and full of heart. Director Nah Yung-suk joked, “Youn’s Kitchen was a therapeutic show. It was peaceful and calm. But this is more like a survival show. It’s like watching an office drama.” V commented, “I was expecting to be a server, but I was surprised to cook. In BTS, I’m the worst cook,” hinting at many funny moments ahead. Director Nah Yung-suk concluded, “If you need some fun and laughs, I suggest you watch it.”

Jinny’s Kitchen premieres on February 24, only on Prime Video!

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