REVIEW: Renting a car to self-drive in Jeju

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Sunset view at Hyeopjae Beach (협재해변)

Should you rent a car and self-drive in Jeju?

Some factors to consider would be your duration of stay, number of people travelling, places to visit and your budget. Solo travellers with greater flexibility of time can choosing public transport such as the Jeju city tour bus. If you are travelling with your friends, consider renting a car to self-drive in Jeju if your budget allows.

Self-driving in Jeju gives you greater flexibility in terms of time and places to visit. It is also a not-to-be-missed experience driving down the coastal roads. Just passed your driving test? Fret not as the cars on the roads in Jeju are lesser than the main cities.

Of course, if nobody drives the clearly other options are still available that you can explore:
Book a Taxi Tour
Jeju City Tour Bus
Jeju Private Tour with transport

It is commonly known that the public transport system in Jeju is unlike that of Seoul or the other sub-cities. An upgrade of the Jeju transport system was announced and introduced at the end of 2018. However, there are limited reviews available online to determine if the convenience was improved or otherwise. Make sure to do plenty of research and plan your transports well for an enjoyable trip! Read on to find out how exactly does the car rental in Jeju works!

Renting a car in Jeju with AJ Rent-a-Car – KIA RAY

Author’s Note

Deciding on the mode of transport in Jeju took up the majority of my time planning the itinerary. The time taken to travel from point to point differs based on the mode of transport. The number of places you can visit is limited as well. After much consideration and research, I placed a 4-day Jeju car rental booking on at KRW32,000 per day (U.P. KRW40,000) for the economy type which fits 5 people. There are three different types of car (accommodates 5 pax) and a mini-van (accommodates 12 people) to choose from.

Being my first ever self-driving trip, there were many questions about renting a car in Jeju floating in my head. Thankfully, the crew at Trazy was extremely helpful and answered all my questions promptly. The booking process is relatively simple: select the type of car, duration, pick up date and time. A confirmation email and final ticket will be sent to your email address and assigned car model will be stated.

Tip: Register a second driver at no additional charge if your travel mates have a driving licence!

It was an unforgettable self-driving trip and I’m glad that I have decided to rent a car to explore Jeju! Renting a car in Jeju gave me ample freedom in terms of time and flexibility in where I planned to visit. In fact, I hardly see any public buses on the road over the 4 days of driving on the island. One of the most memorable experience was watching the breathtaking sunset along the coastal roads. On a side note, if you are a fan of water sports, find out more about the water activities in Jeju here!

A guided taxi tour in Jeju costs about KRW170,000 onwards for a one-day tour (8 hours) with an experienced driver who knows exactly where to bring you for the best experiences. Since we have a few days to explore, renting a car in Jeju is a better choice considering the cost involved (e.g. KRW32,000 x 4 days = KRW128,000). If you do not own a driving licence, a guided taxi tour would be more convenient.

If you have any questions on renting a car in Jeju, leave a comment below and we will try our best to help!

AJ Rent-A-Car Shuttle Bus from Jeju Airport

How does it work?

  1. Take a 5-minute shuttle bus ride from Jeju Airport (Exit from Gate 5, proceed to section 3 parking lot 13)
  2. Get a queue number from the kiosk when you arrive at the AJ Rent-A-Car office
  3. Present all the required documents – International Driving Permit (IDP), driving license, credit card, passport
  4. Opt for additional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), a.k.a protection insurance. The highest tier (Super CDW) costs KRW49,350 with a FULL waiver of repairing fees in case of accidents. While the basic tier of CDW costs slightly lesser, the driver is liable to pay 50% of the rental fees during the repairing period and KRW50,000.
  5. Sign on the car rental agreement and collect your car keys
  6. Check the car for any existing scratches. Take photos to safeguard your interest!
  7. Drive over to the checking point for a briefing on how to operate the car and the GPS
  8. Begin your self-driving adventure on Jeju Island!

How to return?

  1. Refill a full tank of gasoline, diesel or petrol at any petrol station
  2. Drive to AJ Rent-A-Car return point (located next to the office where you collected the car)
  3. Present the car rental agreement to the staff (*If you have opted for Super CDW, the check may be skipped)
  4. Take the free shuttle bus to Jeju Airport

Tips: If you are travelling on a budget or catching a morning flight, save some bucks by returning the car on the night before your flight as the rental fee is based on daily rental instead of rental hours. While it may be difficult to flag a taxi at the AJ Rent-A-Car office, simply board the shuttle bus to the Jeju airport first and take your choice of transport back to your accommodation.

Note: Do not fret if you have forgotten to refill the tank before you return the car! There are many petrol stations located on the same stretch of road as the AJ Rent-A-Car office. The petrol staff are usually present, all you have to do is tell them the type of petrol you need and the amount (e.g. KRW10,000 (만원) or full tank)

Jeju Car Rental (International Driving Permit IDP)
International Driving Permit (IDP) from Singapore

What’s Required?

  1. You must be at least 21-year-old
  2. At least 1 year of driving experience
  3. A valid driving license
  4. An International Driving Permit (IDP) as shown above
  5. A credit card with the driver’s name
  6. A valid car rental booking during your period of stay

While some countries may issue driving licenses that are international, do note that a separate International Driving Permit (IDP) is required to rent a car and self-drive in Jeju. The average processing time for online IDP application takes 7 working days. It is advisable to walk-in to any Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) outlets to apply over-the-counter and get your IDP immediately.

In the case that you are not able to get hold of a valid driving license, be it renewal or newly issued driving licence, you may request for a copy of the “Extract of Driving License Records” as a temporary substitute. (picture shown below) For more information on the usage of the extract, do contact the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS).

Jeju Car Rental (Driving Licence Records)

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8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Renting a car to self-drive in Jeju”

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  2. Hi, was looking for options between driving or getting a driver and came across your review.
    May i know how is the drive in Jeju and how did you manage to navigate around?

    1. Hi Joan,

      Booking a guided taxi tour is generally more costly than renting a car. I’d highly recommend renting a car and self drive if you (or your travel mates) have a driving license. The cars are equipped with GPS which gives directions in English but the display is on Korean. If you book via Trazy, the staff at the collection point can speak English and will guide you on how to navigate on the GPS before you drive off.

      The drive is generally alright other than the brake in the car being a little too sensitive. Perhaps I’m just more used to my own car which I have to step on the brakes hard to stop the car. Their brakes are quite sensitive so you only need to step on it lightly. The cars drivers in Jeju are generally patient I would say. Especially when it is really obvious if you are a tourist because there will be a sticker showing the car rental company on the back of your car so it is rather easy to be identified. That could be the reason why they are so patient I guess!

      Navigation wise, simply input the phone number into the GPS and it will get you there! Sort of like how you input the postal codes into your google maps. Everything was a breeze and the cars are all very new and clean!

      Here are some of the places I’ve visited:
      The last time I checked, the ferry to U-do prohibit cars from Jeju to be ferried over. But recently I saw some reviews saying it’s allowed again. You may want to check out further because it will be helpful to have your rented car over at Udo as the transportation system is not exactly good over there.

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  4. Hi, May i know that UOB Direct Debit Card possible to rent a car at Jeju.
    Because i dont have credit card. I also concern that if i already prepare all the document without credit card (but i have debit card) after i arrived the office. Will they cancel my request?

    1. Hi Jane!

      From what I know, a credit card is required to pick up the car as they will charge a $1 to your card to test that it is a valid card and refund later. Debit card might not be accepted as they can “hold” and refund. You might want to check with the staff at, they reply pretty fast!

  5. Hello, how will they know that you have at least 1 year of driving experience? I just got my license renewed so it shows 2019. But I’ve been driving for several years now, what proof should I bring?

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