J-Hope Of BTS Welcomes Everyone To His “Hope World”

After a long wait, both ARMYs and fans of BTS’ music are rewarded with new music from J-Hope, whose mixtape dropped on 2 March. He is the third and last of the three rappers of BTS, following RM (2015) and Agust D (2016), to release a mixtape.

Hope World contains seven tracks, including one outro (Blue Side). The release is accompanied by a music video for Daydream, a track with uplifting beats but lyrics that are less cheerful.

J-Hope explains later in a Vlive that it is to express his perspectives as both J-Hope, the celebrity – idol, musician and artist – and Jung Hoseok, the regular guy. He did not want the song to sound too heavy, understanding that the topic could be intense, and hence worked towards keeping the tempo light and upbeat.

In fact, one can say that he maintained the theme throughout the mixtape, with all tracks but Blue Side (Outro) taking on a similar approach. It is not only a breakaway from the style of music that BTS as a group releases but also an extension of who he is as an individual and an artist.

The music video for Daydream showcases J-Hope’s individual charm, also putting one in a good mood with colors that are reminiscent of pop art.

Within two hours of the release of the music video, it received one million likes, breaking the record that the rapper’s group originally set for Mic Drop and DNA and prompting ARMYs to joke about how he has outperformed them.

This is not the only record he has broken, though. Hope World reached #1 on iTunes Top Albums Chart in over 72 countries, setting a new record for the most #1 for Korean solo artists. Daydream also charted #1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in various countries. As on 6 March, Hope World entered Billboard 200, charting at #63.

Big Hit Entertainment later released the music video for ‘Air Plane’ on 6th March 2018.


Hope World is free for download here and also available across various music streaming platforms (Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music). It is also available for sale on iTunes.

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