ITZY Shows Off JYP Family Love at their ‘Kaya-like’ Debut Showcase in Singapore

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ITZY, consisting of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna are no doubt, the hottest rookie girl group in South Korea. The girls’ held their debut showcase tour at the Suntec Convention Centre, showcasing their roller-coaster-like charms and powerful performances. Marking their first time in Singapore and the fifth stop of their tour, their fans, MIDZY, definitely proved their passionate support with their intense screams and cheers, which touched the girls’ hearts.

Kicking off their showcase, the girls’ performed ‘Dalla Dalla’, ‘ICY’ and ‘Cherry’ to the delight of their fans, successfully making it (As what the girls’ called) the hottest place in Singapore. The showcase consisted of two segments: a question segment and a game segment. The question segment took everyone by surprise as fan-recorded videos were played at the venue, asking questions like “Where do they want to visit in Singapore?”, “Who is their inspiration?” and “When was their proudest moment?”. Fan-videos that were shown were quite legit and executed in an entertaining manner, making the audience burst out in laughter.

As they arrived in Singapore a day before their showcase, the girls were actually spotted at Haji Lane, as well as Marina Bay – the heart of our country. Yuna even mentioned that they had Singapore’s Kaya Toast, which they most definitely enjoyed (Especially since they described their showcase as sweet and attractive like Kaya!). Yuna even revealed that they took funny pictures at Marina Bay, which she would post later.

Record-breakers, and it still hits ITZY, looking at what they’ve achieved since debut

Lia: My inspiration is MIDZY! We weren’t sure if ‘Dalla Dalla’ could inspire and provide everyone with confidence but it did! And that really motivated us.
Chaeryeong: Mine is JYP, our father! It’s more of an admiration, especially when I see his unwavering passion – I should learn from him.

As the hottest rookie girl group who has achieved so much, it is quite impossible to pick their proudest moment. To name a few of their achievements, their lead single ‘Dalla Dalla‘ emerged second on Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, their debut MV broke the record for the most viewed MV within 24 hours with a whopping 17.1 million views and recently, they were awarded ‘Best New Female Artist’ at the 2019 MAMA Awards. There is just no limit to what they can achieve. On their proudest moment, they named the moment when they were told that they could debut. Lia knew how long her members have waited and how hard they worked for it. (Literal aw moment, I almost teared.)

ITZY shows off JYP Nation’s Family Love and it is the best.

Throughout the entire showcase, one aspect stood out the most, which left a huge impression. ITZY belongs to one of the ‘Big 3’ companies, JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertainment is better known as JYP Nation, because of the close family bond which could be felt at the showcase. Within the audience, were fans of other groups who belong to JYP such as TWICE, GOT7, DAY6 and Stray Kids. When clips of the other JYP groups were shown initially, that fuelled the audience, making it obvious that the audience was also a HUGE fan of the other groups. The girls also performed covers of their seniors such as TWICE’s “TT” and GOT7’s “Hard Carry”, not only proving that they were fans of their seniors, but also showing both their cute and girl-crush sides. It was heartwarming to see fans coming out to support the JYP Nation.

The girls’ proved themselves at their first premiere showcase in Singapore with their charismatic performance, enticing fans. With 2019 coming to an end, fans can expect much from this rising girl group in 2020 such as possible collaborations with TWICE and Chung Ha (C’mon JYP, we need this!) and we look forward to the girls’ coming back to Singapore possibly next year!

We would like to thank OneProduction and Live Nation Singapore for the invitation to cover ITZY’s Premiere Showcase Tour ‘ITZY? ITZY!’ in Singapore.

Photo Credit: Live Nation Singapore

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