Is B'in Music (相信音乐) taking the lead for Taiwanese drama OST?


Taiwan – B’in Music (相信音乐) can be considered one of the largest record labels in Taiwan, with Mayday as one of the stakeholders. Leaving the international labels like Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music out of the list, other record labels includes Eagle Music, Linfair Records, Rock Records, JVR Music, just to name a few.

Well, B’in Music have their own artistes unleash their potential by self-composing and producing their own music. Bands under B’in Music includes Mayday, Magic Power, Cosmopeople, 831 and flumpoo. Female and male artistes includes Della Ding, Bai An, Jia Jia, Rene Liu, Sylvia Chang, Yen-J, Jonathan Lee and Li Jian Qing. Maybe it’s just B’in Music’s style of doing things that either they take the whole cake or none at all.

Catching up, Korean-Taiwanese Bii and Pets Tseng scored a good number of OSTs under their names as well.  Let us know if we’ve missed out any potential OST kings and queens in the comments section below!


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One of the current Taiwanese drama has been widely discussed for it’s veteran casts in the series. “Bitter Sweet (军官。情人)” – Ma Chi Chiang (馬之秦/马姐)  and Johnny Kou (寇世勳).  Once again, all the OST of this drama series are done by artistes of B’in Music – Yen-J, Magic Power, Rene, Cosmopeople. Check out the music videos below.

There was a huge commotion amongst MPF (Magic Power Family – fans of Magic Power) when the song was first previewed for the next episode. 《我无法不爱你》 was a new song that was first performed at Magic Power’s OUR’ concert in Kaohsiung on 18th July 2015, fans were eagerly anticipating the release of their upcoming album. With the packed schedule of the band, no official album release date has been announced till date.

Link: Drama Bitter Sweet Facebook Page by SETTV

 YEN-J – “Something” 

 MP魔幻力量 –  《我无法不爱你》 

宇宙人 – 《前往》

Rene劉若英 –  《我敢在你懷裡孤獨》

Here we’ve compiled a list of the drama OST by B’in Music artistes in the recent years. (movie OST excluded) Did you spot any of your personal favorites?

MP魔幻力量 [ 偷偷的 Secretly ] Official Music Video – 三立華劇「幸福兌換券」插曲
MP魔幻力量 [ 我還是愛著你 I still love you ] Official Music Video – 三立華劇「幸福兌換券」片尾曲
MP魔幻力量 [ 彩虹黑洞Rainbow ] Official Lyric Video – 民視偶像劇「你照亮我星球」主題曲
MP魔幻力量【不按牌理出牌Never Play By The Rules】MV官方完整版-三立[醉後決定愛上你]片頭曲

JiaJia家家[我沒資格Unqualified]MV官方完整版- 三立戲劇[有愛一家人]片尾曲

Yen-j嚴爵【好的事情 Good Things 】MV官方完整版-三立戲劇[醉後決定愛上你]片尾曲
Yen-j嚴爵【又不是這樣就不孤獨Still Alone】MV官方完整版-三立戲劇[醉後決定愛上你]插曲
Yen-j嚴爵【打噴嚏(發燒快版)】CD version -三立偶像劇[螺絲小姐要出嫁]片頭曲

Della丁噹 [ 身不由己Lose Myself ] MV官方完整版-戲劇「步步驚情」主題曲之一
Della丁噹【不是你的錯Not Your Fault】MV官方完整版-三立[真愛找麻煩]插曲
Della丁噹【他還認不認得我Does He Still Know Me】MV官方完整版-中視[愛呀哎呀,我願意]片尾
Della丁噹【一個人不可能】 MV官方完整版-三立「真愛找麻煩」插曲
Della丁噹【偷偷的愛(feat.嚴爵)】MV官方完整版 – 華視「真心請按兩次鈴」片頭曲
Della丁噹【平凡相依】MV官方完整版-偶像劇 [ 真心請按兩次鈴 ] 插曲
Della丁噹&何潤東 [ 明年情人節 ] MV官方完整版-偶像劇「真心請按兩次鈴」片尾曲
Della丁噹 [ 白頭吟 ] 官方戲劇版Music Video – 戲劇「風中奇緣」插曲
Della丁噹 [ 有一種勇氣叫放棄Courage of Giving Up ] Music Video – 戲劇「風中奇緣」片尾曲

胡歌 [ 好好過 ] 官方戲劇版Music Video – 戲劇「風中奇緣」插曲
李劍青 [ 為你平定的天下 ] 官方戲劇版Music Video – 戲劇「風中奇緣」片頭曲

Mayday五月天[步步Step by Step]MV官方高音質HD版-電視劇「步步驚情」主題曲



Tell us what’s your favorite OST by B’in Music artistes! Do you think there’s other record labels as successful as B’in Music? Let us know in the comments section!

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