Interview: Park Jung Min prepares to meet fans in Europe, and calls fans “A precious family”

Park Jung Min European Tour

In less than one month, Park Jung Min will hold his first European tour. The tour, organized by B7Klan, will stop in Dortmund, Paris and Moscow.  The pianist Choi Soo Min will also be part of this tour as the opening act of each show.

Ahead of these concerts, Park Jung Min answered KAvenyou’s question about his tour, his projects and his career. Read his answers below!

KAvenyou: You are holding four concerts in Europe -in London, Dortmund, Paris and then Moscow. Could you tell us more about this tour and about what you prepared for the European fans?

Park Jung Min: This is my first time to have concerts in Europe; I’m looking forward to it, but also feel very nervous. What are the fans expecting most from me? I have many thoughts (I think he means, I can’t stop thinking about it.) And I think I will sing more, and prepare some sort of surprise; you must come to the show to find out for yourself, I won’t tell any more, it’s still a secret.

K: From your music, we can sense that you have a romantic side. Paris is said to be the most romantic city in the world. How do you feel about performing in Europe, and particularly in Paris?

PJM: I feel excited about performing in Europe. And I was traveling alone during summer 2013 there in Paris, and I told myself that I have to come back to this lovely city one day. Now my dream is coming true, I’m really pleased to come to Paris again. I wish I could have spare time to discover Paris more, and could go to visit other cities in France as well.

K: It’s your very first European tour. What are you expecting the most and looking forward to regarding this event?

PJM: Fans! I really look forward to seeing my fans in Europe. Finally, we can have the opportunity to be face to face. Their support is always appreciated, and I think I won’t forget how enthusiastic they are.

K: Late 2012, you chose « Romeo » as your stage name to target the Japanese market. Back then, your label explained that this symbolizes your dark and fantastic side. Could you tell us how this character evolved, and why did you specifically choose this concept for your Japanese fans?

PJM: Although, ROMEO is starting from Japan, but this is not restrict to Japan only. Actually, I want people to know how I grew up those years, from IDOL Park Jung Min to ARTIST Park Jung Min. Of course; I know its might look like a role play, but the character I chose is part of the “real me”. Now is the time for fans to know that I can have many different appearances.

K: Rock, dance, ballads… You’ve proven that you can easily go from a music style to another one. Which one represents you the best, and which one would you like people to think about first when they talk about you?

PJM: Personally, I have no particular preference. The melody, lyrics, or what kind of message I want to convey and share~ this is the most important thing. This is what I care about when I choose a music style. I wish people could become happy when they hear my songs.

K: You also have an acting career, including in Taiwan or in Japan. Do you have any acting plans for 2014?

PJM: Yes, I just finished a musical and a movie shooting. I do have plans to do more acting activities in Korea and Japan in 2014.

K: In the drama Fondant Garden, you acted as someone who travels abroad and ends up having to make a living there. When touring, you are also visiting a lot of countries. Do you think you could live abroad on your own?

PJM: I think I could live abroad by myself for sure. I’ve had experiences in Japan and Taiwan for more than 6 months. I was there for movie and drama shootings. I think if I have a purpose, no matter  in which country, I could do it.

Park Jung Min

K: After almost 10 years as a celebrity, what kind of relationship do you have with your fans, and how did this relationship change throughout the years?

PJM: Fans are always my energy. I have a lot of fans who followed me from their teenage days until now. We grow up together; it makes me feel amazed. And my fans are always taking care of me, they really are like family to me, a huge precious family.

K: You use social network services a lot to communicate, and we noticed one thing: your optimistic attitude. You always seem to smile and you sound naturally optimistic despite the pressure of your job. How did you learn to focus on the bright side of things?

PJM: I do feel pressure, and I do feel strength sometimes. When I feel pressure, I will try to find out the reason and solve it. So I always forget it quickly, after a sleep, they are left behind already.

K: You are one of the Korean artists who initiated the Hallyu wave. Are you aware of being a pioneer, and do you know that you are one of the artists who created the history of K-Pop?

PJM: Thank you for your commendation. There are a lot of great artists from Korea, the Hallyu wave is made by everyone. But thank you for keeping your support and love towards me and SS501.

K: The Korean music market keeps growing. More and more young artists dream of having a career similar to yours. In a more general way and regardless of the country, what advice would you give to those who decide to start a career as a musician?

PJM: “Do your best and try hard” is the most important thing. And don’t think about singing as performance work, but singing is like sharing a message. Connecting people from heart to heart. Show as much passion on stage as much as you can, then you will certainly receive good luck.

K: Do you have any thoughts about managing other artists, like some of your seniors do?

PJM: Sure, I am interested in this field. I want to run a management agency someday, when I become a senior.

K: Quite often, when Korean artists perform in Europe, they have plans for a new album in a near future. Does your Europe tour indirectly announce an upcoming album?

PJM: I have released a drama OST recently. And have plan for both Park Jung Min and ROMEO this coming April in Japan. Then I’ll go back to Korea to prepare a new album for Park Jung Min? Maybe ROMEO?

Don’t forget to visit B7Klan’s website for more information about this tour.

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