[INTERVIEW] Korean-Taiwanese heartthrob Bii explains the differences between his fans from different countries

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Meanwhile, KAvenyou did an interview with Bii and some of your burning questions have been answered by Bii personally!

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Q1. What can your fans expect from the upcoming concert in Singapore? Can they expect more for your year-end Taiwan concert?

“Bii with You LIVE in Singapore” is one of the very few public performances that I have this year. The reason being the agency’s plan for me this year is rather simple – to film a drama, release my 5th album and lastly, upcoming year end concert in Taipei arena. In fact, I’m thankful that my agency is giving me enough time to prepare because I’m not someone who can multitask well. 

I’ve previously planned to visit Singapore last year but there were inevitable clashes in schedules. Which is why I’ve decided to hold another concert for my Singapore BFs on top of the year-end concert in Taipei. Back in 2015 when I visited Singapore with Dino and Ian for album promotions, I fell sick on the day of the last autograph session and wasn’t in a good condition to perform for BFs. I felt that I owe it to them once and hope to make up for it with “Bii with You LIVE in Singapore”. Other than bringing my live band over, the performances will include songs that they have not watched before. I hope this will be a good time to meet you all! 


Q2. Some of your Singapore fans are planning to fly over and asked if the Taiwan concert will be in early, mid or late December? 

*laughs* It’s quite near the middle but still considered to be in the first half of December.

Q3. Is there anything that you’re looking forward to do in Singapore?

I’m definitely looking forward to meet my Singapore BFs. Not to forget the local delicacies like chilli crab and Hainanese chicken rice! XD

Personally, Singapore to me is a very relaxing country and I have made many fond memories from the past visits. For example, Singapore BFs are not only passionate but also organized, and the local media takes good care of me too. “Bii with You” is not only a present to my BFs, it’s also for me to “recharge” before returning to Taiwan to resume the production and preparation for my 5th album and the year-end concert.

Q4. Is there any song / artiste that you’ve recently discovered and would recommend to your fans?

Also from my agency, Ian recently released his second self-composed album titled “极乐世界”. Apart from his burning passion for singing, Ian boldly experiments different genres and infused them into his music. I personally enjoyed his latest album and hope you will check it out soon!

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Q5. What are your plans and goals after the concert in December? Any plans to continue acting or venture overseas to study?

We haven’t planned that far yet but I’m thinking about doing a Live House tour. Although the seating capacity is rather small, but I’ll be able to see my audience clearly since the distance is closer. I’m looking forward to try out this type of performance style which might serve as a reminder to not forget that my passion for singing has always been this simple. 

Q6. Do you still remember the first time you came to Singapore for album promotions? How have things changed from then and now?

The first album promotions in Singapore was in 2013 for my second album “Come Back to Bii”, which was also the first time I’ve visited Singapore. The most memorable impression was taking more than an hour to clear the immigration because the queues were really long. Secondly, Singapore BFs have always been well-mannered. They’ll ask for permission for almost everything including giving fan letters and that left a deep impression. I’ve been visiting Singapore yearly ever since 2013 but this time, it took me almost 1.5 years to come back here again.   

How have things changed from then and now? I’ll tell you the answer when we meet at “Bii My Love”.

Q7. Is there any difference between Singapore fans and other overseas fans?

Well, BFs from all around the world are passionate for sure. However, Singapore BFs are exceptionally polite and well-mannered. Back in 2015 when I came with Dino and Ian, I remembered how they held hands to form a human barricade for us at the airport. That was a first for me and I’m really grateful for what they’ve done. 

Q8. Do you have any message for your Singapore fans?

Thank you for staying by my side and all the love you’ve given me over the years. Thank you for showing your support through many ways of your own – by leaving comments, sending fan letters, voting online and being present at events which I’m involved in and many, many more. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, my dear BFs.

There’s something that I really wanted to tell you – “To all the BFs who have been showering me with love, please take good care of yourself and stay in good health because I want to be with you all for many, many years into the future.”

Q9. Do you know that you have fans in the UK and Australia? (Question by Bii 畢書盡 International English Fan Source Facebook page)

Yes, I know. I’m also aware of this fan page because they’ve sent gifts to me several times. I hope I can bring my music over to the UK and Australia as soon as possible and I’ve been working hard towards this goal. I would also like to thank them for their efforts put into the regular translations and updates of the news related to me onto the fan page! Thank you for letting more people know about Bii.


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Special thanks to Jacklyn and Peipei for the interview opportunity! 

Image credits: Bii畢書盡 Facebook page 

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