[INTERVIEW] Jeffrey Xu (徐鸣杰) shares his take on the “Adopt, Don’t Abandon” cause

5th July 2014 – KAvenyou had the chance to speak to the rising star of Mediacorp, Jeffrey Xu (徐鸣),  before the screening of Twelve Nights (十二夜) at Marina Barrage. Read on to find out more about Jeffrey’s pet Husky and his opinions on the cause.


Jeffrey Xu owns a Husky back at his home in Shang Hai for 4 years, he chose a Husky because they are considered handsome to him. However, due to the weather conditions in Shang Hai, his Husky was infected with a type of skin disease.

Since he is currently based in Singapore and given that his parents did not have time to take care of his Husky, he decided to put it in the care of his relatives. Jeffrey‘s Husky would be staying over at his relative’s house while he is away and he would bring him back home when he returns to Shang Hai. Jeffrey also explained his reasons for the actions taken. Although Jeffrey‘s Husky is medium-sized, it could exert force that is beyond the ability of his kind of the same size. Thus, Jeffrey was worried of his parent’s safety as he was the one spending most of the time with the Husky as compared to his parents.

When asked on his opinions whether the cause will be well-received by teenagers, Jeffrey voiced out that he thinks that it is a must to accept and it was not a choice. According to Jeffrey, he thinks that it was due to the shallow mindset of the younger generation which contributed to the problem, buying pets without give it a second thought. It might have been a ‘face’ problem, to treat pets as objects to show-off to friends. Jeffrey often gets offended when he hears people saying “Pets are just animals”, he believes that all pets would want an owner whom can treat them as a family or a companion.

Having researched and read up online about dogs, Jeffrey shared with us that dogs are spiritual animals with feelings and not just like any other. Why would pet owners abandon? Jeffrey felt that it may be because they were not aware of the difficulties of taking care of pets beforehand and gradually avoided the responbilities. It can be due to a temporary impulse, a liking for their cuteness but yet dislike the trouble involved for owning pets.

Jeffrey also shared with us anothing finding of his from his regular reading up online that Dogs, are spiritual animals as mentioned earlier, can understand and feel what humans are feeling. For example, if they felt that humans are afriad of them, they will bark at you to test your reaction but never with the intention to cause any harm. Similar to how dogs bark at strangers at the door, with the intention to protect the household.

Jeffrey‘s message for pet-owners-to-be: “Adopt, Don’t abandon! Be mentally prepared to take full responsibility or otherwise, dont take the first step towards being a pet owner.”

KAvenyou would like to thank TOGGLE TAP AMU for this opportunity to be involved in this event with such a meaningful cause!

Follow Jeffrey Xu on his Facebook here and his instagram @Jeffrey_Xu.

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