[INTERVIEW] – Blitzers talk about touring internationally, their projects and their wishes

Blitzers arriving at Music Bank recording – 2022-08-12

BLITZERS is a boy group under WUZO Entertainment. The 7 members debuted in May 2021 with “Check-In”.
During Summer 2022, their popularity rose significantly with the release of “Hit The Bass”. 2022 also became the year when BLITZERS went to look for their overseas fans. They are just back from a Europe tour, and took time to answer KAVENYOU’s questions about their experience and their projects.

1/ Hello. First of all, can you introduce BLITZERS to our readers?

JINHWA – SHOUT OUT BLITZERS! Hello, we are BLITZERS. The name BLITZERS means that we will rush towards the world with our own dance and song!
Recently, we have also met BLEE (note : fandom name) from all over Europe through a European tour! We plan to travel all over the world to meet BLEE in the future, so please look forward to it!

2/ You debuted in 2021, and have already experienced a clear rise in popularity. What are your charms to attract fans?

CHRIS – The confidence to take on challenges without fear, and the comfort of being like family and friends!
LUTAN – Also, I think our charm as BLITZERS is the music style that can naturally permeate into people’s daily life with a message that anyone can relate to!

3/ For your song “Hit the Bass”, you actively took park in the choice of concept and in writing the lyrics. Are you planning on getting more involved in your contents?

JINHWA – Since our debut album, we participated in writing lyrics, composing, and choreography little by little. And in our 3rd album, we also selected the concept of Hit The Bass! If there is an opportunity, I would like to show you a lot of stories that we want to tell by continuing to study and participating in albums steadily!

4/ In the past, you also said you want to show a lot of unpredictable charms. If you could try anything in the future (from a concept to performing in a specific place or even just trying a new activity), what would each member like to do?

JINHWA – I want to go and perform wherever BLEE is.
GO_U – I’d like a medium tempo suitable for an atmospheric concept.
JUHAN – Someday, I want to make an album where we write lyrics, compose, and create choreography ourselves.
SYA – I want to do a concert in Korea.
CHRIS – I want to participate in world-famous international awards ceremonies, and perform on stage and receive awards.
LUTAN – A stage with a refreshing and bright concept, where the smiles of the BLITZERS can stand out!
WOOJU – I want to meet Blee from all over the world!

5/ You also have experience in releasing OSTs. What are the differences between releasing a regular song and releasing an OST?

GO_U – Through our regular songs, we can tell the stories that we want to tell with our own style. But through the OST, it seems a little different. We can show a different side of ourselves through songs that fit each drama or movie rather than our own story.

6/ In 2022, you held both a US and a Europe tour. How was your experience performing in front of international Blees?

SYA – I think it was more intimidating to perform in a concert hall full of fans. And the way fans sang along to not just the English lyrics but also the Korean ones, and shouting out to cheer us on, gave us strength!
WOOJU – So in the future, wherever there is BLEE who like us, I want to go see more of them!

7/ Having gained international experience, would you say this may influence your future songs and releases?

JUHAN – I think the experience of performing in various cities and venues will be of great help to me in the future to perform in other places too. And I wonder if someday I will be able to incorporate the feelings and emotions I felt while performing in a song.

8/ When travelling, you probably had to experience local life or interact with locals. Is there any funny story that happened?

JINHWA – A local asked if we were idols, but I said no because I was embarrassed. If I could answer again, “We are actually a Korean idol group called BLITZERS!”
Go_U – At the airport, the airport staff recognized us and asked us to sign an autograph saying that they were fans. I remember being surprised because it wasn’t expecting this at all.
JUHAN – When coming back to Korea, I saw a fan that greeted us. Thanks to you, I was able to come back comfortably!
CHRIS – It was my first time paying money to go to the Bathroom but it was pretty interesting!!
WOOJU – I wanted to be able to communicate with the local fans as much as possible, so I also studied the language in my spare time! I think it was fun to communicate in the local language. The fans and I both felt great! So, we will try our best to communicate with our fans in more languages ​​from now on!

9/ When you released your EP Win-Dow, you were finally embarking on a journey to meet your fans after preparing for it since your debut. Now that this journey led you to the US and Europe, what are your next projects?

SYA – We dont have any concrete plans as of now, but I think we’ll visit BLEE from around the world in more diverse ways!

10/ Lastly, is there any message you’d like to say to your BLEE?

LUTAN – BLEE! Thank you so much for always supporting us and being by our side! We will practice hard and come back with better choreography and songs, so stay tuned! I love you!

KAvenyou would like to thank WUZO Entertainment and BLITZERS for answering our questions.

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