Interview – Bling Bling answers our question for their Oh Mama come-back

Bling Bling came back with Oh Mama
Bling Bling came back with “Oh Mama”

On May 20th, the korean girl group Bling Bling came back with “Oh Mama”. The release of the track marks the group’s first come-back. They kindly answered KAvenyou’s question to let us know them better.

Find out how they prepared for this come-back, or what surprised them after debuting.

KAvenyou – Hello. Could you please introduce the group to the readers who may not know you yet?

Bling Bling – Hello, we are a Kpop girl group that debuted in November 2020. We are a 6 person girl group. Juhyun is the leader, Jieun is the main vocal, Yubin is the ‘maknae’ , Narin is the subvocal, Marin is the main dancer, and Ayamy is the rapper.

The meaning behind our name BlingBling is that we are 6 lights that came together as 1 light. We are working hard to show you how we can sparkle like our name implies.

K – Can you tell us more about your first comeback?

Bling Bling – Like the title of our first mini album <CONTRAST> , this comeback / mini album shows both our chic & cool and our lovely & affectionate images. Our title song is named ‘Oh Mama’ because it’s just our fun way of showing how such a chic & cool person falls in love and can not control her emotions. The choreography is one of the highlights. So I sincerely hope all of you can watch us perform it on stage.

K – You have both Korean and Japanese members and debuted in both countries. How does being multi-national influence your music?

Bling Bling – We gain more understanding of each other’s culture and absorb a variety of music. It helps us broaden our horizons.

K – After debuting, what part of your new life made you think “as expected”, and what part surprised you?

Bling Bling – It was quite interesting to use an IEM (In Ear Monitor)** when performing at a broadcasted music program. We could hear our own voices & lots of other sounds through the IEM which felt surprising because we didn’t use those during our practices

** Shaped like earphones, the IEM lets artists hear the sound channels that they wish according to the mixes they prefer. Artists use it to listen to either their own voice, each others, the music etc when performing.

KAvenyou – When releasing a new song, or for your future in general, do you set specific goals or do you have any specific dream?

Bling Bling – Since we only recently debuted, our first goal is to introduce ourselves more and create awareness of BlingBling. We are hoping that when people hear ‘BlingBling’, they think of us.

KAvenyou – What are the differences between preparing to debut and preparing for a comeback?

Bling Bling – When we were debuting, our mind was mostly occupied with the thought of us debuting after all the time we spent training. I think we were so excited that only this was mainly in our minds.
Since now we are doing our first comeback, we were thinking that we have to do even better than our debut and so we spent more effort and practiced hard for this debut.

KAvenyou – You debuted during the pandemic so you couldn’t have a lot of direct contacts with your fans yet. What does promoting without a live audience feel like?

Bling Bling – I believe we would be able to tell the differences if we ever experienced it, but since debuting , we haven’t performed on a stage that’s in front of an audience. We really want to show our performance to our fans.

K – In your debut song G.B.B. the lyrics state « I am a bad girl ». If the members had to do a confession from their trainee days, what would they like to confess ?

Bling Bling – We have a cafeteria and so there is a rule that you can’t eat inside the practice studio. One day we all wanted to grab a quick bite urgently, so we were secretly eating chips inside the practice studio, but our team manager saw us. Since it was the first offense, the team manager let it slide but we were so surprised when we got caught and even thought this would be a big issue.

K – Once the pandemic is over, which country would each member love to visit, and why?

It’s not really about where we’d like to go. We want to go everywhere ! We are hoping things get better and we get to meet our friends from all the countries !

K – Do you have a message you’d like to send to your fans?

Thank you for reading the interview. And we really worked very hard on our new album, so please give our title song ‘Oh Mama’ lots of love and please check us on stage ! We also have a dance challenge so we hope many of you can participate ! Thank you!

Watch Bling Bling’s Oh Mama MV below and don’t forget to follow their Twitter or Instagram accounts if you enjoyed it!

We’d like to thank Bling Bling members for answering our questions.

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