Interview : 9 facts about BOYS REPUBLIC

Boys RepublicK-Pop group BOYS REPUBLIC just had a come back with “Hello” and are already preparing for their Europe tour in July.

Through this tour that includes more countries that any other Europe tour before, they will meet their fans all around the continent.

They are preparing hard for this tour – like for any other projet or activity – as you can see from the upcoming 9 facts we’ve learned directly from them.

1/ Concerning this Europe tour, they are looking forward to new experiences in new countries and cities

2/ To seduce people who may not know them well yet, here is what they would do:
“First of all, show our stage and songs then let them know that we are playing good songs!”

3/ Fans should be warned and ready : every member had prepared a solo stage for the upcoming tour

4/ They hope to have a lot of fun together with fans through this tour. This tour has been designed to be held in many cities, rather than having bigger venues in less cities. Hence, fans will be able to see the members up close and personal. Which, the members think, is really good !

5/ The way they prepare for new projects hasn’t changed much since debut. They say ” One thing changed is that we are now more relaxed and feel comfy.”

6/ When they need a Real Talk* with other members, they just talk about it through monthly meetings. They are close enough to each others to call it “family meetings”.
 * Title of their 2nd mini-album

7/ Summer is coming up, but it doesn’t mean the boys slack off. When asked how they go through the hot days of summer, they answer : “We practice hard to spend time with fans”

8/ The concept they want to try next? “Jazzy song! It’s rare that an idol comes out with jazz. That makes me want to try it.”

9/ Their message for their European fans : “We’re gonna be there soon and show you an unforgettable stage”

If you haven’t yet bought your ticket for one of their 8 concerts (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Köln, Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Wien), you can still get them! Visit B7Klan’s website and check availabilities!

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