iKON Came and Conquered the Kuala Lumpur Town with iKONCERT!


iKONCERT 2016 [SHOWTIME] Tour in Kuala Lumpur a success

Debuted for less than a year and already had their first live concert held in Malaysia. The rookie group we’re talking about was none other than iKon!

The 7 member boy group was first introduced in the reality survival program WIN: Who is Next by YG Entertainment. Being the fresh meat in the K-pop showbiz and was able to have a full house concert in Malaysia with 5000 iKonics attending it showed that the boys were really something!

Organized by IME Asia and supported by Malaysia Major Events, iKONCERT 2016 [SHOWTIME] Tour in Kuala Lumpur was held successfully on 13th August 2016 at Stadium Negara. The boys took off the stage in hot red leather jackets with a chain of their popular hits – ‘Rhythm Ta’, ‘Dumb & Dumber’ and ‘SINOSIJAK’. A Ment session was carried out for the members to greet the fans before the performance of ‘My Type’.

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The group tried their best to interact with the iKonic in fully English. Cutie Chanwoo on the other hand greeted us in Bahasa Melayu saying “Apa Khabar Malayisa? I love you! (finger heart sign)” And we were pretty sure the boys’ favourite word in BM was “Bagus”(translation: good). Yunhyeong was the first to mention the word and the rest just couldn’t resist to use it in every single sentence making the Malaysian fans really happy. Rappers of the group, Bobby and B.I emerged on stage to perform their solo hits respectively. We felt like we were seated at Show Me the Money live recording when Bobby was performing ‘Go’! So much hype! ‘Anthem’ was the final dance performance they had before moving on to the ballad session of the night.

Malaysian iKonics were well serenaded by the boys with ‘Apology’, ‘Airplane’, ‘Wait for Me’, ‘M.U.P’ and ‘I Miss You So Bad’. A purple ocean was created during ‘Airplane’ performance as a fan project. Kudos to the fans for making this project a success! iKon brought the crowd’s enthusiasm into a whole new level when they appeared on stage to perform their senior label-mate BIG BANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’! The best highlight of the night would be Jinhwan cross dressing as a girl with the name Jenny and took the stage to perform ‘Me Gustas Tu’! “Jenny” then invited the other “girl group members” (cross dressed by other iKon members) on stage to sing the famous “Up and Down” by EXID! The performance definitely brought some good laughs to the audiences.

ikon concetr malaysia

‘What’s Wrong’, ‘Just Another Boy’ and ‘Climax’ the the final 3 songs of the night before the group exited the stage. Bobby also requested the fans to stay right here because they will make sure to come back very soon! The concert officially ended with a good session of encore performances. The boys remained energetic throughout the whole concert and we were sure all the iKonics that were there had a great time just like we did!

Last but not least, we would like to thank IME Asia for the invitation!

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