Holland showed his self-confidence on European stages during a successful tour

Holland in Paris

K-pop soloist Holland toured Europe and was in Paris on December, 13th for his “Invitation from Nerverland” concert. 

For French Harlings (Holland’s fans), this Friday the 13th was both a lucky and unlucky day. While fans were happy to see the singer, France is currently experiencing transportation strikes. Some Harlings with tickets couldn’t make it to the concert, and those who came had to deal with very limited public transportation. However, it didn’t affect the energy and happiness of the fans who managed to reach Le Bataclan. 

While Holland debuted on year and a half ago, his stage experience is still fairly small. Without an agency to represent him, he just recently released his first mini-album and hasn’t been able to gather that much stage experience.

Still, he appears confident and comfortable. He enters the stage fearlessly, sings live, plays with his mic stand and communicates well with the fans. He even planned for a short Q&A, for which fans could ask their questions through SNS before the show. He revealed that his source of inspiration is Harlings, and he finds happiness with he’s with them and his biggest fear is loosing them. 

As fans asked if their was any meaning in releasing “I’m not afraid” before “I’m so afraid”, Hoand explained that it’s because he wanted to be honest. He sang I’m not afraid first, but he then wanted to honnestly admit that he does have fears too. 

A fan also asked how Holland found the courage to become an idol and to fight for causes. He did it to stop hiding his homosexuality anymore. His wish was to share his experience with people who may be experiencing the same pain he did. He was hoping for him and his fans to encourage each others and to heal together. 

However, if you think he’s only doing this for the message, attending his performance would probably prove you wrong. Holland loves being on stage. He enjoys it and communicates his happiness. His songs are catchy and energetic. The fans cheer, jump, do the fanchants. There might be no technical prowess, but the songs are a good remedy to the gloomy December weather and are just a great fit, not only for his stable voice but also for his energy.

During the concert, Holland also thanked MyMusicTaste. It seems that they were more than an organiser, as the artist was first unsure about going on tour. Holland didn’t know if he had the resources needed for such a project and said he wouldn’t have done it without the support of the tour organisers.

There is much more to Holland than just the message he carries. Undoubtedly, as he gains experience, he’ll also keep improving and convey his thoughts through even better songs. Which is why we’re looking forward to his upcoming songs, that might be out some time soon. He finished the concert with an unreleased song which, despite not having a release date, sounds ready to be released already. 

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