Some of the best hiphop dancers meet for the R16 championship

R16 Korea

On June, 14th, KAvenyou attended the R16Korea qualifications at the Uijeongbu Art Center.

R16 is a hiphop championship, taking place in July in Korea. It shows you the world’s best popping, locking and b-boy crew battles as they compete to push forward the hiphop and b-boying movement under the concept of “Respect”.

The qualifications already proved how strong the competition was. To determine who was the best, some of Asia’s best dancers were here as judges.

For popping performances, the judges were Popbong from South Korea, super Dino from China and Popkun from Korea. Locking performances were judged by Lock Bong and Seo from Korea and Yukari from Japan. The B-boying crew battle involving many dancers, which required not only 3 but 5 amazing judges. They were Physicx and Snake from Korea, Katsu from Japan, Menno from the Netherlands and Venom from the US.

R16 Korea

The competition took place in this order: the quarter finals for each discipline, then the semi-finals and lastly the finals. The whole show lasted about 3 and a half hours.

As for the dancers that took part at this competition, here is the full list:
– For the popping : Hoan, Dandy, Tio, J-One, 이원준, Drezz, Tutat and Poppin DS. And we’ll have
the pleasure to see Poppin DS at the world final in July, as they won the qualifications.
– For the locking : Locking Khan, mister Split, U-Bong, Du-lock, Ha-mong, luffy, Rebel and luna. South Korea will be represented by Locking Khan.
– For bboy teams : Fusion M.C, Visual shock, Drifterz, TG Breakers, Giga Drill, Gamblerz, The Goonies and Last for one. After an incredible show from all those amazing bboy teams, it came out that Gamblerz will be at the R16 World Final.

The World Final will be held on July, 5th and 6th with the support of the KTO, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korea Tourism Organization, and the City of Incheon.

R16 Korea

Articles and pictures: Soizic Cistac

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