Have a Merry Teas’mas with boutique local tea company PIN TEA

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Looking for a conversation starter to serve at the Christmas dinner table? Or thoughtful gifts for that friend who #loveslocal, and unique souvenirs for out-of-town visitors and expatriates heading home for Christmas?

For your utmost gifting pleasure this yuletide season, Singaporean boutique tea company PIN TEA 品茶 has launched two seasonal specials: a Merry Mount Snow Chrysanthemum herbal tea blend and an exclusive Pin Tea box set.

Merry Mount Tea

A prized chrysanthemum tea hand-picked from the snow-capped Kunlun mountains in Tibet, Pin Tea’s Merry Mount Christmas tea is as comforting as a warm hug in winter – or in an air-conditioned shopping mall. Gently steep the jubilant yellow petals to unribbon floral aromas and gorgeously golden hues. A perfect soothe for the season’s festive feasting. $30 per tin of 18 teabags. Caffeine-free. Seasonal flavour only available till January 2016.

Pin Tea Box Set

Pin Tea Box Set ($128 per box) makes for the perfect gift for any festive occasion; for Christmas Chinese New Year, Valentine’s or all year long, this set has something for everyone with its vibrant showcase of 8 flavours of Singapore-inspired teas, including best-selling favourites such as the Cha Cha Changi rose oolong tea; the Tekka Minute jasmine pearl tea; the glittery and glorious Ooh La Orchard premium aged pu-erh tea; and the newly launched Katong Convert glutinous rice pu-erh tea.


Available from www.pintea.sg, and select retailers such as Isetan’s Re-style section for local designers, Jones the Grocer, Naiise’s pop-up stores, Keepers Orchard and Changi Airport, Kapok Singapore, The Redundant Shop, and more.

Customised blends for weddings, celebrations and corporate gifting available. Email enquiries to

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