Gulf Successfully Holds First Fan Meeting in Singapore

Gulf Kanawut is no foreign face in the Thai industry, being actively acting since 2015, at the young age of 17. He rose to fame in 2019 as he took on roles in the BL scene, and subsequently attempted his movie debut in 2022. In 2023, Gulf held multiple fan-meetings in various countries, such as Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia.

In May 2024, Gulf finally came to Singapore with his first fan-meeting, held at Capitol Theatre. With interactive games, talk segments and music performances, Gulf proved to his fans (also known as Phiballs) why the show is worth every ounce of their penny.


As the lights dimmed, the fan-meeting started as Gulf opened the fan-meeting with his song “Why You So Serious”. He went on throughout the show with others such as another of his song “Congratulations” as well as a cover of Billkin’s “Ever-Forever”. Gulf’s serenading got the fans all swoon over him as they even sang along to him, giving him their best cheers after every performance.


Before the start of the show, fans were asked to leave some questions for Gulf during the talk segment. Some questions he answered included his usual hobbies, or the characteristics of a girl he likes (take note Phiballs, Gulf likes intelligent women who are able to take care of themselves and love their families). However, Gulf was touched when he found many of the questions left as encouraging notes for him instead. In return, he identified meeting his fans as one of the happiest moments he has.

“If you feel tired, just look at us, we will always be here supporting you. We love you no matter what.”

Moving on, Gulf was asked about the 5 most things he wanted to try doing. Being an avid soccer lover, he shared that he’d love to watch the Champion’s League as well as visit the Stanford Stadium to watch a Chelsea game. Soccer aside, Gulf not only wished to fulfil the wish of bringing his parents to Switzerland, but also open a cat farm with tons of cats. When the time is right, Gulf also shared that he is open to having a girlfriend. 


What’s a fan-meeting without opportunities for close-up interactions with the fans? Fans were delighted with three separate games (“Guess What”, “Telepathy Game”, and “Pictionary Relay”) that invited lucky fans on stage to play with Gulf.

Fans took the chance to get close to Gulf, such as answering his yes/no questions in “Guess What”, where Gulf had to guess the words displayed on the screen depending on the fans’ response. Although Gulf eventually lost the game, fans were delighted to see Gulf doing a TikTok dance challenge as his ‘punishment’. All winning fans on stage were also entitled to a solo Polaroid photo with Gulf.

It was commendable to observe the efforts made to include all the fans, whether on stage or seated, during the fan interaction sections. However, it only seemed to make the game more confusing and disorganised as fans were caught unsure of where to stand nor move around. Nonetheless, everyone was delighted to be able to enjoy the rare opportunity to interact with Gulf, even being able to interact seamlessly in Thai!

As the fan-meeting approached its end, Gulf was presented with a special fan-made video which nearly moved him to tears. He specially thanked his fans who had been supporting him all along; not only those flew in from all over the world, but also not leaving out those who were unable to make it for his fan-meeting. Gulf gave his final thanks as he hoped to continue working hard and aim to be an even better artist that his fans can continue to support.

Article: Jia Yu @ KAvenyou
Photography: Jia Yu @ KAvenyou, Three Angles Production

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