[COVERAGE] Throwback to Gu9udan’s First Live Showcase Overseas

If Singapore being Gu9udan’s first overseas showcase location is not special enough, I don’t know what is. Read on to find out our review of the showcase.

If Singapore being Gu9udan’s location for their first overseas showcase since debut is not special enough, I don’t know what is.

Having only debuted just last year, the girls of Gu9udan quickly rose to fame with fan quickly identifying a couple of members of the group from their participation in reality idol show Produce 101. This year, in September, Gu9udan flew over to Singapore for their first overseas live showcase EVER. And this happened because there was an overwhelming number of requests from local Danjjaks to bring the girls over!

Gu9udan first introduced their stage to the crowd at the Mastercard Theatres as their “Wonderland”. They kickstarted their showcase with notable songs from their debut and second album, like “Good Boy” and “Hate You” before trailing off to a long and intimate talk session with excited Singapore Danjjaks.

During the interaction, the girls also played games amongst each other and challenged to a contest in T-shirt designing. They put their artistic skills to the test and worked in pairs to spice up plain white tees. They then played telepathy games to win decorative items for the shirts, like patches and pins. The winning shirts were then given out to 2 lucky Danjjaks. The losing shirt was worn by the MC for the segment, Sejeong, after endless requests from the members and the crowd.

The members of Gu9udan also got about showcasing their individual talents, from singing solo, to acting and aegyo. We were impressed at the immense amount of energy the girls had kept throughout though the showcase was at least 2.5 hours long. After these interaction segments were over, the girls quickly hoped back into their stage-cool and continued on with songs from their two albums.

The showcase ended on a high with an impressive encore stage, starting from a commendable encore video. The girls then reappeared on stage armed with signed memorabilia and threw them to the crowd of endearing Danjjaks. 

Gu9udan ended the night with a promise to Singapore Danjjaks, that they will come back again soon, better and stronger. Despite it being a weekday night, with work and school the following day, the hearts of Danjjaks were filled with warmth and energy.

Setlist of Gu9udan First Live Show in Singapore

1. Wonderland

2. Good Boy

3. Hate You

4. A Girl Like Me

5. Rainbow

6. Perhaps Love

7. One Step Closer

8. Perhaps Love

9. Maybe Tomorrow

10. Diary

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Article and photography by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou




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