[REVIEW] Korean Drama “Grid” Episode 5: The Hunt For The Ghost Intensifies

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Contrary of what we expected, episode 5 of “Grid” was not a continuation of episode 4‘s cliffhanger ending, where the Ghost was seen at Sae-ha’s house. In fact, it remains a question as Sae-ha’s mother seemed to be unharmed.

This episode sees everyone hot on their heels to arrest the Ghost and Ma-nok in the shortest time by adopting different strategies. Ultimately, if anything goes south, they do not want to be blamed for it as well. There were also some within the bureau who were ready to go against orders in capturing the ghost alive, through procuring weapons of their own.

The episode highlighted the ugly side of humanity when it comes to money: an APB was issued for the duo with a 700 million won cash reward for each individual captured, resulting in ordinary citizens turning into bounty hunters in a bid to strike gold overnight, resulting in innocent lookalikes being harassed. Like what Sae-byeok muttered, “This isn’t some kind of game.”

Sae-byeok narrowly misses the Ghost at the subway station when she saved the janitor from being harassed by two men who were in turn harassing the Ghost. The two men escaped from Sae-byeok, only to have the Ghost appearing in front of them later and removing her disguise. The men went forward to catch the Ghost, thinking that they could now strike it rich, only for her to teleport them away. We have no idea what happened to the two men—where they are teleported to and whether they are dead or alive—but the clues we have is the icy footprints left on the ground and the Ghost shivering after teleporting back and putting back on her now foggy glasses. We wonder if she will do the same thing to everyone that manages to identify her, which would be very dangerous as the ordinary citizens clearly have no idea who they are dealing with, and are just ‘puppets’ for the Bureau which is making use of the entire nation just to capture them.

Ma-nok’s hideout was finally uncovered by the janitor, whose screams captured Sae-byeok’s attention (as well as Sae-ha who was on the phone with her), and the episode ended with yet another cliffhanger where both Sae-byeok and Ma-nok were seen strangling each other. Our guess is that Sae-ha will appear there in the next episode as well, since he heard the screams over the phone and he also knew Sae-byeok’s location as she was telling him about her location and the hidden tunnels at that station as well. This also leads us to wonder if the Ghost will come and rescue Ma-nok this time round as well, similar to the previous times, which also leads us to the unresolved mystery since the very start on why she is bent on protecting a criminal.

With the drama already halfway through, we wonder will there be unexpected plot twists in the next few episodes given the many unanswered questions the audience still have.

Catch Korean sci-fi thriller “Grid”, now streaming on Disney+, with new episodes out every Wednesday.

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