[GIVEAWAY] Win Tickets to 2017 CN BLUE Live – Between Us in Singapore!

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We are only a day away to 2017 CN BLUE Live [Between Us] in Singapore and here’s a good news for BOICES!

KAvenyou will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets to 2017 CN BLUE Live [Between Us] in Singapore !! (yay)

How to win?
1. Subscribe to KAvenyou > http://kavenyou.com/subscribe/
2. Drop us a comment below and tell us why we should choose you!
3. Do remember to provide us your NAME and EMAIL

Share this post to your friends and let them know. (to double your chance!)

The giveaway will end 30th June 2017, 10PM!
KAvenyou will be dropping you a surprise EMAIL if you are chosen! ^^
We will be dropping you email at around 11PM12AM

*Please do not send in MULTIPLE entries! One is enough!
**Please make sure you have your name and email provided for us!

Good luck!

Date: 1 July 2017
Time: 7:00PM
Ticket Prices: CAT 1 (STANDING) S$288, CAT 2 (STANDING) S$228, CAT 3 (SEATED) S$168, CAT 4 (SEATED) S$128
Ticketing Website:www.apactix.com

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150 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Win Tickets to 2017 CN BLUE Live – Between Us in Singapore!”

  1. Jamie Tan Hui Min

    Name: Jamie Tan Hui Min
    Email: jamietanhuimin@hotmail.com

    I really hope to see CNBLUE this time, as previous time when CNBLUE comes to Singapore, I didn’t managed to attend as I’m having ((national)) exam! I hope this year I can see cnblue! ???

    subscribed and shared!! Thankyou for holding this giveaway ?

  2. Name : Sherin Ng Hui Yu
    Email : sherinboice_@hotmail.com

    As seen in my email , I am a huge fan of CNBLUE and I really hope to see CNBLUE with my friend. I am always amazed by their live concert and really love how the boys put in so much effort in their music 😀 I hope I will have this chance to hear them live ! Thank you in advance !

  3. Hi! You should really choose me because not only have I been a fan of cnblue since their debut but as a long time fan, I never got to see them live and really appreciate their songs that I love so much. Their songs mean a whole lot to me in terms of the effort that’s behind it, the fact that they self produce most of their tracks and are just purely talented singers/musicians. I’ve always wanted to see them live to fully appreciate and immerse myself in their performance. They’re not just “idols” to me, they’re performers, artists, lyrical geniuses and talented yet humble individuals. I’ve been a boice for a long time now but I never had the means or opportunity to go and see them live. This would really make me happy and I would be extremely grateul if given the chance.

  4. Hope to win this to see CNBlue this coming Saturday!! I have known them since my primary sch time and their song really catches my attention during that time and I used to listen to their song while studying for my PSLE~ It would be really great and I’m sure the up coming Monday won’t be blue to me anymore if I really won this!!!

    NAME: Chua Shu Ting
    EMAIL: shuting98@gmail.com

  5. I have been a fan of CNBLUE since “i’m a loner” days. I do have some of their albums but not all. I had attended their concert once before! Just a fan with financial constraint. I love their Korean songs especially from Ear Fun & Re:blue albums! It had been a long time since I last saw them in 2013! I wish to attend CNBLUE’s concert. Let me see them before they head to the military! ??

  6. Hope to be able to catch this concert because CNBLUE is best live, seriously their records in the albums don’t do them justice! All the Adlibs and the endless energy during the concert is something you can never get just by listening to the albums alone. Hence I hope to be able to enjoy this experience live at the concert in 2 days! Also, as the members are all nearing the age of entering the army, it could possibly be the last time that they come to SG before enlisting and the rare chance to be able to see them live. Thus I don’t want to give up on this rare opportunity to watch them live. I am also an administrator of a CNBLUE member fansite, and I hope to be able to share my experience at the concert with fans from around the world as well (: Hope to be able to get the tickets thank you for holding this giveaway!!

  7. Ong shiyun
    I’ll know CNBLUE is from Heartstrings and this started my love to them. They have sang on the drama which like they singing to me live especially the love between yonghwa and shinhye. And next drama is yonghwa acted on . And this is my first time to see them so really hope to see them and hear them sing live

  8. Name: Ong Soh Ying
    Email: ong.sy94@hotmail.my

    I really want to watch their concert as they are my favourite band for already many many years since their debut~ Their songs are so nice and last time they perform in malaysia was already many years ago~ I really want to see them perform again especially yonghwa’s vocal is so good and I want to see my favourite member again which is Minhyuk~
    The most important reason is Malaysia is not include in their latest asia tour therefore singapore is my only chance left to see them..Please let me have the chance!!!
    Thanks a lot to kavenyou for giving us the free tickets?

  9. My name is Shahirah and I really hope to win a pair of tickets for CNBLUE’s concert!! They are the reason I got into KPOP and in short, they are basically my kings. I’ve been really wanting to watch them live but my mom doesn’t let me to spend so much money. However, she said she’ll let me go if I, miraculously, get free tickets. If I win a pair of tickets, I’ll bring along my mom to show her how great these boys are live in hopes that she’ll let me attend their concerts again in the future >.< PLEASE LET THIS MIRACLE HAPPEN by choosing me and dropping an email at shhrhsbrnjozannerz@gmail.com ^^ Please don't let anything come in BETWEEN US (CNBLUE and I) ㅠㅠ

  10. Michaela Olivia

    i know CNBLUE since their debut and loving their songs a lot <3 cuz their song always give me energy in the morning. i really hope i can get the ticket to watch as i really like them but due to my wallet situation..,. i cant purchase the tickets… i really like the boys also because their ability to be diferent from the other korean idols in term of music style.

    Name: Michaela Olivia
    Email: ivy.180692@gmail.com

  11. Name: Ong Soh Ying
    Email: ong.sy94@hotmail.my

    I really want to watch their concert as they are my favourite band for already many many years since their debut~ Their songs are so nice and last time they perform in malaysia was already many years ago~ I really want to see them perform again especially yonghwa’s vocal is so good and I want to see my favourite member again which is Minhyuk~
    The most important reason is Malaysia is not include in their latest asia tour therefore singapore is my only chance left to see them..Please let me have the chance!!!
    Thanks a lot to kavenyou for giving us the free tickets?

  12. Name: Cindy Ng Soo Chia
    Email: cindddddy@outlook.sg

    Please choose me as one of the winners as I really hope to attend their concert as I’m always a BOICE just that my parents ain’t agreeable to me spending money to buy tickets to concerts. Hence, really hope to win this giveaway so that I can attend the concert and get high with CNBLUE.

  13. Love cnblue since I’m sorry era ❤ Really hope I can attend this concert since I didn’t managed to catch the previous one 🙁 didn’t managed to get the tickets since its costly sobs :'( Really hope I can win these tickets! To start my july well I only have off day but just something lacking: cnblue tickets ??thanks for the giveaway though ❤

  14. Name: Aishah
    Email: farwalah_0823@hotmail.com

    I love going to CNBLUE concert as their concert are like a family gathering of Boices. I hope I can go with my best friend who has just become their fan too. I hope I can surprise her with this concert as this will be their last tour before their enlistment and I hope I can be part of the blue ocean once again.

    Subscibed and shared. Thank you

  15. I never missed attending any of CNBLUE concert but due to busy period during hari raya I missed the timing to buy the tickets.. I always buy standing tickets and queue early to get the best view but this year I might have to miss it unless I got lucky and win this draw…. ??

  16. Joey Yeo Jing Lin
    Have been a fan of CN BLUE’s music since the day I heard Intuition playing in a shop along the streets. Shazam-ed it and found out about CN BLUE. Their music has always been close to my heart and I really hope to hear them live.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  17. Hi!!!
    I’ve always loved CNBLUE but I ALWAYS HAPPEN TO BE OVERSEAS when they are in Singapore!!! 🙁
    I just paid off my school fees this time round and do not have any spare funds… I love CNBLUE because most of their songs are full of hope and it makes me feel happy from deep within. I’ve always enjoyed watching their live performances online, and i love how they immerse themselves with their instruments and truly enjoy their own performances. I hope to be able to witness it live. It’ll really make my year! Thank you 🙂

    Name: Crystal tan
    email: altheatwt@gmail.com

  18. Hello! Have subscribed. ??
    I would really love to go for CNblue’s concert because I have been loving them so much since I was in Secondary School! I remember I started listening to their English songs first which was really amazing! After which, I moved on and listen to their korean songs as well. All the members are really talented! I would also love to go this concert with my best friend because CNblue was the reason why we got so close! We would discuss about them all the time! Totally love the feelings their songs give! Really love listening!!! Hope to be lucky for this and attend their concert! ? Thanks for this giveaway!

  19. I really want to go to CNBLUE as the boys are so handsome and cute.I dream of the boys everyday in my sleep and I really hope to support and cheer for them during the concert.I want to show that SG fans are giving them lots of love and support and that they would be convinced to come to Singapore again next time for a concert or a fanmeet if they have a chance to do so.I listen to all their songs everyday without failure and I especially liked their hit song ‘cinderalla’ the most as the song is so catchy and nice.All of CNBLUE ‘s songs are simply awesome,fantastic and daebak.I would also listen to their songs repeatedly while studying for my tests and exams.Their songs really aid in my tests and exams results and my results are fantastic.Please give me a chance to win.Thank you kavenyou very much for organising such wonderful and amazing giveaway contest for us fans who don’t have enough money to go to their concert to show them the SG love and kisses.????❤❤❤❤

  20. Really like CNBLUE and their songs! Have been to every of their concerts in singapore and hope to get the tickets so I can bring my friends along this time!

  21. I wish to go Singapore see CNBLUE because my dad won’t allow me to buy tickets (furthermore I don’t know if they will come to Malaysia) If I were to be able to win tickets. Me and my sister will be able to attend. ^^

  22. Name:kathleen
    email: kathleensiewxueting@hotmail.com
    I really want to win this ticket to go see CNBLUE and YongHwa because Yonghwa is my bias and i have like him and cnblue since i got to know them thru yonghwa acting in You’re Beautiful and Heart String where minghyuk and yonghwa act together . I really want to see and listen to CNBLUE Sing and perform their songs. I have shared this post with my friends on facebook too.

  23. Name:Lim Jian An
    Email: bob14feb@hotmail.com
    i wasnt a big Cn blue fan until my friend introduce me to them. The first song which i listened to was ‘”Cinderella” and after listening to it, i regretted not knowing them or stanning them earlier because they were extremely talented. i went ahead to listen to more of their song such as “Dont stop” and ” i’m sorry”. Now they are coming to singapore for their tour and i hope i will be given a chance to witness their live performance, making this my first concert of Cn blue. Thank you for organizing this giveaway and i have subscribed and share this with my friends so more boices will be given a chance to watch their live performance. I hope you will pick me. Cheers!

  24. Joyce Angela Pascual

    Hi! Being a fan of cnblue is really a blessing for me since they are the one who push and motivate me everyday in this life. They are the one who makes me feel alive whenever I hear their songs. Please choose me and give me this chance to see them perform live before they enter in the military. I’m really hoping to win this great opportunity as a fan ,as a matter of fact I believe that this is my only chance to get to see them and feel their presence not just through my phone but also in real life. I need to hear the loud voices of the boices again cheering for these boys. Thank you and lovelots. Hoping to hear good news! Fighting! 🙂

  25. Name: Chan Shi Jun
    ‘Music brings people together’ – this was exactly how CNBlue’s music brought my best friend and I together ever since we fell in love with their song ‘I am a loner’ 7 years ago. Hence, I would like to bring my best friend along to catch CNBlue live, and reminisce those good old days, and create even more good days to come.

  26. Hello Kavenyou! CNBLUE has always been my favourite band. I like how they synchronise with each another so well and always never failed to impress me with their songs. CNBLUE has won me over since “I’m a loner” and up to now “Between us” but I’ve yet to go to any of their concerts. A few years back, they had a concert in SG (we didnt managed to go..), my friend and I waited for their arrival in Singapore and managed to see them up close! But happiness was short (4seconds?).. Now that Kavenyou is giving an opportunity for us to see CNBLUE for a longer time (of course I must try my luck)! Really hope to see CNBLUE performing all of their songs live.

    PS: I’ve shared this post with my friends under this link (https://www.facebook.com/santxh/posts/10212361582170321). Hope to win!!!!!!

  27. Joanne Tan Hui Min

    I have bee a fan of CNBlue since their First Step album in March 2011. Since then i have been listening to their songs and some od my favourite albums/EP are CODE NAME BLUE, CAN’T STOP, BLUE TORY, BLUE LOVE, EAR FUN, RE:BLUE…….i think Yong Hwa is talented too as he writes some of the album songs. It would be wonderful to see them performing live!?

  28. I’ve been a boice since Can’t Stop era. I always couldn’t afford their concert tickets as I’m still a student. I really wish to meet them close up once. I love their music as they differs from other kpop artist. I really hope to have a chance to listen to their live.

  29. Lovely Joy Unciano

    Name:Lovely Joy Unciano
    Im a new fan of cnblue and its all because of lee jong hyun oppa after i watch his drama my only love song i can’t forget him. And started to follow on Ig/twitter
    And now i started to like there song i really hope i can see them in real ????

    Subscribe and shared Kamsahamnida for holding this giveaway ?

  30. I have been a fan of CNBLUE ever since they started off as an indie band. I have share their music to many of my friends and they too fell in love with their music. Really proud of them for playing LIVE during every concert! Their energy level and all really brings their fans together, especially during the song LOVE LIGHT. I can still remember the last concert, where we lighted up the whole place with the different rainbow colours. Definitely a very touching moment. Their love for music and the hardwork that they put in for music REALLY inspires me, especially during times of struggle. Really hope to go to their concert this year, especially for this time, before they get enlisted. Hope to win the tickets and go with my Unnie who has never gone to their concert but appreciate their music as much! 🙂

  31. Hello ! I am a big big fan of CNBLUE and that explains my email 😀 I always watch videos online and seeing CNBLUE perform live makes me a big fan of them ! I think that they are very talented and they can rock the whole concert hall with their instruments ! I believe if given a chance , I will love to hear them perform live. These talents boys deserve fans that appreciate their music !

  32. I am been a fan since the can’t stop days and have been supporting them since then through their you’re so fine and Cinderella days. Was really amazed by how good they were live during come together in 2016 on 13 Feb (it was one day before Valentine’s Day!! I had a blast) 🙂 this is a very good opportunity for me to experience their live again since this time round I couldn’t get tickets due to various reasons but I still really want to go!! Please give me the chance 🙂

    Samantha Lim

  33. Name : Lei Ka Yu
    Email : kayu.karrine@gmail.com
    I am a huge fan of CNBLUE’s music however i was never able to go to their concert everytime they come Singapore. I can only envy the rest who went by searching for their updates online. I really want to experience it once, want to hear them sing live and feel their energy upclose instead of watching them through a small screen at home. Although my reason may not sound as good as the rest of the fans but i’ll really be grateful if i get choosen and i will give in my full energy to enjoy the concert !

  34. Lim Yang Zhe
    I have stan CNBLUE for 3 years and i’m a fanboy. I have always wanted to attend their concert whenever they come to sg but didn’t have a chance to. CNBLUE have always amaze me with their songs and they are my most favourite band. I really like most of their songs like ‘Can’t stop” and ‘You’re so fine’ and many more. I really want to use this opportunity to see them perform live cus this might be their last time coming to sg so i don’t want to missed it.

  35. Chia Jing Ting, Serine

    I really love the songs by CNBLUE. The whole band synchronized together in harmony, though each member control different instruments, the music pieces from them are just incredible. Not forgetting Yonghwa’s vocals, which tugs at my heartstrings even more. Not only does their songs make my heart flutter, their dashing looks too! I would really love to see and hear them performing live, which I missed out the previous time (such a pity).

  36. Got to know of CNBLUE through their debut song “I’m a loner” and i became a fan immediately. They’ve been producing good music for the past 7 years and I would LOVE to watch them live. Thanks Kravenyou for giving this opportunity of letting fans see CNBLUE perform live!


  37. Please choose me??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️
    I have been a fans since their blue love album.
    In the album I most love the song of love light and sweet holiday!!!!
    I have went to blue moon concert, can’t stop concert, together concert and lastly between us concert in Seoul and they finally sang my sweet holiday one of my favorite song! I really need to hear them sing live for this song????!!!
    I really want to see yonghwa hyperactive running around in the concert, minhyuk his arm muscles while hitting the drum(I hope he wear sleeveless shirt), jonghyun his see through your mind expression and jungshin maknae his strumming of his bass and with his cheeky expressions ???

  38. I’ve started to be a BOICE since 2010. For the very first time I listened “I’m a loner” , the “wow” crossed my mind, so this is Korea decent rock band and how these boys attracted me with their good looking and how talented are they. Their songs accompanied me during my university life. The days that I started my independent life away from hometown. How much they’ve sung to my heart. Throw back to the two concert I’ve attended in SG and MY, both were so great! Missing how much attended their concert especially for the very first time, it was my first experience with rock zone view got the chance to see and feel them in live for real. It felt like a dream to me, a dream that came true! It was amazing for their live. I wish to attend and feel again how amazing are these few boys for live over and over again! #boiceforlife

  39. Name: Michelle Ng
    Email: michelle_nsm@hotmail.com
    Really like to attend CNBLUE’s concert in Singapore because I have never been to any kpop rock band concert before. I believe it will be very different from other kpop concert & I would like to experience it. I know they have been to Singapore before but I was too broke & couldn’t attend it that time. Really regret it but now I am still broke, I know I will regret again if I never go. But what can I do? ? Hope I will be lucky enough this time round. Thanks for the giveaway, goodluck all! Alright, this is ‘Between Us’, if ‘I’m A Loner’, you still ‘Can’t Stop’ me from liking them. ???
    Liked & Shared: https://www.facebook.com/Michelle.NSM/posts/10155384098103398

  40. Neo Yu Ting, Pearlyn

    CNBLUE is my favourite South Korean pop rock band! This tour will showcase their latest mini album 7ºCN and all their hits over the past 8 years. I really hope to be there and see them perform live.

    Name: Pearlyn Neo
    Email: neoyting@yahoo.com.sg

  41. Hi > so I have been supporting them ever since I watched on of the members acted ? I thought I could go down with a friend to support them,show them some love and also *forgotten what i wanted to say because of excitement* admire their talents ♡ Whenever my friends talk about CNBLUE I am at the side saying to them that they are having a concert and got all excited knowing I am not going T.T ” anyways hope I am able to see talents ♡


  42. Name : Jerene Ong Qiu Min
    Email : Jerene96@hotmail.com

    Im always a fan of CNBLUE but always hope to have the chance to go for their concert! I hope to win this giveaway so i will be able to go and see them!! ALL THEIR SONG IS FABULOUS , ? and I believe listening to live is more hype compare to just listening to music.. This year is a special year for me , i hope i will have the chance to see them ?????? thankyou for having this giveaway! LIKED AND SHARED TOO ?

  43. Name : Lau Hooi Ying
    Email : yenixlau@gmail
    I like CN blue very much. I wish to attend their concert as i missed the last concert.
    Thanks kavenyou.

  44. Hi KAvenyou! CNBLUE was really my gateway to everything Korean – kpop, kdramas, kculture. I remember my friend randomly playing CNBLUE’s I’m a Loner a long time back, way before I knew anything about kpop. I liked the song a lot and it was stuck in my head for days. Since I didn’t know the band name or song, I googled “sad sad sad sad sad sad sad tonight”. The MV popped up, and the rest was history.

    CNBLUE is great on their recorded tracks and pre-recorded music shows but it is the shows where they get to play live (Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook etc.) that I can see their improvisations that prove what amazing musicians each of them are, individually and together. I really really really want to watch CNBLUE make music live and hope I’ll get the chance to this time.

    Thank you for this opportunity KAvenyou!

  45. Syazana Fakhira

    I just want to meet my bias jungshin??? i love him since his acting in 내달서영이 . That’s how i know he is a member band of cn blue. Lemme watch him with that guitar. Lemme enjoy their performance please ><

  46. I have been their fan for quite long time. But didn’t have a chance to meet them once. Their songs are always beautiful. So I hope I can get a chance to listen to them live.

    Shared with my friends~

  47. Hi ppl at KavenYou.
    ‘CN to the Blue’ has got to be THE BEST band ever to listen live.
    My best friend is a huge fan of their music (and e handsome yonghwa)
    Its been 7years since we started dancing and memorizing lyrics to belt out the awesome ‘heart song’s in karaokes after school!!
    It all started with the song ‘LoveLight’ and we never looked back, strumming our air guitars and whipping our ponytails to their ‘LOVE LOVE LOVE, everybody CLAP CLAP CLAP~~’
    ‘COME ON!’
    We do hope to get this awesome chance to party our sat night away with feel good songs!
    <3 <3
    If not, I guess I'll have to 'Try again, Smile again' next time they're in town!

    Angelyn tan


  48. My niece and I love CNBLUE! We really hope to watch this special concert together! It will be a good birthday present for her 🙂
    TIA! ❤️

  49. Can’t stop tour was the previous concert
    Next time I will meet you at the
    Between tour if I am
    Lucky enough to be chosen as winner
    Unique charms of each of you had ignite my love for you
    Eternity, forever BOICE.

    Hope I can win!

  50. I have been a fan of CNBLUE since their predebut days and I have all their albums!!! I would like to win this giveaway as I have been waiting for a long time to come back to Singapore and I really wanna see and hear them sing live again ?

  51. I have been a big fan of CNBLUE since their predebut days for 7 years and I have all their albums!!! I would like to win this giveaway for the concert tickets as I have been waiting for them to come back to Singapore for a long time and I would really like to see and hear them sing live again ?

  52. Lutchie Matgarejo

    OMG, a BOICE here ☺️? the boyband whom I admired so much. I’m from Philippines and currently working here in Singapore. Maybe if given a chance this is a dream come true for me to meet and watch them up close. I’ve been dreaming since then to meet them personally. Please please choose me so that my dream do come true ??????
    Lutchie Margarejo

  53. Name: pricillia
    Email: pricillia.qian@yahoo.com
    I have subscribed and shared^^
    I never have a chance to win a ticket, i really so badly want to win a free ticket for CNBLU concert. I loved all their songs. Make me inspired for my life. I hope i can get free ticket and be a boice until I die. Thanks for giving a chance.

  54. I have always been a big fan of Cnblue, ever since 외톨이야. I remember how Yonghwa was always helping to promote the group on Runningman and even won Kim Jong Gook in the races. Shows like WGM also made me fall for Yongwha who was such a handsome gentleman to Seohyun. It has been a whole 7 years of listening to their music and I have always went for their concerts in Singapore and even Malaysia when I couldn’t make it in Singapore. I would like to show them that Singapore fans still strongly support them despite the negative press about Yongwha. Please give me a chance to attend his concert this weekend with my buddy Wyeinn! Thanks for the contest! 나야나 씨엔블루를 ê¼­ 마나요!

  55. Because CN Blue is Bae! Well, seeing the boys in dramas and MVs are drool worthy enough. I will probably need to prepare a box of tissues for nose bleed moment when I watch them perform live with their instruments. (Excuse me for my fangirling moment)

  56. HI THERE! I’m huge fan of Cnblue, Boice will be my forever fandom! Would love to win this ticket as I currently got finance issue so I can’t afford but if there’s another way to get tickets, it’s worth the shot! Seeing them playing live and hear their songs are just eargasm. Hopefully, i could win this and if i don’t, it’s a waste but all Boices please enjoy the concert on behalf of me ya?

  57. I think you should choose me leh! Because hor.. I have spent all my money on Music Bank Singapore so that I can see CNBlue, then, after that, I realised, got CNBlue concert! OMG! But I no money already, plus, I promised my friend to go Music Bank together liao.. Pls let me be the Singaporean CNblue’s Cinderella and receive the surprise email when the clock hits 12am. Please lah~ please.. ok? Give me ok? Then i bring my friend go together.. =D

  58. Huge fan of CNBLUE since my secondary school days! Love their songs because the lyrics are super meaningful especially “Alone”! Love Jung Yong Hwa’s voice that I can play this song on repeat without feeling bored because this song is super catchy! Have never seen them performed live & this would be a perfect opportunity! My 22nd birthday is on 11 July & this would definitely be my best advanced birthday gift! ??

    Name: Peh Xin Yun
    Email: phxnyn@hotmail.com

  59. Name: Desiree Leong
    Email: desireelhw@yahoo.com.sg

    Cnblue, my first love since 2010
    Nothing can beat my love for them
    Band music being their specialty,
    Listening to their songs make me feel alive
    Unique and talented, they continue to rise
    Every year, pushing new boundaries as a band

    The above briefly describes them and what made me fall for them. I really hope to be able to see them this time round. Thank you!!

  60. It would be the best birthday present I receive on my birthday if I win this!! The last time I saw CN Blue live performing would be at the Golden Disk Awards in KL. Their live stage performance is simply superb!! Would love to have the chance to get high with them once more!!

  61. When I first saw yonghwa in “You’re Beautiful” kdrama and was blown away by his charisma & acting from then on, I found out he was the leader in a band known as cnblue that’s when I checked out their songs and get to know them..i love how their songs bring out different emotions.. I love how cnblue had no fancy footwork nor elaborate costume changes to wow the crowd instead they use their vocals and nifty abilities to play multiple instruments. Hope to have this opportunity to see them LIVE as I’ve never seen them live before and rock it!!

    subscribe and shared 🙂

  62. I really love CN Blue. I hope I’ll be able to watch them live. It will be a dream come true if this happen. I hope and pray that I will be given a chance to watch through you. Thank you. I event want to go to airport to see them arrive in Singapore, I hope i will not be seeing them in airport only but performing live. ??

  63. Joreen Belle Tan

    Name: Joreen Belle Tan
    email: joreenbelle98@gmail.com

    Hello Kavenyou! I’m really glad that there is a CNBLUE giveaway! This is awesome!!! i really want to watch CNBLUE live for once in my life! we all have to admit that CNBLUE is one talented band aren’t they? I honestly haven’t been to any of their concerts and would really love to head for theirs at least once. I also want to head down to the concert with my best friend because I feel like we really need a good break from all the school work that we have now. I really do hope that i can win so that i can meet my princes in real life with my bestie!

    Shared the link at:

  64. Nurafiqah Roslie

    Name: Nurafiqah Roslie
    E-mail: fiqah2990@gmail.com

    I wish to have the opportunity to see CNBLUE…! Been wanting to see them but it always clashes with my schedule… 🙁 but July 1st is perfect because I worked around that area and I want to feel closer to them…! I don’t want to be a LONER, and I don’t want the building BETWEEN US to get separated! I need this… Please…

  65. I have never been to any music concert and same goes for my friend. We have been getting in touch through messages but haven’t met in a while either. Hoping to win this to give her a surprise as she has been feeling very stressed since she started working.

  66. I love CNblue since they debut. Love the band and songs they wrote. Hope got the chance to watch their concert again.

  67. Last year they came Singapore for concert and that was the first time I had such a enjoyable concert with my sister and CN Blue as it was 1 day before Valentines Day so it was really unforgettable. But this year due to financial problem can’t be able to buy their concert tickets. I just hope that can be able to have another chance to go for this year concert with my sister again and also give me this opportunity to surprise my sister for her this concert as a belated birthday present for her.

  68. Corrine Chua

    Thank you kavenyou for this awesome giveaway! ‘When I was young’, I knew them through yonghwa since the drama, You’re beautiful, and followed them since then! And I ‘Can’t Stop’ loving them! No need for perfectly synchronised dance movement and frequent fanciful outfit changes, CNBLUE still captivates BOICES (MY) heart with their sincerity towards music through their unique music style. It feels like a ‘Between Us’ unspoken agreement that CNBLUE has with Singapore BOICES to make it a yearly affair to be back here! It has been a year and I can’t wait to enjoy their awesome live performances again!

  69. Hey good people at Kavenyou! I’ll give this a shot! This year the concert is held in the same period we Muslims are having Hari Raya and I have spent most of my moolahs on Raya prep and don’t have enough for the boys this year. Been a BOICE even before CNBLUE debut (Hey Kwangjin!!! Hope you’re doing fine!) and stuck by with them ever since. K-drama/WGM/any show the boys are on no matter the heartbreak and tears, I’m watching. When I was in Seoul few years back, I traveled to a fanmeet venue JUST to take pictures outside with the posters despite not having tickets haha! Those were the days and really…. what I would do for the boys. Went for their first concert in SG at NUS Cultural Centre years ago…that was super memorable. And went for Yonghwa’s solo showcase at Star Vista 2 years(?) back and I really want to see all 4 boys performing. Really wanted to go this year, but it’s just a bad time financially. Who knows, a ticket would be sent my way by Kavenyou?

    Love and light,
    Saiyidah (shidder@gmail.com)

  70. Name: lim hui qing
    Email: amyyomin@gmail.com
    CN Blue is a talented and hard working band boy group. They are good with singing and of cos playing their instruments!! I will like to see them live on stage and witness their awsomeness! So please choose me!!!

  71. I like cnblue since 5 years ago, i would like to win this ticket oppturnity because i didnt get to cnblue concert last year. And this year i wanna go and watch their concert! I should win so that i can see them in live again!

  72. I really hope to see CNBLUE but i never had a chance to attend their concert as i’m always having exam during their concert time or they’re having their concert at somewhere far. As i’m going to Singapore this time, i really hope to attend their concert. CNBLUE is a very talented group! I love all their songs especially can’t stop <3 i've watched them on lots of variety show as well which makes me fall for then more! Really hope to see them in person! Thank you Kayenyou for this giveaway!

  73. I became a BOICE only this year through a friend’s recommendation of the song ‘Between Us’!

    I haven’t had a chance to go for their concert, therefore hoping to win this contest to get a chance to see them!!

    I love the unique voices of the boys, and their great chemistry!! It would be amazing to see and hear the boys first time in live! 🙂

    Thank you Kavenyou for holding this Giveaway 🙂

  74. Wendy Tung
    Didnt get to win previous concert. Hope this yr could win and bring my friend or cousin along. Really like this band since their debut ‘lonely’. Always buy and support their albums. Hope to win!!! Thank you

  75. hello!
    I’m Sahanas,
    email : sahanasyy@gmail. com
    I have been a boice since 2013 when I last saw them at the changi airport. Accompanied my friend which is a huge boice to see them on arrival !! CNBLUE is the first kgroup I’ve seen ? so they actually held a special place in my heart and they’re also partially a reason why I’m into kpop ? BUT I REALLY REALLY REGRETTED THAT I DIDN’T SAW THEM WHILE VIDEOING THEM ON ARRIVAL!!! ?? as it was my first time seeing an idol group for arrival, I was too focused on my phone and not on them ? I wanted to attend their concerts for the past few years but was held up to studies ? I really hope to see them in real life this year!! notice me senpais ㅠㅠ
    Thanks for giving out this give away ?

    i have share it on twitter and whatsapp!
    >> https://twitter.com/seokjinsfood/status/880579627281928192https://twitter.com/seokjinsfood/status/880579627281928192 <<

  76. Cherise / cheriseyo@live.com

    ?? Please please pick me ? I desperately need to go for this but couldn’t afford a ticket this time. I’m blessed to have been to most of CNblue’s past concerts / events here and even in KL, I’d grasp every chance and opportunity to see them. The thought of having to skip this is heartbreaking. It’ll mean the world to me ?? Thank you so much

  77. Hi Kavenyou!!! The reason why you should choose me is because CNBlue is always be my other half since the day of their debut. CN Blue is not like any other Korean group, at least not the typical dancing-licious K-pop boy band. I’m typically into the K-pop craze, so I was surprised that Korean indie-rock bands existed and I got sucked into a new dimension. The boys of CN Blue are not just pretty faces who spend hours on end dancing. Instead, they jam on their guitars and drums like rockstars under control. They sit down, compose and write music, and practice like any other garage band, except they made it out of the garage and onto the Seoul stages. So, of course I would love to watch them LIVE in front of my eyes and have the excitement of their music, so the bond ‘Between Us’ can be bridged stronger forever. I hope that I can see the CNBlue boys, Burning = Lee Jong Hyun, Lovely = Kang Min Hyuk, Untouchable = Lee Jung Shin, Emotion = Jung Yong Hwa really soon! <3

  78. Phoebe Nuraisha Quek

    “You should choose me because I deserve it / I am the biggest CNBLUE fan / I am dying to attend their concert” – all these are bullshit.

    If I were their biggest fan in Singapore I would have sold my ass to afford a ticket to their high anticipated concert.
    I am a fan, a fan of good music, a person who appreciates talent. I’ve always been a huge fan of the FNC Entertainment bands from FT Island to CNBLUE. They always bring to us good quality music that sounds fresh.
    Every week I put myself through the 2-3hour music chart show and I see/hear group after groups of copy and paste faces with the same old dance steps and music that sounds mediocre with their autotune and lipsync. And when a CNBLUE song comes on, it’s really candy to the ears, a refreshing sensation from the other noises.
    And it is this quality about them, powerful live music, that makes me want to attend a concert.
    Also helps that I am born merely a few days away from their lead singer Jung Yong Hwa, I bet/hope the Singapore fans have prepared something for his birthday so it’s really going to feel like a double celebration for me 😉

    Thanks Kavenyou once again for this contest and I hope to get lucky finally.

    PS Hope I’m not banned for the choice of words =P

  79. Annyeong Kavenyou^^ I’ve been a fan of CNBLUE ever since their first single “I’m a Loner” back in 2010. The first time I met them up close and personal was in 2012 when I was studying in Korea and won tickets to attend Music Bank recording! The last time I saw CNBLUE was during their concert in Singapore in 2013 and I really hope I’ll be able to see them in Singapore again. Only thing is, this time round, I hope to bring my boyfriend with me. He is also a fan of CNBLUE and I hope to be able to celebrate our 2nd anniversary together by going to the concert. It would be such a lovely surprise for my boyfriend if I could win these tickets^^ Thanks for the giveaway and pls keep up the good work you guys have been doing:)

  80. Kavenyou, I fall inlove with their songs. I hope to hear their songs live and see them performing. Thank you!

  81. I really like CNBLUE I really want to go their concert! I have never been to a concert so I hope through your giveaway I can get a chance to meet CNBLUE and fulfill my bucket list! Thank you! Shared and subscribed! ??

    Name: Sanjita
    Email: sanjitapurple@gmail.com

  82. Name: Edmund Tan
    Email: edmund.tanyb@gmail.com

    I know my girlfriend is always a big fan of CNBLUE, however, we’re in a midst of preparing for our wedding, hence she had forgo buying tickets to their concert due to the price of it. I hope I can win this pair of tickets for her to cheer her up though she kept saying “it’s okay” but i truly know she will love to attend the concert.

  83. Name: Cindy Ng
    Email: cindddddy@outlook.sg

    Please choose me as one of the winners because I’ve always been a BOICE since their debut, however my parents ain’t agreeable to me purchasing a $200+ ticket just to watch a 2 hours concert. Really hope to win this pair of complimentary tickets from Kavenyou so that I can bring my sister along with me too. I knew I can’t miss this concert as it will be a very good performance put up by them.

  84. Name: Janelle Choo
    Email: janellechoo46@gmail.com

    I have been a fan of CNBLUE they debuted in 2009. However, I haven’t had the chance to see them in person before as I am still schooling and do not have the financial ability to buy concert tickets (◞‸◟)… The friend I want to take with me if I win is a fellow fan I met with online, and because of our common interest (CNBLUE) we have been best friends for 8 years now! Her birthday is coming next week and I wish I could surprise her with these concert tickets as a little birthday gift tomorrow as she is turning 21!!! (✿╹◡╹)

    Anyway, subscribed and thank you for holding the giveaway ~

  85. Name: Ong Xin Yi
    Email: ong-xin-yi123@hotmail.com

    CNBLUE has been my favourite kpop group since 2012. They have been coming to singapore for the last few years but i never got the chance to go!!!! I really hope that i will be able to win this pair of ticket so that i can finally see cnblue after so many times of missing the opportunity! If i win this ticket, i will bring along a friend who love CNBLUE equally as I do! We really love CNBLUE a lot and I hope i will be able to win this ticket! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! TT

    (i have shared this post on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ong.x.yi.98/posts/10211622031084959)

  86. Name:Adeline Tan
    I like CNBlue and their songs. Never manage to watch their concert previously so hope to watch them this round. Definately will be a memorable and awesome experience.

  87. Name: Tan Jia Yi
    Email: tan.jiayi@hotmail.sg

    I have been a fan of CNBLUE since the debut days. My friends and I would never fail to sing their songs in the KTV because it is always so much fun for us. From “I’m A Loner” to “Love Girl” to “Intuition” to “I’m Sorry”, even though we may not be able to sing all the Korean lyrics, we would always yell out the catchy phrases and the bits of English. Bands are rare, and good Korean bands are even rarer, which is what makes them special. I think CNBLUE’s songs has the power to move people both physically and emotionally, and their songs have the ability to inject energy in their listeners. I haven’t had the chance to witness their charisma and stage presence live and you bet I am prepared to have the best KTV session of a lifetime tomorrow!

  88. Please choose me as I’ve never been to CN BLUE’s concert before, and I’ve always been listening to their songs on youtube, I would really love to hear them sing in person. ??? hope to win this!

    Thank you for the giveaway


  89. Hello, thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!! I really hope I’d be able to win tickets to CNBLUE’s concert because it’s my only wish to listen to them live. I’ve been a huge fan since their debut and literally know them better than I know some of my friends (sorry friends hehehe). I admire how they converge from diversity and are all so talented and passionate in their music. On top of that, I love their friendship and bromance and how caring they are for each other and their fans!! But because I’m saving up for my studies, I’ve only been able to support them through buying their albums. So I’ve only attended one of their concerts after saving up for months and I really miss them and want to see them live again!! Thus, I’d really appreciate it if KAvenyou fulfils my wish of seeing them live and immersing myself in their heavenly music ? thank you so much in advance!!

  90. Thanks so much for organizing this amazing contest! Me and my twin sister are huge CNBLUE fans and we have always wanted to catch them Live as their music is enchanting to the ears! I enjoyed their original songs especially since “I’m a loner” days and i know this experience would be memorable as I have never been live to a kpop concert before. My twin sister would be hysterical too that we will scramble to make the lightboards and banners overnight! Hope to be really really luck this time! KAMSAHAMNIDA~ ?

  91. Name: Wilda Lim
    Email: wilda0810@gmail.com
    Hi KAvenyou! Firstly, thank you for the giveaway. While I’ve hoped to be able to buy tickets for Between Us, financial limitations disallowed me from doing so. Reason being I’m a fresh graduate who haven’t started working and I have my tuition loans to repay. Spending money on big-ticket items is a strict no for me right now and it really dampened my mood when I realised CN Blue is coming to Singapore. I have to admit I wasn’t that huge a BOICE then in 2013 to purchase tickets for their Blue Moon World Tour, but sadly, even after I grew to love them and their music, I didn’t manage to go to their Come Together concert last year either as it clashed with my university schedule. I genuinely hope to be able to catch them this year (before I’ve to start adulting) so hopefully I get to receive your surprise email tonight <3
    Have done all the steps mentioned, and shared the giveaway post!

  92. Please choose me!!
    I have been a fans since their blue love album.
    In the album I favorite is sweet holiday!!!!!
    I have went to blue moon concert, can’t stop concert, together concert and lastly between us concert in Seoul and they finally sang my most loved sweet holiday favorite song of all time!!!!
    I really need to hear them sing live for this song!!!!!
    I really want to see Yonghwa hyperactive running around in the concert, Minhyuk his arm muscles while hitting the drum (hopefully he is wearing sleeveless shirt), Jonghyun his see through your mind expression and Jungshin maknae his strumming of his bass and with his cheeky expression ^^

  93. Muhamamd Ikhwan

    CNBLUE is one of the groups that really got me started into listening to KPOP. As a person who loves the rock genre, I felt attracted to their style of music. Every song is played by them live on instruments instead of premade music . Most times their songs provided inspiration to me in times of stress and emptiness. Its equally fun to play their songs on the guitar as well! I would really love to catch them LIVE here in SIngapore, woudnt want to miss out on seeing them play LIVE!!!

  94. Vanessa Chan Zi Xin

    Hello Kavenyou, thank you for organising this giveaway! Firstly, I have been a BOICE ever since I’m a loner era and has always been passionately supporting CNBLUE ever since 2012. I’ve been following every of their group comebacks and their solo promotions in dramas and variety shows. I enjoy watching their fun and bubbly personalities in variety shows and these shows have allowed me to get to know them better. Besides their great talent in singing and playing instruments, I really love how humble the four of them are in real life and are so down-to-earth.

    Secondly, when talking about CNBLUE, we definitely cannot miss out Yonghwa’s soothing voice, Minhyuk’s amazing drum skills and Jonghyun and Jungshin’s skilful guitar tactics. They are so talented in being able to express themselves with music and bring happiness to people who listen to their songs. I love CNBLUE because their songs never fail to cheer me up and give me strength especially Lovelight which I have listened to countless of times whenever I’m studying. It would totally be a dream come true if I am able to hear these songs which I’ve always been listening to live in person!

    Lastly, I have always wanted to attend a CNBLUE concert but I always happen to have exams near their concert dates. I wanted to attend One Fine Day in Singapore 2 years ago but couldn’t because it clashed with my exams. However, I have just ended my exam yesterday and it would really mean a lot to me if I can celebrate my end of exams with meeting CNBLUE live! It also be the best motivation for me to study harder for my upcoming exams 5 weeks later. So please give me the opportunity to be able to listen their songs live in person! I have subscribed and shared with my friends.
    Name: Vanessa Chan Zi Xin
    Email: vanessachan22@hotmail.com

  95. Name: Rameiza Amira
    Email: rameizaamira@yahoo.com

    Hello Kavenyou the best digital portal in da world! You guys should choose me to win this giveaway because i really want to see CNBLUE live performance by my own eyes. It must be unforgettable memory for me to see energetic Yonghwa, cool and charming Jonghyun, amazing drummer Minhyuk with an amazing drum skill, and last but not least our spectacular bassist, Jungshin. It is a privilege if i got a chance to meet them.

    I can imagine we, -the BOICES- sing along together with the boys to every song and enjoy our night. It must be a fantastic night to all of us. I hope i’m able to see them with my very best friend who has been in this journey with me.

    Anyways, thank you very much kavenyou for holding this giveaway! <3
    i have subscribed and shared it 🙂

  96. Willa grace gardose

    IM fans of cnblue from your beautiful 2009 jung yong hwa & shin hye… And heartstring 2013… I like there song hey you & youve fallen
    For me…. Hope to see cnblue for the firstime

  97. I really want to win this as CN Blue is the only Korean band that my girlfriend is aware of.

    This will be our first concert together if I win this and i am sure it will be a memorable one for both of us.

  98. CN BLUE is the first Korean band that I fell in love with, and I have been listening to their music since they debuted in 2009. I especially like listening to the songs from their albums ‘First Step’ and ‘Bluelove’ as they are very catchy and never grow old! ?? I have also watched many of the dramas that the members had acted in, such as You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, Cinderella and Four Knights, Entertainer and more, which made me grow even fonder of them!! Unfortunately, I have not seen this talented band perform live before due to financial constraints, so I would really really love it if I have the chance to do so this time round! ☺️

  99. I have been a BOICE since CNBLUE’s ‘Love’ era and I have never been to their concert before because my parents doesn’t allow me to go. My birthday was a few days ago, but if I win this giveaway, I was be super grateful as this will be my best birthday gift ever!! And thank you for hosting this giveaway. ?

  100. I haven’t met them for a while now and since I couldn’t get tickets for music bank Singapore, at least I could watch them live again. And enjoy more songs from them!

  101. Hello! 😀

    Thank you KavenYou for providing us this opportunity to meet CNBLUE! Actually, I have liked CNBLUE for a very long time but do not have the money to go to their concerts. I am leaving Singapore and migrating to Australia for my studies soon and really want to have the chance to see them at least once before I go. It will be like a really great gift for me before I embark on my university studies.

    Once again, thank you so much for hosting this giveaway~

  102. I would love to see my favourite band perform live! It made me even more tempted to go upon seeing Jungshin’s instagram post!! Where else to find such talents who can dance (maybe ?), sing and play instrument so well!!

  103. Hi kavenyou, thank you so much for the giveaways! I just really really wanted to watch the boys’ performance LIVE so badly! Since they are band, their live music will sure be much more astonishing than CDs. Their musics had given me so much strength during difficult times and I just wish to show my support for them and of course to create wonderful memories BETWEEN US! ?

  104. Nur Hafizah Zahari

    Name: Nur Hafizah Zahari
    Email: fiza superstar@hotmail.com

    Hi, it’s Fiza here. Never liked any Korean bands (who play instruments) until I learnt about CN Blue. Darn, they are that good. Yeahhhhh.

    So, why should I be picked? Because I believe the members need to know that they have a fantastic fantastic fan like me. That simple! And to listen to them LIVE would be a dream come true. Will be the first time watching them if I’m chosen. I shall leave the rest to my fate with the boys. (;

  105. 안녕하세요 KAvenyou! CNBLUE is my favourite band in Kpop! Being a BOICE since their “I’m a loner” period.. They’ve been releasing great music which is not the usual Kpop boygroup style, when during that time most groups who performed were focusing on dance songs. They are the ones who got me interested in bands and musical instruments. Love those dramas they acted in too. From lovely couple Jung YongHwa with Park ShinHye in Heartstrings to cute interactions of Kang MinHyuk and Hyeri in Entertainer… And also the famous WGM Goguma couple.. Would love to see them live! Let the craziness for Kpop within me show itself on the concert day! I’m ready for it and I just need a pass to go in there~! ?????

    P.s: Retweet, like and shared!

  106. I love watching cnblue’s concert as their live performance is really good and their fan service never disappoints! They always also try to speak english during their singapore concert which makes the whole concert more intimate (and hilarious)! 🙂 would love to be able to rock with them this time too!

  107. Name: ALVIN KEH
    Email: k_knightz90@hotmail.com
    Question: Why Kavenyou should choose me to be the winner?
    Answer: “I’m A Loner” when I started out being a KPOP Fan and it was also around the time when CN Blue entered into the Golden Era of KWave joining their Sunbaes, FT Island, as a band in the KPOP Music scene. I “Love” their debut album and I had a strong “Intuition” that they will make it big because of how talented they are. After so many years of crossing paths with CN Blue yet never had the chance to enjoy their song in person, I am “Still In Love” with the fact that they are making their way here to our Sunny Island to perform for all the other BOICES. I am hoping that on this very day, 30th June 2017, where it marks the halfway mark of 2017, I will receive an email as follow: “Hey You”, “I’m Sorry” that you “Can’t Stop” loving CN Blue as you will be hearing the song “Cinderella” live within the next 24 hours!!! “You’re So Fine” that just “Between Us”, we have chosen you as the lucky winner for a pair of the tickets for you and a friend of yours to attend CN Blue’s Concert!!!

    Thank you Kavenyou for always looking out for the KPOP Fans of Singapore by holding so many awesome giveaways!!!

  108. Lin Huangyu

    CAN’T STOP loving the boys and I sincerely wanna to meet them and
    NEVER TOO LATE to know and subscribe to kavenyou for the latest news through this giveaway (pls let me win) ticket for
    BETWEEN US cuz I
    LOVE the boys (JUNG YONGHWA, LEE JONGHYUN, KANG MINHYUK & LEE JUNGSHIN) sooo much since 2011 and would really wanna to be part of this live concert listening to all their infamous title and love songs like
    U’RE SO FINE to be my LOVE GIRL singing the romantic LOVELIGHT together and searching the STARLIT NIGHT WITH YOUR EYES to stay YOUNG FOREVER
    EVERY TIME in my PARADISE like MY MIRACLE come true.

    Please gain my wish and let me win this ticket cuz of my forever BLINDLOVE and only love for cnblue. Subscribed, liked and shared!

  109. ? Reasons why kavenyou should choose me! ? ?

    1. A longtime ‘Boice’, so I’ll definitely appreciate it if I win and not let the ticket and the boys’ effort go to waste!

    2. I can offer to help Kavenyou write a review of the concert, perhaps? ? or other help as required ☺

    3. I wanna experience CN Blue’s concert in the intimate venue that is Zepp @ Big Box! This would be quite close to those pre-debut era concerts/ showcases in Japan! (which I’ve never attended before- Japanese rock concerts are da bomb, apparently!)

    4. (see point #1) As a longtime fan, I definitely hope to experience how CN Blue’s showmanship and musicianship have grown over the years. It’s been a while since I’d last seen them live, so 제발!! Please kindly allow me to experience this before the boys enlist~

    ** Shared on insta at https://www.instagram.com/p/BV9gky_giqi2qvaJKV6aB69YxWEC4RwYHGUThc0/

    Thanks Kavenyou for hosting this giveaway!! ??


  110. CN blue always never fail to give us good music. I have grown together with their music all these years.. I started to fall in love with them since “I’m a loner” days and had been a BOICES since then..
    Not only did I fell for their good looks but what attracted me the most is their talents and passion for music. Yonghwa emotional charming voice, Jonghyun burning superb guitar skills , Minhyuk lovely amazing drum skills and Jungshin untouchable cool character and rap! They are not just artists but great musicians! Their songs has always inspired me and never failed to accompanied me whenever I’m feeling sad or happy, listening to their songs will keep me motivated , energised and their slow songs will make me relax. The last time I saw them was 3 years back…. really hope to see them and immerse myself in their performance again!
    Thank you Kavenyou for this great opportunity and hope i can have the chance to meet them again! Thank you!
    Shared and subscribed! 🙂
    Name: Qiu Jia Yuan
    Email: jiayuanheartz@hotmail.com

  111. Hi Kavenyou! Thank you for doing this giveaway cos it will mean so much if we are able to go! Saw how CNBLUE grew from their early days as a young aspiring band with so much talents to these day when they are all grown up and matured. Will love to see the boys again and their amazing stage presence and ad-libs one last time before they start going into army! ??Thank you!!

  112. Name: Esther Tay
    Email: 7happypills@gmail.com

    Hi Kavenyou! Thank you for doing this giveaway cos it will mean so much if we are able to go! Saw how CNBLUE grew from their early days as a young aspiring band with so much talents to these day when they are all grown up and matured. Will love to see the boys again and their amazing stage presence and ad-libs one last time before they start going into army! ??Thank you!!

  113. Shared this post with my friends!

    I’d be more than contented with my life to be able to have a fangirl moment with CN Blue! Always loved them as a band for the pure music they produce and perform on stage! It’ll be my honour to watch them live and rave about my idols because I’ve never had a chance to! Thank you for giving me a chance to be part of the audience, it’ll be a little dream come true for a kpop fan ?

  114. I hope i’ll be the one coz i want to create beautiful moments with all the Boice and Cnblue❤️

  115. My first attending Cnblue concert in KL was a beautiful one and i started to love their songs..I hope i’ll be the one coz i want to create beautiful moments again with all the Boice and Cnblue in Singapore too❤️

  116. CNBLUE, my first kpop group I stanned since 2011. They were the group that started it all for me! Despite that, I never got the chance to see cnblue as I had family matters and a lack of cash 🙁 Cnblue is even more special to me as there aren’t very many kpop bands around and they aren’t allowed to play live on music shows in Korea which breaks my heart to see such a talented group use handsync. I really want to have a chance to hear their voices and intruments in person so when I heard about this giveaway I was so happy! I hope I’ll get to check this off my bucketlist and finally have to the chance to see them in person. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!! 🙂

  117. Genevieve Chan

    Hi! You should pick me as I’ve been a big fan of them since their debut. I would love to see them this year but because of my exchange program happening in July as well, I don’t have enough money to see them and that makes me extremely upset! Thank you for giving us this chance! ^^


  118. hello! i would love to win this giveaway because i know that cnblue really sound good live & i would wanna hear them sing/play !!!! thank u so much for hosting this great giveaway! ❤️

  119. Name: Chng Peiwen
    Email: breakingdawnmoon@gmail.com

    Hello and ThankYou KAVENYOU for the GIVEAWAY! ?❤?
    CNBLUE was the first band i touched kpop. and picked up korean language too! It’s kinda amazing! Started to like CNBLUE since 2011. Their music is sooo different from other kpop group. and i remember my very first concert i attended, was CNBLUE! They gave me an awesome experience for kpop concert. They talented in many ways, that’s the way an artist have to be! Will continue to give my support on them, CNBLUE! Shine on! It’s sad that i can’t purchase the ticket this year due to some problem. If not, i won’t miss any concert or event of CNBLUE. and i really wish KAVENYOU will give me the chance to see them. Really hope i can make it this time round. ㅠㅠ

  120. Hi, Kavenyou. Thank you so much for holding this flash giveaway. I really want to go to CNBLUE’s concert as they are my favourite boyband. Moreover, 1st July is Youth Day. This would really be a great way to celebrate Youth Day. Thank you.
    Nancy (nancywyz@outlook.com)

  121. I’ve been a fan of CN Blue since their first album, and it was their songs which made me become a YouTube coverist. I have been to each and every one of their concerts in Singapore and the high was simply mind blowing. They are my role models and I am inspired by their passion to also push through for the things that I believe in. I hope I can go to their concert again this year and feel the adrenaline rush and receive my much needed motivation and fuel after a very tiring and painful 3 months at work. Thank you!

  122. COME ON, CNBLUE is IN MY HEAD. Could this be BLIND LOVE? I’M SORRY, CAN’T STOP loving you. TRUTH is STILL IN LOVE. It’s BETWEEN US. Intuition says I will be CINDERELLA to See CNBLUE. Ready ‘N’ GO.

  123. Hi KAvenyou!
    Firstly, i wanna say a big thank you, for this great opportunity & chance for us to see CNBLUE live in Singapore. CNBLUE has been the group that brought me into k-pop and they had never made me regret being a BOICE. I first knew about them ever since yonghwa appeared on running man and i was absolutely stunned by how talented all of them were.
    From i’m a loner, love light, hey you, can’t stop, cinderella and between us, i love to see how they never fail to shine on stage with their instruments. I wouldn’t want to miss being able to watch their superb performances live in Singapore this year. Instead of always viewing them on my screen, I really hope i’ll be able to watch them live and scream the fan chants too. I’ll want to be part of the blue ocean and cheer for them as loudly as i can as i’m immensely proud of them, doing what they love.
    i hope you’ll be able to give me a chance to do so, so pick me (pick me pick me up) !! 🙂 make me feel like a ‘cinderella’, cause i ‘can’t stop’ loving CNBLUE.

    lots of love,

  124. Pearlyn Low Jia Wen

    I really hope to be able to watch CNBlue’s live performance as I’ve been supporting them since thier I’m a loner era! Really respect the spirit they have as a band, and they are all so talented as individuals too! They are my favourite band in the kpop industry and I hope to be lucky:)

    Name: Pearlyn Low Jia Wen
    Email: pearlynlow95@hotmail.com

  125. I remembered saving up for their first concert here at NUS Theatre afew years ago…the cheaper tickets were just $50+ to $70 then! The prices have increased drastically so I really can’t afford it as a student..had been busy with tests and assignments..so so stressful..really hope lady luck can shine on me..please please..

  126. First of all, thanks for the giveaway! While I’ve been to several CNBlue concerts in the past, it’ll be nice to win a pair of tickets this time so that I can go with my mum who love their music as well. Winning tickets from a giveaway would definitely make the entire experience more memorable (and affordable), and above all I’d love to see them again in Singapore again! Cheers! 🙂

  127. I was feeling all the blues that i can’t attend the concert with my friend as the both of us are such hardcore Boice. They were like one of the very few bands in Korea with such amazing visuals and personalities. Their music just cheer me up a lot when i feel down. Its one of my dream to meet them but i couldnt get my hands on the tickets. Also , most of my school assignments are piling up , me and my friend need that motivation from them hopefullyyy. I really hope to see them ! Hopefully i will get picked !

  128. I’ve been a huge fan of CNBlue since 2013 and I absolutely love their music ❤️? All of their songs are so great, they don’t disappoint at all!! Regardless of whether it’s Jazz, Pop, Rock or Electronic, they nail all the songs! Everytime they release a new song, I’d wait in anticipation for it and put it on repeat mode for the next few weeks because they’re all so so so good, I honestly can’t get enough of them!! I really love all the members because they are not only talented, but they are also down to earth and very friendly ? I have always wanted to attend a CNBlue concert but I’ve never gotten the chance to 🙁 it’s always so depressing seeing them come for a concert but not being able to attend the concert 🙁 thankyou for hosting this giveaway, I really really hope to win the chance to see CNBlue perform live because I am sure I’ll not only be blown away by their great vocals, but also their awesome drumming and guitar playing. Please give me the chance to go watch the concert, I would appreciate it a lot ???? thankyou 🙂

  129. Thank you for holding this flash giveaway of CNBLUE concert tickets. I have been their fans since year 2010 and their songs are always in my daily song playlist. I was amazed by YongHwa’s talent as most of CNBLUE’s song lyrics and music are created by him. He is not just a great leader, rapper, vocalist but also a good actor too! Jong Hyun’s has been always showing us his amazing guitar skill on stage. He is so focus like he has falling in love with his guitar and music! Min Hyuk is the cuttest drummer that has always catch my attention because of his strong arm while playing the drum. Jung Shin, the youngest member has been getting more and more popular nowadays and has his own charisma on stage! I really really want to attend their concert and watch their LIVE performance this saturday!

  130. Name: Stella Tan
    Email: stellatan25@ymail.com
    I was feeling the blues that I can’t attend their concert and DID YOU SEE JONGHYUN AND JUNGSHIN’S INSTAGRAM UPDATE ? Oh god , I swear my heart broke knowing I can’t see them especially Jungshin. CNBlue is like a one of a very few bands in idols in Korea and I truly liked them a lot. Their musics just cheers me up a lot whenever I feel down or need some motivation ! Its is one of my dreams to actually meet them in person but I couldn’t get my hands on the tickets. Also , my school assignments are slowly coming in and I am seriously feeling the stress coming , so I actually hoped that I could win the ticket and I could give one to my hardcore Boice friend so we could get the motivation before our exams starts to roll in !

  131. Thank you KAvenyou for hosting this giveaway!
    I am a HUGE fan of CNBLUE. It has been 3 years since my first time listening to CNBLUE song and still my favorite band until now on and for the next years coming. Attending the concert and listening to Jung Yong Hwa rock voice, to witness Lee Jong Hyun amazing guitar skills, Kang Min Hyuk powerful drum hit and Lee Jung Shin bass really a dream for me. To see playful and choding Yonghwa on stage running here and there would be a real bonus. Then serenading along with Singapore BOICEs during a concert should be one of the most memorable moment ♡ This probably the last moment I can watch CNBLUE concert live before their army enlistment which gonna takes few years. I hope KAvenyou will choose me to be a part of blue light in the concert or i will be sad sad sad sad sad sad sad tonight~~~

    I’ve shared this post here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10209126225209611&id=1138767102
    Name: Urifatul Naghfiroh
    Email: Chocolateblue2014@gmail.com

  132. Name: Lee Hui Qi
    Email: huiqi_1994@hotmail.com

    Hello. Thank you for holding this giveaway giving all us an opportunity to see our beloved OPPAS!!!! I really hope I wish I could see my beloved boys once and hear them sing their awesome songs where it would help to encourage me from times to times.
    would always RUN to my oppa
    because they belong to me.
    my life would suck WITHOUT YOU (oppas),
    I wont give up.
    the reason we are YOUNG FOREVER
    oppa love is my drug.
    CAN’T STOP thinking of oppa
    Remember and don’t forget that I would always LOVE you and STAY WITH YOU. Hope I could be part of the blue PARADISE on Saturday and LET GO CRAZY with all Boice, creating a ONE OF KIND memories BETWEEN US.

  133. Kek Siew Ching

    I would really love to win this chance to go watch CNBlue live with my Best Friend!! She’s a big fan of CNBlue and I really want to win this chance to bring her for the concert ?? This will be the first concert that we go for together and I’m sure we’ll have many wonderful memories together. This will be the perfect chance for us to enjoy before starting school again ?thankyou for hosting the giveaway!! Please let me have the chance to win this giveaway ??❤️

  134. Name: Chen Lixian
    Email: cnbluerocks@yahoo.com.sg
    *Shared this awesome giveaway post at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009184503765

    “C”NBLUE is my addiction. “Can’t Stop” loving their music and their charismatic vocals!
    “N”o matter singing, composing, acting or playing instruments, CNBLUE is always amazing!
    “B”est rock band with real talent, their songs are so catchy and beautiful! The bass, guitar, drums and voices are splendid!
    “L”OVE” CNBLUE so much as their stage performances really attract my attention that I can’t take my eyes off from them!
    “U”nited, friendly, unique, full of charisma, CNBLUE is really such an irresistible rock band!
    “E”xtremely talented rock band as members participated in the writing, composing, and arrangement for many of the album’s tracks!
    “LOVE” CNBLUE very much and I’m a BOICE for many years! CNBLUE is my “ANGEL”, my “DREAM BOY”! “CAN’T STOP” loving CNBLUE’s music, always refreshing and inspirational! “EVERY TIME” “FEELING” “SWEET HOLIDAY” listening to CNBLUE’s songs! Listening to CNBLUE’s songs make me stay “YOUNG FOREVER”! Will definitely “FEEL GOOD” if chosen as the lucky winner! “JUST PLEASE” chose me as I want to show my fullest support to cheer for CNBLUE at 2017 CNBLUE Live [Between Us] in Singapore! Although I’m not CNBLUE’s “CINDERELLA”, but I hope I will be there to support CNBLUE whenever they come Singapore to perform! I’m “READY N GO”, “LET’S GO CRAZY” and “ROCK N ROLL” with CNBLUE on 1 July! Really hope KAvenyou.com will make my dream come true! “a.ri.ga.tou.”(THANK YOU) @KAvenyou.com for this awesome giveaway!?

  135. I have been an avid fan since their debut in 2009 and have always enjoyed their live performances very much! I have had the fortune to get upclose and personal with them during my sabbatical in Seoul and if the tickets were given to me, I promise you it won’t be a wasted giveaway! No one more suited to win the tickets than fans who really appreciate them no matter what! 🙂

  136. Siti Nurizyan Binte Mohamed A

    Been a fan to Cnblue since they debut. Always miss a chance to go to their concert as there is always a got an unfortunate event needed to go whenever they come here. If I got a chance to win, I will be fulfiling one of my bucket list.

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