Girl’s Day Shows Who’s The Female President(s) of The Night At #KSTARFF

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23 November 2014, Singapore – The inaugural Kstar FanFest, organised by Asia’s leading M.I.C.E company Sphere Exhibits and the Embassy of Korea took place last night at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

The sweet K-pop group, Girl’s Day was the first to kick start the Kstar FanFest. Before the concert began at night, the girls dressed in their signature sexy “Female President” outfits appeared for a short press conference.

Being Girl’s Day’s first time in Singapore, member Sojin expressed her excitement as they are able to finally meet their fans here. Hyeri and Minah said they wished to try our famous delicacy, chilli crab and to visit Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

Girl’s Day also suggested that everyone should visit Korea someday as their food and culture is very different from Singapore.

As it got darker into the night, Girl’s Day kick started the KStar FanFest concert with their hit songs, “Expectation” followed by “Female President”.



Girl’s Day also interacted with their fans, Daisys (Dai5ys) as they had a chance to ask Girl’s Day questions personally, also playing several games together such as charades and winning autographed merchandises!

Girl’s Day performed many fan favourites such as “Darling”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Hug Me Once”. They also showed their strong vocals with ballad songs such as “I Miss You” and “Look At Me”.

It was indeed a fun-filled night for the fans as they got to interact with Girl’s Day, who finally arrived in Singapore for the first time, and hearing their idols perform hit songs from their various albums live.

Before the girls commenced the Hi-5 session with the VVIP and Supreme pass holders, they expressed their thanks to the fans for their warm welcome. “Thank you for greeting us with big love when this is the first time we come to Singapore. We will come back here again, and remember to show us bigger love when we are here!



KAvenyou would like to thank Advocate for the invitation to cover KStar FanFest in Singapore 2014

Check out KAvenyou Facebook Page for more photos of the event: Korea Festival 2014 KStar Fanfest – Girl’s Day

Article & Photography by: Xiaosi @

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “Girl’s Day Shows Who’s The Female President(s) of The Night At #KSTARFF”

  1. Hi I’m Keira and I’m an admin from Girl’s Day Min Ah Vietnam fanpage.

    I’m just wondering if you could send me the HD photos of the collection, as there are so many great photos you took there 🙂
    I’d have downloaded them on facebook but it’s a pity that the quality is quite low so it would be great if you could do me the favor. I’d be eternally grateful!!

    I’m really sorry if I cause any inconvenience.


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