Get on the “Glass Skin” K-Beauty bandwagon

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The K-beauty or Korean skin care scene has always had a flair for fancy terms to describe its coveted complexions. Chok chok, which translates to “moist” or “damp” and denotes a juicy, dew-saturated glow was all the rave. Then came, kkul-gwang, a moniker for a hyper-glossy (kkul means honey) finish on the face.

glass skin 7 skin
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Make way for the new trend on the block Yuri Pibu (translating to glass skin). Just like how a piece of glass is smooth, reflective and clear, glass skin refers to a hydrated, translucent and luminous complexion with just the right amount of sheen. Being so used to all the intimidating 7-13 step regimes, that K-beauty fanatics are so used to; obtaining the coveted glass skin should not be  that intimidating.

Achieving the coveted “Glass Skin”

We’re not here to do product placements or share about Korean skin care brands, so not going into product recommendations; but shed some light on what Korean skin care routine would be required. Our usual disclaimer would of course be discipline to persevere with the regime.

1. Cleanse (or double cleanse)

The first step always revolves around removing all traces of makeup and rinse with lukewarm water as it breaks down the residue better than cold. A good makeup remover will aid in this process. A second cleanse would be useful with a hydrating formula, to remove any excess oil that may still be lingering.

2. Exfoliating

It is recommended to swap in an exfoliating cleanser for a few nights a week. This helps with achieving a “healthy, natural glow,” by sloughing away dead skin cells. For even quicker results, consider a water-based exfoliant. This boosts further cell turnover and makes way for a fresher, smoother complexion. Follow up with a face mask to seal in moisture while sleeping.

3. Toning/Hydrating

The foundation to the glass skin lies with major hydration; just like how humans require major hydration to perform optimally. What better way then employing the famed “7-Skin Method“; a famed Korean skin care routine. Similar to the glass skin, this “7-Skin” method is also a viral trend in the K-Beauty scene now. What it means is simply to apply 7 light layers of hydrating toner to your skin in succession. You start with the first layer, and leave it to settle before going on to the next layer.

4. More Hydration

Finishing off the regime is to moisturise with your moisturisers, essence, moisturising creams or whatever name that comes with it. The final moisturising step will help to lock in the hydration in the skin, leaving it smoother, softer, and a natural glow.

The above regime could also be complemented by a more balanced diet, and sufficient hydration in your diet. Load of fruit and vegetables, as well as six to eight glasses or water will make sure this glass skin mission is well on its way to success.

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