(Photo Credits: IME Asia & Live Nation Korea)


(Photo Credits: IME Asia & Live Nation Korea)


G-Dragon was in town last weekend and held 2 successful concerts which are part of what may be his final solo tour before he enlists into the military.


G-Dragon, who is also the leader of K-pop idol group, Big Bang, carved out a solo career for himself with his first solo album, Heartbreaker. This was released in 2009, when he was only 21 years old. He has come a long way since then and recently released his third album named after his real name – Kwon Ji Yong.


His concert entitled, Act III: Motte aimed to show the most raw and honest sides of G-Dragon and also what he considers his “alter ego”, Kwon Ji Yong. The concert was divided into three acts – Act I: G-Dragon, Act II: G-Dragon vs. Kwon Ji Yong and finally Act III: Kwon Ji Yong, suggesting that he often experiences battles between his personas. While he has these internal battles, ultimately, it is his true self, Kwon Ji Yong, that always wins.


(Photo Credits: IME Asia & Live Nation Korea)


The 27-year-old belted out his best solo tracks which includes songs from his first solo debut album such as Heartbreaker and A Boy. It also featured an all-time fan favourite track from the album ‘Coup D’Etat, Crooked. 


The highlight of the night was probably the second half of the concert as he unveiled his newest creations . Anybody in the audience who was unfamiliar with the acclaimed all-rounded music maker would be pleased to hear the full array of tracks in his new album.


The title track ‘Untitled, 2014’ was a highly anticipated performance as it recently achieved an all-kill across the music shows in Korea. Unlike his previous stages with flashy mood lights, special stage effects and dancers, his ‘Untitled, 2014’ stage was stripped of all that and it was just him and his metallic crimson microphone. Other tracks featured from his new album are Middle Fingers Up, Bullshit, Super Star and Divina Commedia.


It was definitely a one-of-a-kind (pun intended) concert that intelligently manipulated the lights and made use of videos that played simultaneously in the background to emphasise and enhance the message he was trying to deliver to his fans (or otherwise known as VIPs) in his performances.


His concluding statements were short, but impactful. Besides thanking everyone, he garnered enthusiastic screams after saying, “Thank you, my boys, Big Bang”. He also comforted everyone by saying, “I’ll be back. I know, you know, we know, we always know.”


We hope to see G-Dragon back in Singapore soon and hopefully, with the other four members!


KAvenyou would like to extend our thanks to IME Asia for the media invitation.


Article by: Cass Zheng @ KAvenyou

Photography by: IME Asia & Live Nation Korea

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