Gary: “Singapore, chio! Korea, Jihyo!”


25 October 2014, Singapore – Almost a year after Leessang’s successful showcase in Singapore last year, Gary returned to Singapore with his first solo showcase on 24th October at the Kallang Theatre. Not only did Gary get the crowd going with familiar tracks like Zotta Mola, Shower Later and You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me, he also won the heart of fans with his thoughtfulness.

Throughout the night, Gary had many times demonstrated what it means to have amazing fan service. When requested to sing a birthday song for a fan, he took it one step further by going down the stage and singing it right in front of her while having his arm around her shoulders. Of course, he did not forget to give her a birthday hug after the song. Also, during the games segment, when a fan did not manage to win the official merchandise, he had initiated to take a polaroid with the fan.


Of course, no trip to Singapore is complete without having to learn some Singlish. Having been to Singapore a couple of times before, Gary had already managed to pick up some Singlish and did not hesitate to put what he had learnt to good use. When asked to describe the fans, he exclaimed “So shiok!”. This time, the new word which Gary was taught was the word “chio”, to which Gary responded “Jihyo?” He started pointing to the crowd and chanting the word he had just learnt, and joked “Singapore, chio chio chio! Korea, Jihyo!

Gary also revealed that he was working on his next album and was nervous to be back in Singapore. He also shared with fans that his inspiration source was from his everyday life, drinking and clubbing, and that he had learnt to rap from the heart. Being his first solo showcase, he also said that he had initially felt lonely without his partner, but that loneliness disappeared after seeing all his fans at the showcase.


During the second half of the showcase, Gary had introduced guest performer Jung-in and together, the duo got the crowd singing along and throwing their hands in the air. Gary had lamented that the stage was too far away from the fans. To reduce the distance between the fans and him, Gary had made an effort to keep as close to the front of the stage as possible. He had also invited the fans to go to the front of the stage as he performed the tracks Shut Up and Hard to be Humble, bringing the atmosphere up to a peak. Although fans had to return to their seats during the encore due to safety considerations, Gary had made up for it by walking down the stage and making rounds among the fans, interacting with them up close.

Check out more photos of the event here: Kang Gary Showcase Featuring Jung-In in Singapore

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  1. Hi! Thank you for the great coverage which helps relive the moments. Just a litre comment… the first song that Gary and Jung In performed when the fans were in front of the stage was “Clown” and not “shut up”.

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