G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri Partied Under the Rain at Thinking Of You Fan Meeting in Malaysia

Big Bang members G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri visited Malaysia once again last Sunday for their Thinking Of You Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur. The trio successfully held their fan meeting at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on 16th March 2014 which was the following day where their fan meeting in Singapore was held.

The fan meeting officially started at 7:30pm when the host of the event, DJ Royce made his entrance and picked 8 lucky VIPs via drawing lots to join G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri on stage for the game segment later. The trio showed up on stage dressed in monochrome black and white street fashion outfits looking swag as always. Seungri, believed to have talked too much during the Singapore fan meeting lost his voice and ended up not being able to communicate much with the fans during the show. But he did not forget to show off his sweet and charisma side by praising the Malaysian VIP for getting prettier than the last time he saw them. The 3 members also learned to say ‘I love you’ in Bahasa Melayu which was Saya Cinta Padamu. Not to mention, their pronunciation was almost perfect.


Moving on to the game segment, G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri did a simple makeover for their partners based on the theme they had gotten. G-Dragon dressed the fan in a hip hop style while Taeyang turned his partner into a sexy French maid and Seungri dressed his in a cute bee costume. The 3 lucky fans also got to take a personal polaroid photo with the members. Before the game segment ended, the other 5 fans that got picked but did not get chosen for the game also had a chance to take a group photo with the Big Bang members.


The crowd got more hyped up as the concert session kick started. Taeyang was the first member to perform his solo stage. He sang a total of four songs which were Superstar, I Need A Girl, Only Look At Me and also his latest hit Ringa Linga. It was reminiscing for the VIP to be able to watch him performed his old solo hits after years. Taeyang also promised his Malaysian fans that he will try his best to come back very soon making the crowd screamed excitedly!


The stage was then passed to Seungri. The youngest member took over the stage with his latest hit Let’s Talk About Love, following on by Gotta Talk To U and Strong Baby. Halfway through Seungri’s solo stage, the sky started to drizzle but it obviously did not wash away the fans’ vibe especially when Seungri shouted ‘Everyday I’m Hustling!’ bringing the fans’ enthusiasm to a higher level. Despite not being able to converse much with the fans due to his sore throat, VIPs were still very happy to see him performing. Seungri ended his solo stage with last two songs GGBE and What Can I Do.


The crowd literally went mad when leader Kwon took over the stage with his famous hit One of A Kind. The rain got heavier when the beat of Michigo dropped. G-Dragon took off his snapback and shades a few times during his performance. I’m sure VIPs thanked the rain in their heart for the sight of G-Dragon’s sexy wet hair. G-Dragon also claimed that he missed the VIPs a lot and asked did they miss him as much? Before performing Crayon, G-Dragon asked for a little help from the fans to do the chant “When I say swag, you say check” and “When I say get your, you say Crayon” with him. He also went down to the stage when performing his last song of the night which was his latest hit Crooked.


The trio got back together on stage for the encore performance to perform Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. The last two songs definitely heated up the crowd and made everyone went high. It was indeed fantastic to watch G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri partied under the rain together with all the VIPs at the fan meeting venue. Before leaving the stage, the members bid their last farewell thanking the fans for their continuing support and once again promised to come back to Malaysia very soon.


It was a great night for the VIPs and we’re sure many would like to welcome Big Bang back to Malaysia again, maybe with all 5 members next time!

KAvenyou would like to thank IME Productions for the invitation to Thinking Of You Fan Meeting in Malaysia.

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Article by: Wenyi @ KAvenyou
Photos provided by IME Productions.

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