Enjoy a month of your favourite shows for free this festive season on Viu!

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It’s the season of merrymaking and there’s no better way to spend the jolliest time of the year than bonding with your family over great shows! While you can’t hop on a flight for a Christmas escape just yet, Viu has got you covered this holiday season with its wide selection of amazing stories from across Asia – we bet you will be spoiled for choice! As a leading pan-regional OTT platform, Viu would like to bring warmth and smiles to all Singaporeans in the wake of this challenging year. For this reason, most of the content on Viu, including majority of the Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese and Thai dramas, will be available for free from 1 to 31 December 2020.

From highly anticipated K-dramas such as True Beauty and Mr. Queen to a smorgasbord of feel-good series, you can now catch the latest releases or binge-watch your favourite shows to your heart’s desire! With a dazzling array of fresh and classic titles to keep you and your loved ones company this festive season, Christmas is bound to be as magical as ever!

Catch one of the most highly-awaited webtoon adaptations of the year – True Beauty, which tells a story of how a shy high school girl transforms into a flawless goddess after learning the art of makeup. Join her in a self-discovery of her own identity as she learns to overcome insecurities and find confidence with the help of her first love. Follow the misadventures of a man from the modern times in Mr. Queen as he finds his soul trapped in the body of Queen Cheorin from the Joseon Dynasty – this historical fusion drama is packed full of unfortunate but hilarious shenanigans and more!

Can the boundary between good and evil be clearly drawn? Lose yourself in the romantic mystery Awaken as a detective and police officer dig through the secrets of mysterious events that occurred in a village 26 years ago. Filled with unforeseen stories within the cases, this mystery drama is sure to heighten the suspense with the wildest plot twists you’d never have imagined. Looking for a good makjang series? Dare you Cheat On Me mashes comedy, mystery and romance in an unconventional way that is sure to be right up your alley!

K-pop fans definitely wouldn’t want to miss Live On, a high school youth drama starring Jung Da Bin and K-pop idols NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun, Momoland’s Yeonwoo and Victon’s Choi Byung-chan. In this heart-warming yet hilarious variety show CN Blue’s Secret Trip, the three beloved members of CN Blue share their concerns and hopes with one another, and doing silly things while trying not to be recognised.

In search of a movie that will captivate both kids and the not-so-little-ones? Look no further than Secret Zoo, a Korean comedy film that guarantees to fill you and your family with tidings of good cheer. Explore the ongoing inter-Korean conflict in action flick Steel Rain 2: Summit that imagines a three-way summit meeting between North Korea, South Korea and the U.S. to bring an end to the Korean War.

A constable hiding her female identity meets a prince who is ousted from power after losing a key battle. Watch to find out what dangers might befall this investigative team as they join forces to solve mysteries in the Chinese historical detective drama Maiden Holmes.

Viu Premium subscribers can enjoy unlimited downloads of their favourite Asian dramas and variety shows, as well as kids’ content in full HD on selected Smart TVs, Apple TV and casting! Users simply need to download the Viu app on the Smart TV app store to launch the app and catch all dramas and shows in crystal clear definition – let the good times roll!

K-Dramas to look out for this month

True Beauty

Streaming on Viu for FREE* from 10 Dec, with new episodes every Thu & Fri, 4 hours after Korea
Starring Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, Hwang In Yeob, Park Yoona

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, True Beauty is a light- hearted romantic comedy that explores the themes of true beauty and self-acceptance. High school student Lim Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young), who is the most popular and beautiful girl in school, has her make-up skills to thank for. For this reason, she would never go anywhere without having her make-up on. She meets Lee Soo Ho (Cha Eun Woo), a charismatic boy with emotional wounds from his dark past. As they exchange secrets and fall in love with each other, can Soo Ho help Ju Gyeong overcome her insecurities and embrace her natural self? Directed by Kim Sanghyub who is behind the popular high school drama Extra-ordinary You, True Beauty promises to serve up a good dose of sweet, dreamy romance.


Mr Queen

Streaming on Viu for FREE* from 13 Dec, with new episodes every Sun & Mon
Starring Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun, Bae Jong Ok, Kim Tae Woo

A historical drama unlike any other, Mr Queen tells the story of a man from modern times who wakes up one day to find his soul trapped in the body of Queen Kim So Yong (Shin Hye Sun) in the Joseon period, and living with King Cheoljong (Kim Jung Hyun), a figurehead who appears nonchalant, but in fact has his strong side hidden. Brace yourself for plenty of belly-aching laughter as you join Queen Kim So Yong in her unlikely shenanigans. How will her dynamics with King Cheoljong play out as she gets thrown into unexpected situations?



Streaming on Viu from 1 Dec, with new episodes every Tue & Wed, 4 hours after Korea
Starring Nam Goong Min, Seolhyun (AOA)

Packed with intense action and laden with suspense, Awaken has all the ingredients of a gripping thriller, made more compelling by the explosive chemistry between critically acclaimed actor Nam Goong Min and Korean’s IT girl Seolhyun. The drama follows an eccentric but capable detective (played by Nam Goong Min) and a passionate police officer (played by AOA’s Seolhyun), who teams up to uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious cases that are connected to an incident that happened 26 years ago. What haunting secrets will come to light as they find themselves sinking deeper into the mystery?


Cheat On Me If You Can

Streaming on Viu for FREE* from 3 Dec, with new episodes every Thu & Fri
Starring Cho Yeo Jeong, Go Joon, Kim Young Dae, Yeon Woo

Best known for her convincing performance as a gullible housewife in the award-winning film Parasite, Cho Yeo Jeong is set to steal the show again in Cheat On Me If You Can. Playing Kang Yeo Joo, a best-selling crime novelist who often thinks of murder methods to kill male characters that cheat, she is married to a doting husband. One day, he takes her by surprise when he writes a memorandum titled “If I Cheat, I Die”.

A refreshing take on the theme of adultery, this dark-comedy drama digs deep into the frightful experiences that one faces when committing acts with a guilty conscience.


Live On

Streaming on Viu for FREE* from 18 Dec, with one new episode every week
Starring Jung Da Bin, Hwang Minhyun (NU’EST)

Go Eun Taek (NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun), is a perfectionist and heads his school’s broadcasting club. On the other hand, Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin) is the popular classmate who found fame on social media. However, she only has one friend because of her condescending personality. When a mysterious figure threatens to reveal her hidden past, she joins the broadcasting club to get help from Eun Taek to identify the person.

KBS Drama Special: Season 11 (2020)

Streaming on Viu for FREE* from 4 Dec

Calling all K-drama fans! This month, Viu brings you an additional four mini dramas as part of the KBS Drama Special. A few upcoming romantic titles that are sure to sweep you off your feet include Sleep Thief, starring Kim Bo Ra (Sky Castle, Her Private Life) and Dong Ha (Love in Trouble) as a couple who have broken up finding themselves living together again due to strange circumstances; and Traces of Love, which follows a lady finding herself working in the same office with two of her ex-lovers.

Take a trip around Korea with your favourite boyband!

CNBLUE’s Secret Trip

Now streaming on Viu for FREE*

Starring Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin

Fans of CNBLUE, rejoice! The K-pop group celebrates their 10th anniversary by going on a trip around Korea in the variety show CNBLUE’s Secret Trip! Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin are excited to enjoy the beautiful mountains and magnificent seas in Korea, but here’s the twist – they are supposed to leave the place they are visiting once a fan recognises them. Can they enjoy their long-awaited vacation and travel around different spots without being noticed? Fun fact: The show coincides with the band’s first comeback almost 4 years since their military discharge!

Amazing picks for your stay-at-home movie nights

Secret Zoo

Streaming on Viu from 19 Dec
Starring Ahn Jae Hong, Kang So Ra, Park Yeong Gyu, Kim Sung Oh, Jeon Yeo Bin

Based on a webtoon, Secret Zoo follows Kang Tae Soo (Ahn Jae Hong), a junior lawyer who is tasked to revitalise a failing zoo. Seeing this as a chance to make a name for himself in the company, Tae Soo is eager to prove his worth. The problem? The zoo does not actually have any animals, and he has only three months to turn its fortune around. With the zookeepers’ help, he comes up with an unorthodox idea: to have the zookeepers dress up as animals and put on a show for guests. When a video of him drinking Coca-Cola while wearing a polar bear suit goes viral, the zoo’s popularity instantly skyrocketed. But how long can Tae Soo and the zookeepers maintain this charade?


Steel Rain 2: Summit

Streaming on Viu from 26 Dec
Starring Jung Woo Sung, Kwak Do Won, Yoo Yeon Seok

What happens when the most unlikely combination of political leaders convenes, but not in the way that most people would expect? The president of South Korea, the leader of North Korea and the U.S. president gather to discuss a peace treaty, but little did they know, they would find themselves trapped underwater in a submarine operated by the Supreme Guard Command Chief in his effort to thwart the discussion.


A Werewolf Boy

Streaming on Viu from 4 Dec
Starring Park Bo Young, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Hyang Gi

Witness Park Bo Young’s nurturing side as she plays Soon Yi, a 17-year- old girl who moves to the countryside with her family. She discovers a feral teenager (Song Joong Ki), later named Chul Soo by Soon Yi’s mother, and showers him with care while trying to integrate him into society by using a dog training manual. Ji Tae (Yoo Yeon Seok), Soon Yi’s childhood friend who is also vying for her attention, attempts to cause a rift between Soon Yi and Chul Soo. Enraged, Chul Soo demonstrates his bestial side – watch and see if he can be reined in, in one of the most successful Korean melodramas of all time – A Werewolf Boy.


Blood and Ties

Streaming on Viu from 4 Dec
Starring Son Ye Jin, Kim Gap Soo, Lim Hyung Jun

Daddy’s girl Jung Da Eun (Son Ye Jin) lives a regular life, striving to reach her dream of being a news reporter. However, an unsolved child kidnapping case that took place long ago resurfaces in the media, in which the main piece of evidence, a voice recording, grabs her attention as it sounds just like her beloved father, Jung Son Man (Kim Gap Soo). With the statute of limitations running out in a matter of days and her relationship with her father on the line, what will Da Eun do?

Chinese dramas not to be missed

Maiden Holmes (少女达人)

Streaming on Viu for FREE* from 4 Dec
Starring Chen Yao 陈瑶, Zhang Ling He 张凌赫

In a kingdom at war, the young and extravagant prince Pei Yan Zhi (Zhang Ling He), who is also a military prodigy, is sent to fight against the enemies with his army. When they are overthrown, he finds himself having to relinquish his position and was swiftly replaced by another young candidate. Sensing that something is off, he goes undercover to get to the bottom of it, with the help of a sharp-witted and capable female detective, Su Ci (Chen Yao). Watch Maiden Holmes to see how the pair works together to uncover the scheme!

Catch a modern twist on this crowd favourite Thai Drama!

My Secret Bride

Streaming on Viu for FREE* from 1 Dec
Starring Kao Supassara Thanachart, Warintorn Panhakarn, Pariit Thimthong

Saum (Kao Supassara Thanachart) is a playful but talented girl who grew up in the poorer part of town, and Danurut (Warintorn Panhakarn) is a policeman from her village whom she befriends and frequently gets her out of trouble. In a mutually beneficial agreement, Tuanthep (Au Tanakorn Posayanon), Danurut’s deputy commander, hires Saum as Danurut’s fake wife to go on an infiltration mission, while concurrently spying on Danurut as he suspects that Danurut might be involved in the gang activities too. Is Saum and Danurut’s marriage solely contractual or will it blossom into something more? Watch The Secret Bride, a 2020 rendition that pays homage to the original 1991 drama and its 2000 remake!

*These titles will be streaming on Viu for free from 1 to 31 Dec 2020.

Enjoy the best of Asian entertainment on Viu, an OTT video service, where you can catch the latest Asian dramas and variety shows for free or subscribe to Premium to enjoy more content such as Kids’ animations, award-winning movies, and other exclusive perks!

Kids’ animations and movies are available only to Viu Premium subscribers. As a Premium subscriber, you also get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Unlimited download for offline viewing
  • All-access pass: Unlimited access to all content
  • Priority viewing from as fast as 8 hours after original telecast
  • TV access^: Via Smart TV or casting
  • Full HD: Up to 1080p
  • Uninterrupted viewing: No video ads

^TV rights are applicable for selected shows on selected Smart TV models and casting.

Credits: Viu

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