[Foodie Friday] Shake Up Your Day With All-New Healthy Dosirak Boxes

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It can get a little boring and repetitive eating the same foods over and over again when you are dieting or watching your weight. Fear not, because Dosirak brings you all your familiar fare with an additional perk – each lunch box itself typically encapsules 350 to 450 calories each to make it easier for you to count calories.

table shot

Translating directly to Korean packed lunchboxes (think similar to those Japanese bento boxes with everything thrown in), Dosirak promises highly nutritious meals with a dash of their secret sauce that makes this one tasty meal that will leave you with a full belly. The colorful palate of colors also make for a good Instagram photo to make your followers jealous.


Boasting a whole collective of menu choices ranging from the classic Bulgogi beef to the homely taste of Kimchi Tofu, Dosirak allows to choose from pre-decided combinations or even mixing and matching your preferences into a customizable bento box.

DSR cforcassan insta

Another reason why to order yourself a box of healthy greens – your food gets served in a pint like box in which you can take childish joy in shaking to ensure that you get a mouthful of every little veg in your bowl at the same time.

A fast food restaurant that sells healthy yet tasty Korean fare? I’ll be there in a sec.

Images from DOSIRAK’s Instagram.

Find Dosirak at China Square, right smack in the middle of the central business district for all you business people out there watching your weight.

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