[Foodie Friday] Food inspiration from Who Are You: School 2015


Fans of the drama School 2015: Who Are You must be familiar with the café that appears predominantly in the drama – Coffee Bay. But besides the café, do you know what are they exactly eating/drinking?


Actually for each café scene, the cast are seen sitting around a table with various assortment of selections – but the most prominent item is almost always the rainbow-coloured drink. And guess what, there are three variations with different colour combinations to choose from. As seen in the image above, Yi Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk’s character) is having a Hawaiian Sunshine, while Tae Kwang (Sungjae’s character) is pondering over a cup of Hawaiian Rainbow. (And the remaining flavour is Hawaiian Blue)

whoareyou coffee bay 3

To cater to the drama fans, Coffee Bay has also released a limited edition Who Are You bottle along with the Hawaiian Ice beverages. For more details, check out the locations where the promotion is not available on the site here:


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4 thoughts on “[Foodie Friday] Food inspiration from Who Are You: School 2015”

  1. I can’t read Korean very well even though I’m Korean. I love who are you and I’m looking for a location near me: Seoul, 양천구 and I want to one that’s close to me or if there’s only some participating locations, I’m okay with that too as long as it’s in Seoul. Thank you so much!!

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