[Foodie Friday] 5 Bingsu Cafes to cool the heat in Singapore

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After returning from Korea last summer, I suffered withdrawal symptoms from missing all the yummy and cheap Korean food. But with the booming Korean food scene in Singapore, my cravings have mostly been satisfied – except for bingsu, also known as Korean shaved ice. Having bingsu for every 2-3 days there, I went cold turkey back in Singapore and the only alternative here was ice kachang.

The heavenly Sulbing in Korea ©

But my days of salivating and dreaming about Sulbing (my favourite bingsu joint in Korea!!) were gone when someone out there decided to answer my prayers. Cafes/restaurants started to sell bingsus and specialised bingsu cafes started popping out on our shores too! Here are 5 mention-worthy bingsu cafes in Singapore:

1) Binggojung

A photo posted by Mag Chow (@modgam) on

Opened by the folks from Jushinjung, the bingsus sold at Binggojung felt closest to the ones I had in coffee chains in Korea. The serving portion is really generous – it is quite impossible to finish one alone! To fully enjoy the various flavours offered by Binggojung, go with a group of friends and share different bingsus around the table!

Recommended flavour(s): Green Tea Bingsu, Oreo Bingsu, Cheesecake Bingsu

Address: 102 Guillemard Road, #01-01
Opening hours: 12PM – 11PM

Facebook: Binggojung

2) Cafe Insadong

A photo posted by gęräłdíñē (@pigg0ink) on

The newest kid on the block, Cafe Insadong is a quaint little cafe located in Chinatown. The shaved ice is really really good! I wouldn’t call it shaved ice though as it’s flavourful… it’s more like shaved milk? The chapssaltteok (rice cakes filled with sweet bean paste) was a pleasant surprise as most bingsus I’ve tried only comes with plain tteok. Although the bingsu may be smaller in comparison to the ones I had in Binggojung, it was just nice for 2 people as an after-meal dessert.

Recommended flavour(s): Red Bean & Sweet Potato Patbingsu

Address: 279 South Bridge Road
Opening hours: Tue-Thu: 12PM – 9PM, Fri & Sat: 12PM – 10PM, Sun: 2PM – 8PM

Facebook: Cafe Insadong 인사동

3) Nunsongyee

A photo posted by Shawn Loh (@larvitar) on

The only reason that may deter people from trying their bingsus is that it is quite pricey (almost $20 for 1 bingsu?!?!?!) However, it is hard to find authentic bingsus like Nunsongyee’s, accompanied with a variety of toppings just in one bowl. This place would definitely be great to head to as a reward for yourself once in a while. Do take note that only cash is allowed there – so do bring enough so as not to make a wasted trip down!

Recommended flavour(s): Black Sesame Bingsu, Premium Strawberry Bingsu

Address: 45 Burghley Drive, #01-04
Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM

Facebook: Nunsongyee 눈송이


4) One Ice Cafe

A photo posted by Wei Zhi (@cweizhi) on

With the accessible location and the cheap prices (around $5.80 for one), One Ice Cafe is the to-go place to satisfy your urgent bingsu cravings or to keep cool from the hot weather. However, one thing I found quite lacking was the limited variety of toppings for each flavour.

Recommended flavour(s): Matcha Bingsu, Oreo Bingsu

Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-67
Opening hours: 12PM – 10PM

Facebook: One Ice Cafe

5) One Thing Coffee Kids Cafe

A photo posted by Nicholas Tan (@stormscape) on

Although this is a kids cafe, anyone can dine there! I love how they use a Pyrex measuring cup for the bingsus – I’ve seen some cafes in Korea with this similar presentation too! The portion is also quite generous alhough the bingsu flavours offered are quite limited. As One Thing Coffee Kids Cafe is located in Bukit Timah and opened by a Korean family, do expect to see Korean families around and cute Korean kids playing in the play area in the cafe!

Recommended flavour(s): Green Tea Bingsu, Patbingsu

Address: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B2-17
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM – 9PM, Sun: 10AM – 8PM

Facebook: One thing Coffee Kids cafe

Before I forget, here’s a tip for enjoying bingsus fully: Mix the bingsu and its fillings well. Pour the condensed milk evenly around the shaved ice while mixing it to enjoy a more milky texture.

Are there any other bingsu joints that should make this list too? Or are there any additional tips about these places? Do share your thoughts and comments with us! ^^

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