[FOOD] Get in sync with the first ever Korean Tapas Bar – SYNC Bistro

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Introducing the first ever Korean Tapas Bar in Singapore!

Hidden gem unearthed within the quiet neighborhood in Serangoon Gardens – SYNC Korean Tapas Bar. Conveniently located at 12 Maju Avenue, SYNC Korean Tapas Bar is situated in between myVillage and ChompChomp.

The term ‘Tapas’ originated from Spain which refers to a wide variety of appetizers and snacks that can be served hot or cold. SYNC Korean Tapas Bar is no doubt the pioneer of twisting Tapas in the Korean way. Be surprised to know that the founders are not Koreans, but their never-ending love for Korean cuisines should be enough to make them qualified ones.

SYNC BISTRO originated from the word “synchronize”, named with the intention to connect people along with the mailbox concept. The masterminds are remarkable designers and their masterpieces are all shown in the interior design of the tapas bar – feels like home that keeps you going back for more! With the current menu the third version, be surprised to know that SYNC’s menu changes quarterly along with the season and new dishes will be added to the list. Constantly experimenting till perfection, feel free to drop them ideas of what you’ll like to see. Who knows it might just be in the new menu for the next season?

Simply search up “Korean Tapas” and be bombarded with nothing but positive reviews from satisfied foodies. We spoke to the friendly folks at SYNC Korean Tapas Bar and here are the must-try signatures!

#1 – Cheesy Topokki (sweet & spicy ricecakes with chicken sausage, mozzarella and red cheddar cheese)
#8 – Dak-Kangjung (deep fried sweet & spicy chicken thigh bites)
#10 – Sogogi Jowl (char grilled beef jowl in shisho lead with garlic confit)

#16b – Beoseot (grilled king oyster mushroom with homemade glaze)
#17b – Dalg (grilled chicken thigh skewer with leek and homemade glaze)

#30 – Samgyeopsal Gui (char grilled pork belly rice with onsen egg in mix spicy bulgogi sauce)
#31 – Dak-Kangjung (fried chicken bites in sweet & spicy sauce with fries and salad)
#32 – Dak Gar-bi (mild spicy chicken paella with aborio rice, shimeiji and kimchi)
#33 – Budae-jigae (army stew of clams, shrimps, octopus, chicken sausage, enokie and ramen in kimchi broth)

IMG_0988 (1)
Tapas #3: Crackling (SGD7.90)

Best eaten with beer, the Cracking made from Umami Cod is the most welcomed tapas for the regulars! Topped with Furikake flakes, this tapas is set to make you tempted for another bowl!

Tapas #1: Cheesy Topokki (SGD7.90)

Needless to elaborate on the importance of rice cakes in Korean cuisines, SYNC’s Topokki is next best seller in line for both kids and adults. Not a cheese lover? No worries, the mozzarella cheese and red cheddar compliments the sweet and spicyness and yet not over-powering to make you sick of it. Yumz!

IMG_0995 (1)
Tapas #10 : Sogogi Jowl (SGD9.90)

Char-grilled beef jowl in shisho leaf (sesame leaf) and garlic confit. Gently poached in oil till the most delicate sweetness, the garlic confit is named the secret ingredient to many chefs. On a personal note, I was never a fan of garlic, not especially garlic in a whole clover. I was rather doubtful when the SYNC folks was so confident that I’d fall in love with this tapas. “Are you serious this is that good?” I questioned. There’s probably no answer to how delicious this unexpected combination could result in. The garlic confit and shisho leaf compliments the juicy and tender beef jowl so well that it really brings out another taste from what you’d have expected from a beef dish. Hence, we would crown the Sogogi Jowl as SYNC’s #1 must-try tapas!

Tapas #8: Dak-Kangjung (SGD8.90)

Crowned as our #1 Favorite Tapas, the Dak-kangjung is made from fried chicken thigh bites with a special sweet & spicy sauce that is just on point. Being just-on-point does not make it average nor ordinary. It only means that the perfect balance is met with the sauce being so spot on that neither is it too sweet nor too spicy. For foodies that like to spend time on posting photos before eating it, you’ll be happy to know that the chicken bites stay crispy after almost half an hour. We wonder how was that possible with the sauce drizzled over the fried chicken bites. Trust us, this is simply irresistible. *thumbs up*

Tapas #9: Sam-gyupsal Salad

As appetizing as the presentation looks, have a taste of the natural goodness with the generous serving of the juicy grilled samgyupsal mixed with a good combination of greens. This tapas is one that will make you finish till the bottom. We love how the greens are extremely crunchy with overflowing natural sweetness!

IMG_1019 (1)
Main #33: Budae-jigae, Army Stew (SGD40.90)

Here’s a mini vesion of the Army Stew with generous portions of ramen and goodness from the sea. Mixed with clams, octopus, shrimps, chicken sausage, enoki mushrooms in the all-time favorite kimchi broth. The essence from the seafood have perfectly infused into the broth and what’s better than having it with ramen?  We had differing opinions on the spicy-ness, so why not try it for yourself?

Dessert #40: Misugaru Lava Cake (SGD9.90)

Misugaru is a traditional grain power made from 10 different grains, usually drank as a nutritious malt drink that is similar to the commonly known breakfast drink ‘milo’. If you’re not a fan of overly sweetened lava cakes, this will be your favorite after the first bite. The Misugaru Lava cake comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and self-baked corn flakes!

Don’t miss their vegan burger series consisting of Bibimbap burger and Mac ‘n’ Cheese burger with home-made patties.

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar (#syncbistro)
Address: 12 Maju Ave, Serangoon Garden Estate S(556690)
Telephone: 6282 0612
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/syncbistro/
Operating hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon, Wed, Thu), 11am – 12am (Fri to Sun). Closed on Tuesday
*Take bus 73, 136, 315 or 317 from Serangoon Interchange

Photography by Lauren, Article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou.com

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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