Chaebol Ahn Bohyun Joins Police’s Violent Crimes Unit in K-Drama “Flex X Cop”

When a procedural mix-up sees the son of a wealthy Korean conglomerate owner get parachuted into a new role with the police’s Violent Crimes Unit, the heir will use his vast fortune and unique skills to solve some of the city’s biggest crimes in Flex X Cop, a new Korean crime drama coming January 26 to Disney+.

After years of spending his family’s fortune on whatever his heart desired, a mistaken arrest sees Jin Isoo get thrust into a new position at Gangha Police Station’s Violent Crimes Unit 1. Used to getting whatever he wants, Isoo initially butts heads with the department’s leader Lee Ganghyun, but as the weight of his new responsibility begins to set in, Isoo will rise to the occasion, using his unique skillset and vast wealth to bulldoze through departmental bottlenecks, helping the team solve cases and bring offenders to justice.

Starring Ahn Bohyun (Yumi’s Cells, Itaewon Class) as conglomerate heir and new police inspector Jin Isoo and Park Jihyun (Reborn Rich, Do You Like Brahms?) as team leader Lee Ganghyun, Flex X Cop is written by Kim Bada (My Name, Life Risking Romance).

Stream Flex X Cop from January 26 on Disney+.

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