3 steps to achieving flawless and beautiful hair

IU and beautiful hair

We are now 2 months into the COVID-19 outbreak and masks are sold out everywhere, have you been wearing a mask everywhere you go these days? Some girls might be annoyed at having to wear a mask as our make-up rubs off onto the mask even before half the day is gone, why not skip the make up and spend more time on your hair?

In this list below, we share with you 3 affordable products you can use in 3 easy steps to achieve voluminous and beautiful hair that will not be covered by a mask.

#1. HAIR+ Velvet Protein Bond Shampoo

Did you know the 80% of hair composition is protein? Due to our frequent dyeing and perming of hair, many of us suffer from damaged hair with dry and split ends caused by protein destruction.

The HAIR+ Protein Bond Shampoo contains 8 types of protein – Keratin, Collagen, Wheat protein and many more, it also contains 3 types of silk that forms a protective layer, preventing protein loss and external damage such a tangles and friction.

#2. HAIR+ Velvet Protein Bond Ampoule

After shampooing, dry your hair with a towel, and apply this ampoule when it’s is still wet.

This salon-grade ampoule supplies protein to your hair and helps it absorb more protein, repairing damaged hair, leaving it soft and silky. As it does not require rinse off, this ampoule helps to create a layer of protection over your hair the whole day.

#3. HAIR+ Protein Bond Water Essence

This water essence contains 3 core ingredients – Silk Cocoon that contains essential Amino Acids that keeps your hair sleek, Milk Protein which nourishes and moisturizes by providing protein to damaged hair and Wheat Protein that strengthens your hair elasticity by forming a protective layer.

Simply spray an appropriate amount on your hair and comb it down to achieve instant smoothening care. Hair care is the greatest headache of all as we don’t always know the right steps to take to nourish our hair, but try out these 3 steps now and you might even be able to achieve hair as beautiful as IU’s!

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