[EXCLUSIVE] Son Dambi talks about her latest Digital Single “Red Candle”

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After a year of hiatus since her 4th mini-album “Dripping Tears”, Pop Queen Son Dam Bi is back with her 9th Digital Single “Red Candle” on 23rd December 2013, Apart from being the composer of “Red Candle”, SHINee’s Jonghyun also directed the recording process of the single. Let’s hear what Son Dam Bi has to say about her latest digital single!

1. Is there any special meaning behind the song title “Red Candle”?
A: There is no special behind story behind it. The song is composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun, who wrote the lyrics based on the meaning of “Red Candle”, so “Red Candle” came out naturally. If you take a good look at the lyrics, I think you can understand the meaning.

2. How do you feel when you first heard the demo for “Red Candle”?
A: I’ve heard that Jonghyun writes songs well, so I had high expectations. Despite my high expectations, after hearing “Red Candle” I could immediately feel that it was a song written for me. So, I immediately said that I would like to request for a recording scheduled.

3. Since “Red Candle” is composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun, can fans expect a collaboration of Jonghyun and yourself in future?
A: As Jonghyun is a person with a wide range of talents, so I think I can learn a lot if I work together with him. This was definitely the case while working on “Red Candle”. Because Jonghyun is so busy, I don’t think such a chance to work with him will come by easily again. But if any chance arises, I hope to work with him together anytime.


4. Do you personally feel any difference when you are infront cameras and off cameras?
A: Whether the cameras are on or off, I think that I am always myself. However when the cameras are off, instead of a singer that is being watched by many, I think I become more of an average, normal person. Admittedly it is possible that I become a more different me when standing on stage or while filming a drama. This is because I work hard to express my songs, and also to breathe life into the characters in my dramas. In these cases I will have to show a different side to myself, and therefore the feeling you get when you see me will definitely be different, don’t you think so?

5. There was a segment of ballad in the MV, how did the idea come about?
A: The idea for the music video came from the director. While preparing an image concept for “Red Candle”, the idea of female actresses and their stories came up, and the idea for the music video hence started. Using of metaphor of the lyrics of “Red Candle” which implies something which is easily extinguished and melted, the melancholy and futility of actresses were born.

6. How was the promotions in China? How do you feel after meeting your Chinese fans?
A: In 2013, because of Pledis and Yuehua Entertainment’s joint venture, I started to have full-scale promotional activities in China. Since then, I performed full-scale at China’s broadcasts and I had the opportunity to be invited to perform at the year-end stage at Hubei Satellite TV New Year’s Eve event. Standing on a stage in another country outside of Korea is always a new and memorable experience, but lately in China, I feel that the stage is a more special. I myself am very touched by my wonderful fans, who know me not in Korea but in China, and also know my songs.

7. Do you have any goals for 2014?
A: Compared to 2013, I think I will be more active in 2014. It is difficult to give definite answers, but should I get opportunities as an actress and singer I will work hard to appear more often in front of everyone.

8. Will your next album be released in 2014?
A: It is difficult to give a certain answer as to when the album will be released, but I am preparing to come back showing a more mature Son Dambi and music. Please look forward to it.

9. Do you have any messages for your international fans?
A: Hello, I am Son Dambi. For 2014, it will be great if I can get many opportunities to personally meet fans not only in Korea, but also around the world. I love everyone of you my fans!


FUN FACT: Son Dom Bi acted in the TvN sitom “Play Guide (플레이가이드)” along with Park Min Woo (박민우). 5 episodes was aired in total in January to February 2013. Son Dam Bi being the CEO of “Love Agent” listens to the stories of many heartbroken souls that approaches her and gives dating tips. Watch the 1st episode of “Play Guide” below!


[MV] SON DAMBI Digital Single_’Red Candle’_M/V

Son Dam Bi’s Official Twitter: (@dambi925) Son Dam Bi’s Official Facebook: 손담비 Son Dam Bi
Son Dam Bi’s Official Instagram: (@sondb)

[VIDEO] SON DAMBI ‘Red Candle’_Jacket Making Film
[VIDEO] SON DAMBI ‘Red Candle’_M/V Making Film

Article by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou, Translations by Rachel & Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou.
Special thanks to Son Dam Bi and Pledis Entertainment for the interview opportunity.
Photography provided by Pledis Entertainment.

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