[EXCLUSIVE] Singapore Singer-Songwriter JUNO LIN talks about overcoming setbacks along his journey to a singer || 【独家专访】 新加坡创作歌手 ‘林昭宇’ 发行单曲 《反正是愛》


 11 January 2014 – Formerly a member of the band “Man Tou (馒头)” in Channel U’s reality program “SUPERBAND (非常SuperBand)”, local singer-songwriter JUNO LIN (林昭宇) recently released his first single 《反正是愛》.

Singing has been a hobby since young for Juno. With hopes that JUNO could get rid of the introvert in him and be braver to face people, his mother signed him up for singing lesson after his O levels. Juno mentioned some singers that he look up to, such as Eason Chan, Aaron Kwok and recently Jam Hsiao. Seeing them with overflowing charisma on stage gives him the drive that fuels his passion for music to the next level.

The initial support from his family was given because they knew Juno has always liked singing and did not give another thought about his decision. It did not take long until his family gave a second thought to Juno’s decision of becoming a singer, whether it would be better for him to get a proper job instead. Alongside with some frictions with his family inbetween, Juno was not sure of the path he should take for a period of time. However, with the help of time, Juno gradually gained his family’s support back with his determination and persevereance in his dreams and music.

Juno revealed that his journey to pursue his dreams as a singer as not an easy one, but instead filled with countless hardships and difficulties.  It has been about 10 years since Juno started his dream-chasing mission. When asked to talk more about the obstacles he faced along the way, Juno revealed that there were too many to be counted. The greatest challenge was “perserverance” he said. One by one, seeing his friends giving up halfway turned into a form of peer pressure for him. The next period was the composing phase where the challenge he had was to be creative and to fully understand himself.

1-DSC_0032“Writing songs is like writing diary entries, you have to understand yourself in
order to write songs in your own unique style”  – JUNO LIN

As mentioned earlier, JUNO had vocal lessons and joined competitions in Singapore. Despite the accumulated experience empowering him to be sure of his dreams, he felt lost during a period but picked himself up in no time. When the opportunity to participate in a competition in Beijing came, Juno packed his luggage without a second thought and made his way to China. Together with a group of friends, they initially thought of staying for two weeks but ended up stayed for three years.

Juno describes the advantages of being in a band as having bandmates going through “wars” and difficult times together. Such as encouraging and cheering for each other at the backstage before going up on stage to perform. He missed that team spirit among the bandmates. Being a solo artiste gives Juno more freedom in composing and expressing himself in terms on song arrangement to deliver what he hopes to express through his music.

MUSIC – is described as a huge part of his life. While others express themselves and their thoughts through writing diaries or perhaps blogging, Juno expresses himself through his music. Juno gives his words of encouragement to people who are hesitating to pursue their musical dreams but gave a stern warning that it would not be an easy journey.

1-DSC_0030“Once you have set your mind, you must persevere till the very end!” – Juno Lin.

 From start till end, the preparation for his single 《反正是愛》 did not take long. The impromptu inspiration came one night and Juno immediately penned it down and filled in the lyrics in a few days’ time. As the inspiration came naturally and not under a circumstance that Juno has to compose according to a specific requirement, Juno as the composer could understand the songs a level deeper than others. The song reflects Juno’s perspective of love. He elaborated – A relationship would usually be very sweet and romantic at the starting phase and parties involved sometimes get hurt during the down phases. One might thought that if the ending could be predicted, one might as well not begin with this relationship at all. Juno’s perspective differed. Putting it simply, Juno thinks that Life’s ups and downs are inevitable and everyone should learn from their mistakes than wishing for time to turn backwards. The process and experiences are the most important factors he said.

 5 years from now, Juno hopes to be still making music, sing and perform. In order for that to happen, he would require support from people who like his music. As for now, Juno expressed that he will continue to work hard and work towards this goal. He also wishes to have the opportunity to hold his own concert and music sharing sessions where he could closely interact with people who likes his music.

A lot of plans were made for 2014 including the preparation of the songs for Juno’s upcoming album which is tentatively set to release during mid-year. On the last note, Juno hopes his music can be easily
related by everyone and wish to share more of his compositions regarding Love, Life and Attitude.

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林昭宇 Juno Lin 反正是愛 【官方完整版HD MV】


林昭宇 Juno Lin – 反正是愛 @ 曹軒賓 “參宿七” 音乐会

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1-DSC_0033Juno Lin (left) and Jacky Chew (right) in the recording studio

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