[EXCLUSIVE] Singapore singer-songwriter JACKY CHEW talks about his new single “My Bad” | 【独家专访】 新加坡创作歌手 ‘周瑋賢’ 发行单曲 《是我不好》


11 January 2014 – KAvenyou sat down for an interview with the talented local singer-songwriter Jacky Chew (周瑋賢) who has recently released his first single 《是我不好》. Formerly from a band named “J3”, Jacky participated in Mediacorp Channel U’s “SUPERBAND (非常SuperBand)” with 2 other members in 2006 and made it to the TOP 4.

Jacky revealed that he might have inherited the passion for music from his mother. During his childhood days, he would stand beside a mannequin, start singing and leave only when his finishes his last line. Despite his family giving him their fullest support, they gradually started to disapprove his dreams when they realized that people of Jacky’s age mostly had stable jobs already. Thinking that having a proper 9AM to 5PM job with stable income is the “right” way that Jacky should have led his life, the family soon had frequent quarrels and disagreements. However, after observing Jacky’s persistent determination to continue pursuing his dreams to become a singer, they soon started to give their support like before.


When asked about the difficulties and challenges that he faced along the way, Jacky had to overcome himself and his own fears before he could move on and progress. He mentioned that he worried if his songs would be well-received by the public and if his songs were well-written enough to be heard or otherwise. Undoubtedly, Jacky has once thought of giving up halfway through the journey mentioning that it was not an easy journey to begin with. He added that perseverance is an important factor to endure the difficult times.

Formerly a band member to a solo singer-songwriter now, Jacky discussed the differences between the two roles. In a band, plans can only proceed if all members have agreed on it during discussions. Going solo, all decision lies with Jacky since he’s the only “member” now. He added that being in a band has helped tremendously in shaping him to who he is today.

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Music is, his life. Being someone who definitely has to sing every single day, Jacky revealed that a day felt like a year during times when he was down with flu or sore throat. He went on to elaborate that he would feel uncomfortable from head to toe if he’s unable to sing even for just a day.

To Jacky, Happiness is when his songs are known and heard by people. He hopes to share his story with the audience through his music. With inspirations from real-life stories that were experienced by Jacky himself, his friends and people around him, the heartfelt lyrics in his songs undoubtedly touched many.

To all those who have the burning passion within but are hesitating to further pursue their dreams, Jacky’s advice for you would be “Go for it!” as long as it is not anything bad. In terms of music, his advice would be “Be yourself! Don’t copy others, neither follow the trends. Be the one to create trends instead!”.


Being a singer-songwriter, Jacky was not sure if the talent for composing is an advantage because there are numerous talented singer-songwriters out there in the world. He thinks being able to sing is not enough, being multi-talented would be the most ideal.

The preparation for his single titled “My Bad 《是我不好》” took approximately 2 to 3 months. The music video depicts a couple who met because of music. Yet ironically distanced and drifted apart because of music. Facing the fate of choosing one out of the two in the end – Would you choose Music or Love?

Apart from singing and composing, Jacky has a thing for Photography as well as Fashion too. When asked where he think he would be 5 years from now, Jacky jokingly said he would have to take out his crystal ball. Although he cannot predict the future, he hopes to be able to conduct a world tour in the future years.

Venturing into a new year, Jacky hopes to release his upcoming mini-album successfully in 2014. He hopes to share his music with people from different countries. Just started with his first footstep, Jacky is thankful for the support he has received and promised to deliver more songs in time to come.


周瑋賢 Jacky Chew – 是我不好 @ 曹軒賓 “參宿七” 音乐会

周瑋賢 Jacky Chew 是我不好【官方完整版HD MV】

 * Photography, Videography and Article by XUAN LIN @ KAvenyou.com

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Juno Lin (left) and Jacky Chew (right) in the recording studio

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