[EVENT] Della's "The First Day to Say I Love You" in Singapore || 丁当《我爱你恋习曲》新加坡演唱会


Singapore – The renowned Queen of OST, Della Ding, will be bringing her 3rd world tour to Singapore on 27th February 2016 after her “One in a Thousand” World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium held two years ago. The first stop for “The First Day to Say I Love You” successfully kicked off yesterday, making it Della’s third concert at the Taipei Arena! This is a concert not to be missed, expect a mass KTV session along with Della’s popular hits and OSTs from the past years.

Mark your calendars and get ready for the ticket sale starting 20th November 2015!

Della @ B’IN Music Street Concert in April 2015


Della [The First Day to Say I Love You] in Singapore
Date: 27th February 2016 (SAT)
Time: 8PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket Pricing: $88/$118/$138/$168/$188 (excludes booking charge)
Ticketing Website: www.sportshubtix.sg    Hotline: 3158 7888

丁当  [ 我爱你恋习曲 ]  新加坡演唱会
门票:$88/$118/$138/$168/$188 (excludes booking charge)
订票网址: www.sportshubtix.sg | 订票热线: 3158 7888
* 全岛Singpost及新加坡室内体育馆售票处同步发售

Image credits: Sportshub, Rock Records Facebook.



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