[EVENT] 24K to hit Europe with “Still with 24U” tour

24k Europe tour2017 will soon knock at our door and will bring new adventures for K-Pop fans. In Europe, this will start with a 24K tour, so read all the information below and don’t miss the fun. 

The “Still with 24U” tour organized by Kinetic Vibe will include the following cities (all in January) :

3 – Magazzini Generali in Milan, Italy
5 – Gloria in Helsinki, Finland
6 – 229 The Venue in London, UK
8 – Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw, Poland (with Kanzen Music)
10 – Lisboa oa Vivo in Lisbon, Portugal
12 – Die Kantine in Cologne, Germany (with Kanzen Music)
14 – Palatul National al Copiilor in Bucharest, Romania (with Kompas Events)
15 – La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France

The ticket prices go from 35 to 110 euros, and you can visit Kinetic Vibe, Kanzen Music or Kompas Events for information, as the ticketting already started.

And now you have all the information you need to get your tickets, here are five why you should attend the event.

1 / You won’t want to miss seeing their latest come-back live

Almost right when their announced their Europe tour, 24K also came-back with Bingo. It is a trap-influenced club banger so it promises to be a great song to party to live.

2 / 24K’s many musical influences

Zver since debutting, 24K used various genres into its music. Including pop, dubstep, hip hop, electronic dance music, R&B… Their music is influenced by all these genres. Groups with several influences are always good to watch live. Concerts are the best way to see a group’s different sides.
As 24K focuses a lot on dancing and singing, you’re in for a display of talents.

3/ 24K is excited to meet you

That might look like a given but : 24K are obviously happy to visit Europe. The tour’s name itself proves that 24K wants to make special memories with fans. Despite the hardships the group may have faced since thier debut in 2012, they are “Still with 24U”.
And their leader Cory was so excited about the tour that he even spoiled the news before any official announcement.
As the group is excited to meet you European fans, don’t disappoint them and go show your support!

4/ There is a concert near you

If you live in Europe, there is probably a concert nearby. With 8 countries, 24K have decided to include Northern Europe, Southern Europe,  Western Europe and Eastern Europe.
Maybe they’re not coming right were you live but there is probably a cheap low-cost flight to go to the closest date.

5/ To start the year with a K-Pop concert

The tour will start on January, 3rd and last until the 15th. This is the time where you’ll still send your Season’s Greetings. Is there a better New Year’s resolution than “This year I’ll attend all the K-Pop concerts I can” ?
And if you’ve been a good fan, maybe Santa Claus can put the ticket in your socks this Christmas.

Article by Céline

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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