Jo In Sung’s “Escape From Mogadishu” To Air in Singapore Cinemas 2 September

Trapped in Somalia’s Civil War of 1991.
A Life-and-Death Struggle to Escape.
A 2021 Movie for All Viewers!

Based on real events, the highly anticipated South Korean action drama film “Escape From Mogadishu”, featuring a star-studded cast including Jo In Sung, Kim Yoon Seok and Heo Jun Ho, is making its way to Singapore cinemas this 2 September. Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan (“Battleship Island“, “Veteran“, “The Berlin File”), “Escape From Mogadishu” is a gripping reinterpretation of the South Koreans who were stranded during the outbreak of the Somali Civil War in 1991.

“Escape From Mogadishu” is also the first South Korean film to surpass 2 million moviegoers at the Korean box office in 2021, which is considered an impressive achievement given the current COVID-19 situation and the strict social distancing guidelines in South Korea.


In the late 1980s, at the height of the Cold War, a diplomatic skirmish between North and South Korea breaks out on the African continent over the latter’s campaign to join the United Nations.

In Autumn 1990, three years after the opening of a South Korean embassy, Somalia’s capital Mogadishu is engulfed in civil war, leaving the South Korean diplomats trapped. The North Korean embassy, meanwhile, faces the same situation.

The diplomats of these two nations, who in the outside world are sworn enemies, become targets for the hails of bullets fired by both Somali government forces and the rebels in the chaos of civil war. Risking their lives, they embark on a joint escape.

This movie also marks the first on-screen pairing of Kim Yoon Seok and Jo In Sung. Kim Yoon Seok says of his co-star, “Regardless of age difference, he is an actor with whom I felt a great camaraderie.” Jo In Sung said of Kim, “I think this opportunity to act together with Kim Yoon Seok will be a watershed in my career. I feel tremendous gratitude towards him.” Director Ryoo Seung-wan, speaking of their acting partnership, said “From the first time they met each other, they not only supported each other but tried to highlight each other’s performances, and I think you can see that on the screen.”

This summer, audiences will get the rare opportunity to feel what it is like to be trapped in a dramatic battle for the city of Mogadishu in 1991.

“Escape From Mogadishu” (모가디슈) opens in Singapore cinemas on 2 September 2021.

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