A Night of Wet & High-Energy Fun at Epik High’s ‘All Time High’ Singapore Concert

High Skool was in for a treat on the evening of 23rd September, where Epik High took over the iconic venue of Pasir Panjang Power Station for a memorable and adrenaline-filled night for the Singapore leg of their All Time High tour.

The hip-hop group, consisting of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz wasted no time in bringing out the explosive energy from the crowd, starting off with ‘On My Way’ and ‘Fly’.

“It’s good to be back, we’ve missed you very, very, very much! I’m here to do one thing – to make you forget all the problems that exist right outside that door, everything that was troubling you up to 5 minutes ago, I’m here to make you forget, and enjoy, and smile, and dream, and hope. My name is Tablo, aka Haru appa! The world’s strongest man, T-A-B-L-O!”

– Tablo

Tablo revealed that this was the first event they had ever done, that they had been told to just ‘spray as much water at the crowd as they can’, and because they are obedient men, they would do as what they were instructed to do so – and by the end of the night, High Skool nearer to the stage certainly did not leave the venue dry.

Fan favorites like ‘Rosario’, ‘Burj Khalifa’ and ‘NO THANXXX’ commanded the crowd’s attention and got everyone clapping along with them and their beats.

Tablo also read off fan messages from the crowd, such as a request to include photocards in their next album – which Tablo quipped, ‘I don’t know if that’s a good idea for Epik High,’ as they actually had done it before but some people ‘were mad’ as they pulled the same photocards in a row.

The group also gave a shoutout for overseas fans who travelled all the way to Singapore just to catch their show here; including a Korean fan who came here despite Epik High going to hold a concert at their homeground in December.

Tablo enlisted the audience’s help to sing along with him for the next track, ‘All day’, and got down to the crowd to perform ‘Eyes Nose Lips’.

“I always wonder why I started music. Music, because of my love for the beats, for rap, for the culture. When I was a kid, I looked at the mirror and said to myself: One day you’re gonna make it kid, and you’re going to be able to make it to Singapore. That was it, the only reason I did music was to come to Singapore.”

– Tablo’s quirky message, just for Singapore fans

Fans were treated to Epik High classics like ‘Love Love Love’, ‘Fan’ and ‘One’, delivering an unforgettable experience for High Skool in the unconventional industrial space. Tukutz’ hilarious lipsync during ‘Rain Song’ and his dance breaks definitely stole the limelight as well.

Everyone turned on their mobile phones’ flashlights on cue for ‘Home Is Far Way’, creating a picture-perfect scene at that moment, and the chants for encore even before the song has ended seamlessly led into ‘Born Hater’, where Tablo did a shoutout in the middle of the song – to a bunch of male fans who were extremely hyped up during this song, and in return, treated the crowd to another generous water shower.

Epik High closed Singapore’s show in an electrifying yet Epik High fashion, also performing ‘Don’t Hate Me’, ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘New Beautiful’, where they got everyone to jump along until the very end. A lucky High Skool also walked away with a T-shirt autographed by the members right on stage.

The show was definitely nothing short of epic, with Epik High, as always, delivering an experience and an unforgettable night with their fans.

Official Photography: CK Star Entertainment

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