E’LAST Makes a Comeback With 3rd Mini Album “ROAR”

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Betrayal and misunderstanding in love and oath. Toxic relationship due to brainwashing and awakening, and…

E’LAST’s 3rd mini album, “ROAR”, is an album released after about seven months since the group’s first single album, “Dark Dream”. Like the title, the album “ROAR” “roars” the climax in E’LAST’s storyline told up until now.

In the first mini album’s “Swear”, the eight members (Rano, Choi In, Seung Yeop, Baek Gyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Won Jun, and Ye Jun) swore an oath, leading the story to “Tears of Chaos” of the second mini album, which told the story of betrayal, misunderstanding, brainwashing, and awakening. Next came “Dark Dream” of the first single album that showed the toxic relationship that resulted from the previous stories. The title track, “Creature” is the continuation to the storyline and is also the climax of the plot.

About “Creature”

“Creature” is a song that expresses various emotions and psychological states by comparing the group members who had to leave someone and become monsters due to the countless misunderstandings and conflicts in the relationship to “werewolves full of emotional wounds”. It showcases E’LAST’s unique, powerful performance and is composed in a way that gives the song a strong narrative, and through a new genre and visuals, werewolves that transform every night has been projected as “creatures” in the choreography. E’LAST’s performance in this song will be more powerful and passionate than before as it compares a werewolf who loses itself to a “creature”, and it will further bring out the climax of E’LAST’s storyline.

GRAY & RED Versions

There are two versions of this 3rd mini album, GRAY and RED, and each version has a differentiating tracklist composed of six songs from a total of seven. As a new attempt to showcase a perfected form of E’LAST, each of the versions not only contain different images of E’LAST, but the tracklists of the two also differ. By creating two tracklists of completely different vibes for the RED and GRAY versions, E’LAST’s 3rd mini album, “ROAR” is the complete package.

The last track is “Nightmare” in the GRAY version and “Poison” in the RED. “Nightmare” is a song about love that piquantly expresses the miraculous timing of love when hearts that bloomed amid intense lives touch each other, whereas the track “Poison” is a song that expresses poison-like love. The song contains a story of love that has uncontrollably spread in the group members wanting their loved one(s), yearning for even more love, and how they cannot get away from their loved one(s) in the end since the loved one(s) are both the poison and antidote.

E’LAST’s 3rd mini album brings a more matured and perfected E’LAST along with other diverse sides to the group.

Watch the music video for “Creature”:

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