#DrJooWon charms more than 3000 fans at Singapore meet and greet

Actor Joo Won was in Singapore last Saturday for the promotion of The Gang Doctor, which is showing on ONE, accompanied with Park Hye Su, who played the role of his sister in the drama.

joowon parkhyesu

Before the meet-and-greet session, the duo sat down for a media conference in the afternoon. It was Joo Won’s first time in Singapore and his first impression was that Singapore was a nice country and as for Park Hye Su, she had visited Singapore last year with her family.

The Gang Doctor’s ratings had hit record-breaking numbers during its telecast in Korea, and the last drama to achieve such high ratings was My Love From The Star from two years back. The duo felt very lucky to be involved in this drama which had such a high rating and were very thankful for the public’s love for the drama. Joo Won also added that, although he did not know how The Gang Doctor was performing in Singapore, he hoped that the viewers here can show some love and support for it as well.


Similar to Joo Won’s role as Park Hye Su’s brother in The Gang Doctor, he was a great support to her when filming the drama, since this was her first drama role and he had offered her plenty of good words when she was feeling nervous.

There were many action scenes in The Gang Doctor which required Joo Won to perform many dangerous stunts, but the most challenging scene was the car chasing scene, where there were multiple cameras attached to the car that were obstructing his view and he felt like he was driving blindly. Thankfully, the scene turned out well and it looked great on screen.

An advice Joo Won would give to his 15-year-old self was that he should have enjoyed the 2000 World Cup more, which was a major event in Korea at that time. For Park Hye Su, she wished to spend more time with her family instead of just her friends at that point.


For the filming of The Gang Doctor, Joo Won lost a whooping 7kg for his drama role. Now that the production has ended, Joo Won assured that he has been resting well and he tends to gain back all the lost weight. As he is physically less active now as compared to during production, he has been watching his diet as well.

It was Park Hye Su’s first time meeting the public as an actress and hoped that many people will show their love and support for the drama. Likewise, Joo Won was thankful for so many people’s support for The Gang Doctor, and he was happy to receive good news about the drama both inside and outside of Korea.

drjoowon sg

Later on at night, the duo made an appearance at Suntec City North Atrium for the meet-and-greet session, where they were greeted by more than 3000 fans. Park Hye Su sang Remember Me Only from The Gang Doctor OST, captivating the crowd with her lovely vocals.

park hye su


3 lucky fans were chosen to go on stage to have their wish fulfilled with Joo Won – which were getting a hug, looking into each other’s eyes and taking a selfie respectively. Some fans also had the opportunity to go on stage to receive autographs from them.

joowon parkhyesu selfie

During the meet-and-greet session, #DrJooWon trended on the top position on Twitter in Singapore, showing the popularity of the actor here!

For more photos for the media conference and the meet-and-greet session, do check out KAvenyou’s Facebook page: A Date with #DrJooWon in SG – Press Conference + Meet & Greet

Fans of <The Gang Doctor> can catch the encore broadcast, with two episodes back-to-back, every Saturday, 4.30pm, on ONE, starting 7 November 2015. ONE is available in Singapore on: Singtel TV Ch 513, 604 and StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823.

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou & ONE

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