[DRAMA] Taiwanese girl group A'N'D (Angel 'N' Devil) rise to fame with Idol-comedy drama "终极恶女"

(L-R) Allie, Lucia, Eunice, Cosmo, Ting, Sunnee and Donna.

Taiwan – If you’ve been an avid Taiwanese drama fan, you would have known the one of the most addictive brain-washing hits that was crowned Taiwan’s rendition of “My Little Apple (小苹果)” that goes “我好寂寞 好寂寞 好寂寞 我好讨厌…“. Rang a bell? Don’t hesitate to hit the play button if you have not heard this song before!


Formerly a 7 members group, two new members were announced to join the group late last year making it a whooping 9 members girl group with Japanese twins named Anna and Reina. Apart from the twins, the group consists of Cosmo (宇宙), Eunice (鍾羽), Ting (雨婷), Lucia (盈燕), Sunnee (芸晴) who is a Thai-Chinese, Donna (彤兒), Allie (艾莉兒).

A’N’D made their official debut through singing the OST and acting in the same titled drama series Angel ‘N’ Devil (终极恶女), the idol-comedy series first aired in November last year until February 2015 starring 5 out of 9 members of A’N’D and boy band with rising fame, SpeXial. In addition, Pets Tseng (曾沛慈) also sang the ending theme song for the drama titled “Just Lose It (不过失去一点点)

Click here to watch our video coverage of Pets Tseng’s Singapore mini concert in March which she sang a handful of her popular hits 《一个人想着一个人》, 《多年后》 and 《不过失去了一点点》.




Angel ‘N’ Devil – A sequel to the infamous “Zhong Ji Series”

Having sang the OST which coincidentally turned out to be named after the drama as well, 5 members were casted in the drama – Leader Cosmo (宇宙) as Kai Te (凱特), Ting (雨婷) as Xiang Ning (香凝), Lucia (盈燕) as Yan Yan (嚴炎), Sunnee (芸晴) as Ding Dang (叮噹), the youngest Allie (艾莉兒) who will be turning 15 year old was casted with her real name.

Since the addition of members, there wasn’t any official announcement of the future plans. Meanwhile, feel free to search up A’N’D on youtube to watch their guest appearance on the various variety shows. If you have not watched the drama series, time to add it onto your watchlist!


5 members who were casted in the drama series “Angel ‘N’ Devil (终极恶女)”

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