[DRAMA] Danson Tang returns with a lead role in "Murphy's Law of Love" with Jolin Chien and Ivelyn Li

Main Casts (L-R): Danson Tang, Li Jia Ying, Jolin Chien


Best known for his role in Hana Kimi (花样少年少女), They Kissed Again (恶作剧之吻2) and The X-Family (终极一班), singer-actor Danson Tang (唐禹哲) returns to the screen with a lead role in Taiwanese romance-comedy drama series Murphy’s Law of Love (莫非,这就是爱情) this year. Casted alongside with Ivelyn Li Jia Ying (李佳颖) and Jolin Chien (簡宏霖).

Although Danson Tang has been releasing an average of one drama series yearly, this is rather incomparable to his prime years of releasing a maximum of three drama series in year 2007. Despite the slight in-activeness, Danson returns with a handsomely mature image and would no longer be the pretty flower boy almost a decade ago.


 Jolin Chien (簡宏霖) left a deep impression in 2014 with his role as the second male lead in the Taiwanese romance series Pleasantly Surprised (喜欢·一个人) with Puff Guo (郭雪芙) and Jasper Liu (劉以豪). With Murphy’s Law of Love as Jolin’s third drama, he definitely is on the list for the next rising star. We are looking forward to seeing him on the screens more in future!

On the other hand, will 2015 be a blooming year for Ivelyn Li as she kickstarted the year with two drama series – Murphy’s Law of Love and Baby Daddy? Perfectly complying to the Korean’s standards of beauty: big eyes, high forehead, visible nose-bridge, petite and cute with a shiny row of straight teeth – Ivelyn has it all.



Murphy’s Law of Love (莫非,这就是爱情)  depicts the story of two rivalry companies – “Renew Agent of Divorce” and “I MEET YOU Dating Agency”. Starring Danson Tang as Ji Jia Wei (紀家尉) as the CEO of the divorce agency”, Ivelyn Li Jia Ying as Guan Xiao Tong (關曉彤) as Dr. Love of the dating agency – watch how love unfolds between these two industrial enemies turned lovers (maybe not?). Ji Ji Wei was puzzled by Guan Xiao Tong’s hateful attitude towards him when she could be very friendly towards the boss of a restaurant Xiang Zi Yan (向子諺) by Jolin Chien. Could this be a sign of jealousy as the sprout of love grows?



Catch the first episode as the drama opens with a scene of Guan Xiao Tong immersing herself in wine after getting dumped by her boyfriend who went after another girl for a richer family background. Also the day when Ji Jia Wei was painfully rejected by his celebrity girlfriend despite him planning a surprise proposal (which was unfortunately leaked). Coincidentally being in the same restaurant, Ji Jia Wei met the dead-drunk Guan Xiao Tong and left the intended proposal ring on her table – but why? Watch on to discover the answer yourself!


Casts of “Murphy’s Law of Love”

 After watching the series, you might find a familiar voice in the drama sound track. One of the OST  – Goodbye, was sang by Singaporean singer, Kelly Poon (潘嘉麗) who just had her comeback album “Miss Kelly (情人嘉丽)” released in July last year. Another familiar voice would be Landy (溫嵐)’s with her track “Fly With Me” as the OST of the drama series.



You can easily find the episodes online, so hurry watch it and tell us how you’d rate the drama series!

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