Dragon Blade: Greed & Ambition Zero, Peace & Harmony One

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IMG_61807 March 2015, Singapore – With the launch of the biggest Chinese New Year movie in Asia, the cast of Dragon Blade, including Jackie Chan, Choi Siwon from Super Junior, John Cusack, Adrien Brody, Lin Peng and Mika Wang were in town recently as part of the movie’s promotional activities in Asia.

The filming:
Mika Wang
expressed how lucky and honoured she was to be part of the movie. She was especially thankful to Jackie Chan  who taught her a lot, not just in terms of acting but also life experiences.

On the contrary, Lin Peng admitted that she was constantly pressurized because of the movie as Jackie has high expectations regarding martial arts scenes.

Adrien Brody said that this collaboration with Jackie Chan and the rest of the actors was amazing and martial arts is such as thrill to him! He added that he was very excited during filming.

Siwon who is an idol member of the popular K-pop group, Super Junior, admitted that acting is not easy, likewise for dancing. He felt that both are as difficult but they are also different!

Jackie Chan who undertook many roles in making the movie said, “there is no pressure for it because I’m already used to it!

Jackie Chan admitted that he used to compete with other movie directors and actors to see who is better than the other but now, he only wishes to receive good results and feedback for the movie.

Not forgetting the staffs who worked hard with the actors, Jackie said he was thankful for them in coordinating and filming the movie together.

The Experience:
When there are action movies, injuries are bound to happen. John Cusack hit his hand twice while filming in the desert! Lin Peng added on how there are a lot of injuries sustained during the filming but still enjoyed the process and even described it as incredible!

Jackie poured out his sorrows during the press conference as he confessed, “It was really tiring to film for the whole day. We are so tired but John and Adrien would always come to my room and talk to me! I was already so tired but I still have to chat with them!”, causing laughter as well.

Jackie Chan humbly said that it was a miracle for him to still be able to stand strong in the movie industry. After all these years with the advance technology, he kept insisting on maintaining the ‘stupid’ way of filming a movie. By using little computer graphics and keeping it real. He further added, “The scenes in Dragon Blade are real, we don’t buy the scenes but we filmed on the spot, in the desert! Including 200 horses, 800 extras, the camels and eagles. We also finished up 2000 boxes of drinks in 5 days, excluding the sweet drinks and coffee”.


As the press conference came to a close, the cast gave us reasons why we should catch the movie in the theatres!

Mika: “Because I played the role of the wife of Jackie Chan in the movie, I really urge everyone to watch it!

Siwon: “Because I love Singapore!

John Cusack: “Thank you for having me in Singapore! Dragon Blade is a great action but detailed and emotion-filled movie. The hardest thing to do is to make peace. And you will definitely see Jackie Chan in a different way, I really hope you guys will enjoy the movie!

Adrien Brody: “I agree with John, it’s a movie incorporating multicultural values and also an achievement for a Chinese budget-film. I’m a fan of Jackie Chan and it was really my pleasure to work with him!

Lin Peng: “There are a lot of first(s) in the movie to me. And this movie is really done with the blood, tears, sweat and effort, so please watch it!

Lastly, Jackie Chan told us that this movie was seven years in the making and took only about six months to complete filming. All Jackie wishes is for the audience to enjoy the movie and he will feel satisfied.

Remember to catch Dragon Blade on theatres now!

Article by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Wendy @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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