[Unboxing] Descendants of the Sun Photo Essay and OST(s)!


Are you recovering from the DOTS withdrawals? 

Didn’t it feel like years since Descendants of the Sun finished airing? Well, it has only been about one week since the last special episode aired in Korea (22nd April 2016). If you are still contemplating whether to grab the official merchandises or not, read on!


Descendants of the Sun OST – Front & Back
Descendants of the Sun OST – CD


Apart from the two photocards included in volume 2, the original sound track (OST) volume 1 and 2 are relatively similar in terms of the overall album design. We have gotten the GooWon couple photocards but we’ve found a photo of the SongSong photocards below! #TellUs if you ship the SongSong couple or GooWon couple? 


Photo credit: Minoak2 (Gmarket)

Vol.2 came with a main cover consisting of the Vol. 2 album itself and an empty casing meant for Vol.1. The back of the empty casing stated, “Please insert Descendants of the Sun OST Vol.1 into the empty pocket to complete the Descendants of the Sun OST Package”. Are we the only one surprised to find out that the OST album itself is unable to fit into that empty casing? Was the ’empty pocket’ referring to the main cover and we mistaken it for the ’empty casing for Vol.1′? #TellUs your thoughts in the comments section below!


Descendants of the Sun OST – Emply casing (left), Volume 1 (right)


Take a look inside the OST albums~ 





Moving on, we’ve gotten the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ official photo essay (or photobook) too! There was a preorder event earlier in the month prior to the official release of the photo essay. Preordered copies will be given a bestscene photocard set (10 cards) and two sheets of stickers that you’ll never bear to use it.

The photo essay contains 300+ pages worth of HQ photos of your favorite scenes from the drama and behind-the-scenes. In addition, there are printed autographs of the four main actors – Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won. 




Looking at the product image, we believe that there should be many other designs for the sticker sheets and photocards set. If you’ve purchased a copy yourself and received a different set of designs for the free gifts, do share it with us! Tag us on Instagram and Twitter (@KAvenyou) or leave a comment below!  


Freebies #1: Best-scene photocard set (10 cards)
Freebies #2: Sticket sheet (2 pieces)

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s unboxing of Descendants of the Sun OST Vol.1 & 2 and photo essay! #TellUs: Which of these merchandises have you already gotten or plan to purchase? Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you! Check out some other DOTS-related merchandizes below!


Descendants of the Sun USB Flashdrives
Kang Mo Yeon’s favorite candles.
Girlfriend and Comrade Plushies – Hayang (left) and NeukGun (right)

Article and Photography by Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou. 
Product images are taken from Gmarket.

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