DMTN (Dalmatian) member, Jeesu to debut solo under the name KIXS!

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7 February 2015, Singapore Jeesu will make his solo debut under record label, Soul Shop Entertainment. Fellow labelmate and G.O.D member, Kim Tae Woo established the company back in 2011.

Earlier last month, Jeesu uploaded teaser photos of his new single,  ‘Beautiful‘ and also changed his username to KIXSKIXS on Instagram. Soul Shop Entertainment also announced on their official website and Facebook page that they were preparing for a newcomer named KIXS.

Lying in a bed of golden roses, KIXS is seen with striking blonde hair and dressed in an all-white suit, baring his body for the cover of his album. Soul Shop Entertainment followed up with behind-the-scenes photos of the solo artist. Many Dalmates (DMTN fans) are feeling excited as they left comments on his instagram posts expressing their support and that they will be looking forward to his solo debut!


KIXS is definitely getting a lot of support not only from his fans, but people in the entertainment industry. SAN E and KARA‘s Goo Hara are also featured in his debut music video, “Beautiful”.

DMTN members, Simon and Dari also showed support for their member KIXS through SNS!
Popular groups such as G.O.D, Super Junior, Epik High and Hip Hop idols, Block B and BTS (Bangtan Boys) showed their support for KIXS by leaving messages to ask fans to support KIXS while blowing kisses at the camera. (because KIXS sounds similar to Kisseu! :3)

It’s been so long since DMTN took to the stage so it is definitely good news for Dalmate(s), especially for Jeesu-biased fans!

KIXS debut song, ‘Beautiful‘ will be out on February 10th! Here’s the teaser video:

What do you think of KIXS solo debut? Anyone missing DMTN too? Do leave a comment and share how you feel! ^^

Photos by: Soul Shop Entertainment Facebook Page
Article by: Xiaosi @

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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